April 2019 – Save This For A Streaming Industry Shakeout

Uniquenameosaurus thinks the streaming market will collapse if current trends continue.  Let’s see.  🙂

There is such thing as market shakeout though if too many goods and services chase too few dollars, so I’m not convinced the current trend will continue indefinitely.  🙂


Why Toxic YouTube Channels Often Self-Destruct

Since YouTube’s little algorithm surprise with the FUDasuit I’ve thought about jumping on the podcasting mic because there’s some meaty discussion I could have about what YouTubers exist for and what happens when you are a toxic person growing a toxic channel, but the unfortunate reality of the matter is if I respond at all within the YouTube ecosystem I’m playing right into FUDazar’s gimmick.

Sure, he may behave a bit more from time to time in-between rounds of clickbaiting and trying to be abrasive with his tech videos, but again – why should I put up with the baggage he brings with his nonsense when other tech channels are more consistently helpful and friendly?

Though it may run afoul of his narcissistic nonsense for me to say this, what FUDazar’s doing is nothing special, and by extension – he’s nothing special either.  This happened long before his YouTube channel.  It’ll happen long after his YouTube channel.  Yet another reason why I’m framing my discussion of this sort of thing in terms of The Thing rather than The Person.

I posted this a long time ago in 2012, but this really old Rush Limbaugh interview has since been posted by other YouTubers identifying it as having been recorded in 1988.

People grow media presences in toxic ways because it works – both on old media and new media.  Even within the YouTube ecosystem, the stuff I see from FUDazar is right in line with what I used to see from The Archfiend.  However, if you go out of your way to make people mad, don’t be surprised when they do.

The other part of this that we should probably talk about is the wildcard of a toxic YouTuber’s audience.  If you grow your channel via toxic antagonism, don’t be surprised when you end up with an audience full of trolls, even if you didn’t mean it.  Note this rant from Armake21 about IrateGamer once upon a time.  Sadly, both channels had demographics problems.

Armake in his chase after a piece of the AVGN pie wound up with an audience that routinely pestered him on his Discussion tab on his channels before he shut them down.  IrateGamer also was infamous for his fans as well.  If IrateGamer fans showed up on your channel it was all over.  You could expect your comments sections to be even more of a cesspool than they usually were.  In more recent years I’ve had these problems with fans of Silent Rob, and in the current FUDasuit I dug up the videos FUDazar’s opponent uploaded that had screenshots of things FUDazar fans were passing along.

However, because his lack of empathy and attention-seeking clickbait nonsense plant him firmly in Narcissist territory I can already tell you that the response from FUDazar on this is going to be that he’ll throw his hands in the air and in some way shape or form say that he can’t control the actions of his audience, or something along those lines.  Again – seen it before, and so has the entertainment industry for the matter.  This is precisely the reason why movies and TV shows have often been very tenacious with phone numbers.  With people being people if you flash a phone number or something you can expect some morons out there to call it.  Just do some digging on what this infamous song did to people who had a certain phone number…  🙂

Little surprise then that a YouTube audience will mess with businesses who are essentially doxxed by callout videos.  😦

All of this stuff though where he doesn’t take into account how he comes across to others or how his actions may affect others just points even more to a lack of empathy, and more reasons for me to not bother with his channel at all.  Plus, given my experience with YouTubers unable to handle the audiences they attract, I can count on my more consistently good channels sticking around while these toxic folks may very well not be there after they tick off the wrong person and the wrong thing happens to them on YouTube.  😦

Now, where were we with other stuff I wanted to bother tossing in my two cents on…  🙂

WoW Commentators – Stop Saying Nice Things About The Timeless Isle

It was a step backwards.  It was not good.  It does not deserve to ride the coattails of people’s nostalgia of Mists Of Pandaria.  Previous expansions are not automatically good just because newer content sucks.

Just… stop.

Blizzard has the most seamless and most immersive open world in the MMO landscape right now, but blows it off, and veers more and more towards a world where everybody’s in the same few areas, rendering most of the rest of this huge world useless.

Getting everybody to clog up the same zone was a step backwards.

When rival MMOs like Guild Wars 2 were fixing the 2nd Generation MMO design problem where encountering other players in the open world was usually a bad thing (ninja looting, node ninjaing, etc.) Timeless Isle doubled down on this behavior, especially on high pop servers.

When zones like the Storm Peaks had shown how flying can be wonderfully integrated into a zone without having to be this thing that people screech about so much, artificially limiting flying in this one area was a step backwards.

When questing evolved away from “kill ten boars – collect ten apples” into more of a storytelling element like we see today, having the quests be nothing but grinding was a step backwards.

Any WoW commentator who gushes over how great the Timeless Isle was has no credibility.  I don’t care how big their channel is.

Did The Navigatr Guy Have A Kid? :o)

Then.  🙂


Now.  🙂

Nuff said.  🙂

Keep reading off those cue cards, kid.  🙂

EDIT:  Nothing against the guy, but he took the video down, so now we have to revert back to the Assertonsin Asmongold stream clip that directed me to it in the first place.  🙂

We can’t do anything about our genetics, or the pipes we’re born with, or how goofy our senses of humor are.  🙂  It could also be a sign that I’m old that I noticed this resemblance in the first place.  Hope Evo feels better.  I could imagine a bunch of Asmongold fans bugging him because of this stuff.  😦

YouTube Does Not Have An Adpocalypse – It Has A Witch Hunt From Traditional Media

Another year – another YouTube scandal that leads to advertisers pulling ads… and by extension, creators getting punished.  This time it’s about child endangerment, which is already against YouTube’s policies and they just have to enforce things better.  I for one enjoy when spammy trends get shut down on this platform.  I’ll enjoy these stupid “YouTube Challenge” videos no longer dominating the platform as much as I enjoyed the Reply Girls getting shut down earlier in the decade.

