Kmart – “Ship My Pants” – BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! :-D

Good one Kmart.  Way to bounce back from Sears Holdings making it into the WCIA this year and having been a company I’d have voted for in at least the first round or two.  😛

This is sheer genius, and a bit of a shocker considering how much “old school retailers” like Sears Holdings and JC Penney have hit snags over the past few years.  I’m expecting this commercial to go the same route as some of Staples’ more infamous zingers like the “WOW!!!  THAT’S A LOW PRICE!!!!” guy, whose infamous commercials inspired numerous fans of Staples to go into Staples or other stores like Walmart and “re-enact” the commercial.  😀

…and to not leave a bad Easy-Button-flavored taste in folks’ mouths, here one of my favorites from the folks at Big S over the years.  😛

I’m sure the whole “ship my pants” thing will do the same thing for Kmart in terms of “commercial re-enactors”, but at least it won’t have people screaming and hollering in the store.  😀  It’s funny because as a kid I remember myself and other bratty little kids going around saying “ship” instead of…. that other word…  and getting yelled at, “WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!!” at which point we’d say, “But I said SHIP!!!!”  Some people of course would mess up and say, “But I said ship, not…” … LOL.  😀

Not to say retailers should start a huge advertising war to get people acting as juvenile and immature as possible, but there’s a special charm in this type of ad lol.  I might actually take a trip to Kmart next time I’m near one just for the heck of it because of this ad, or save the $4/gallon gas and give their website a try and see how they fare in the “Brick And Mortar Dinostores” phenomenon where B&M retailers struggle trying to go online versus the Amazons, Neweggs, and Monoprices of the world.  😛

…but enough talk for now, if you’re ever feeling like shipping your pants, Kmart will be glad to help out.  😀


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