100 Hours Later… :-)

I’ve dotted the end of the sentence on 2 nearly-50-hour work weeks in the offline world.  Work Sleep Work Sleep Work Sleep.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…  🙂

Numbers are in for the first paycheck from one of these really long weeks too.  It’s cool to have some overtime in the mix but these numbers are dull as dirt.  Definitely not worth not having a life for two weeks amidst the hype of “finally some real overtime!!!”

Employers can be a lot like individuals sometimes – divided into haves and have-nots.  That’s just the nature of the beast.  🙂  However, I’m at the point right now where overtime opportunities don’t really excite me anymore versus just getting better jobs that pay more.  😦

In some ways I’ve become just like my father.  Once the bills are paid you look back on it all and ask yourself, “Was the time I gave up and what else I could have done with that time really worth the moderately higher numbers at the end of it all?”

Money is cool, but it isn’t everything.  🙂  Now, time to have some fun before going back for more.  🙂

Man I’m getting old.  🙂



Regarding My YouTube Channel In 2018

“Your channel’s dying.”

Ladies and Gentlemen – the 2018 YouTube Insult Of The Year, usually from ignoramuses who ramble on about channels based on the metrics they can see, a.k.a. just trying to start drama.  The rest of the story is that there’s a whole additional world behind the scenes of stuff the general public can’t see that tells far more of the story.  Said story is not a good one, and it is by no means limited to my channel.

As much as someone may want to blabber about how my channel’s dying or dead because I have 3,800 subscribers and only get 30 views a video because of Gaming Video Hate, the truth is that my choices are either Crap Views or A Crap Audience.

The Tech Videos have caused enough problems for me over the years to the point where I don’t want them to be the prominent content on my channel anymore.  I’m sick of all the baggage they’ve brought, hence my recent decision to end Play Some Schtuff and just add gaming videos to The Wacky World Of MultimediaJay.  I actually want to drive people away from my channel if they’re not the kind of people that I want watching.  I’m not using my YouTube channel to pay bills either, so I’m not going to be pressured into caving and returning to Tech Videos for decent numbers either.

Time and again with the Tech Videos, the song has been the same.  They appear to do better in the initial release (though even that number has been declining as well – so even the whiny “you’d better make computer videos” crowd is losing the battle), but then they get murdered by ad blockers, and that’s not too strong a word either.  More tech savvy audience – more use of techy things like ad blockers, and I’ve struck a nerve when I called this crap out.  I’ve even had some folks whine and complain about how they refuse to turn off their ad blockers for my channel but would support me on Patreon if I had one.  Well, I’m waiting…

Ergo, the videos die and go absolutely nowhere for months or even years, and then I get surprised because the YouTube algorithms suddenly decide to let me have some views again for some odd reason and I get trolled on 2 year old or 3 year old videos as though I just released them yesterday.  Boy is it fun getting hassled for lessons I learned years ago because YouTube won’t let me have an audience, or a better audience.

The bigger problem though is the angry people with ad blockers.  If I uploaded a bunch of computer videos then decided to upload something else to try for a better audience like what I have with the washer and dryer video, the tech video people would ruin the attempt because they’d watch it with their ad blockers and murder the money it made.

Why do I care about money?  Because YouTube has shown time and again and again that money is the big thing they care about.  The dryer video dominates everything, and has for quite some time, because it makes the most money.  Imagine that.  All my efforts with technology and the stuff people allegedly want, and it’s a goofy rambly dryer video that crushes everything.  It’s almost like I’m right and these malicious ad blocker lovers are wrong…

Welcome to a day and age where crap views seems like a good thing, as opposed to the crap audience I’ve dealt with that has caused so much weeping and gnashing of teeth in my neck of the YouTube woods.

Now, let’s start entertaining those 30 real fans I have so they can tell all their friends about me.  🙂

Forgotten 45s – Hey Toby! Still Like Girls Who Drink Beer? :-D

This song kind of came and went in 2012, and from what I heard on some country station it seemed like Toby Keith wanted it to just be a funny little song that just came and went…  😀

I don’t get it though.  It’s a country song about girls and beer.  Just throw in a reference to a pickup truck and it could be the opposite of that old joke about how all country songs are about, “My truck broke down.  I drink too much.  My girlfriend left me.”  😛

I’m just surprised I could consider something like this a Forgotten 45, but even on country stations I’ve had a hard time finding it.  Maybe Toby really did want this one to be a flash in the pan.  😦