But every time something like this happens and advertisers back out, even if you agree with the actions taken, creators end up hurt.  Sick of YouTubers seeking alternate forms of monetization such as in-video ads, merchandise, or Patreon plugs?  They’re in this position because YouTube’s ad revenue sharing system has gotten worse over the years, and these scandals haven’t helped either.  Perhaps if there were a way for YouTube to take action when these things are brought up without losing major advertisers and giving the struggling traditional news media a big story to play clickbait FUD games with, things would be better for the little guy on this platform.

But until that happens, we have to dissect exactly how much a struggling sect of businesses is projecting their own incompetence onto YouTube, a new media entity whose entire history is one of struggle, particularly when it comes to money.

So YouTube isn’t doing a good enough job policing itself from bad actors, eh traditional media?  Pot, meet kettle.  It’s a coin toss if I try to read the news online these days if your site designers haven’t hid the comments section.  If it’s visible, I can count on some hateful axe-grinder posting off topic political stuff or some spammer telling me they can make all kinds of money working from home.

I’ve seen this with newspapers, radio stations, local TV stations, and cable news stations.  If it’s traditional media, if there is a comments section – it gets abused.  Period.  You know, the very thing these people are breaking huge stories about YouTube over?

Where’s the policing of your comment sections, traditional media?  Bonus points for when all of this “hiding the comments section” stuff goes away if I try to follow traditional media on Facebook.

If you want to talk about a lack of moderation of comment sections, try following traditional media on Facebook.  In that environment, the uniform design means there are always comments sections visible in plain sight of every post or post summary in your feed.  Let me guess, this is where some bureaucrat in one of these companies will say “we can’t control that because it’s on Facebook’s end” instead of hiring social media moderators to enforce things via the existing Facebook interface.  That’s what’ll never come up in these news stories about how “terrible” YouTube is, by the way.  What would it take for YouTube to ramp up enforcement to satisfy these thrill-seeking journalists?  Better yet, are the accusing organizations a better role model than YouTube?

The majority of my experience with traditional media has shown quite clearly that this is NOT the case.  While I often find out about these advertiser-repulsing scandalous things on YouTube for the first time when these stories are published by traditional media, I’m rather familiar with not being able to follow ANYTHING on Facebook without having to tune out hateful axe-grinders or spammers.  In Connecticut, if a news story in my Facebook feeds is even slightly political, it’ll be a venom-spewing-fest in the comments.  This extends, by the way, to non-political stories that in any way mention what it’s like to live in Connecticut.  It usually goes something like this…

“If you want to have a beautiful flower garden every Spring, here’s what it’s like living in Connecticut and trying to do this.”


A humorous example, but a relevant one.  If traditional media wants to scream and wail about how YouTube isn’t doing enough to police itself, they’d do well to look in their own backyards at the sewer swill their social media presence often resembles.

In the meantime, expect Creators to continue being hurt by this bitter slapfight.  Advertisers leave, revenue drops, creators either have to leave, scale back their content, or incorporate more revenue-generating things that people trying to watch their videos usually hate.

…but don’t expect the blame to ever worm its way back to the traditional media folks who pick these fights…


Regarding Ignoramuses On YouTube Who Say Blizzard “Fired A Bunch Of People”

One of the downsides of dealing with Web 2.0 technologies over the past decade or so is that Sensationalism and hamming things up gets old and tiresome.  Long before this crap was called “Clickbait” it basically… was.  🙂

Right now as Activision Blizzard has tried to figure out what to do next they’ve engaged in restructuring cuts leading to hundreds of people losing their jobs.  Such a move is a thing in the world of varying dehumanization that we know as Corporate America, but to YouTubers trying to ham things up for views, it was Clickbait Gold.

Enter the wonderful world of “BAWWWWWWWWWWWWW BLIZZARD HAD A GOOD YEAR AND THEN FIRED A BUNCH OF PEOPLE!!!”  Even though this is good for tugging on people’s heartstrings and getting clicks, its quite false, and I daresay – defamatory – plus it casts the people who lost their jobs in a negative light… all for clicks on YouTube.

Why do these people have any credibility after pulling stunts like this?  Answer – because there are plenty of suckers out there who know less about this sort of thing than they do.

So, for those who actually want to know what they’re talking about, layoffs and getting fired are not the same thing.  Getting fired can be for cause, but doesn’t have to be in the world of at-will employment.  However, there are two nuances to no-fault termination.  Most companies try to dodge no-fault termination to avoid an employment lawyer finding a way to sue for wrongful termination, and as such among the general public the whole “getting fired” thing still has negative connotations because most folks don’t go into all the details on the ins and outs of how this works.

Thus, by saying these people are fired, not only are these YouTubers defaming the company, they’re damaging people’s views on the employees who were let go.

Layoffs and restructuring are business decisions to change who’s where.  If Activision Blizzard wants to cut their non-development staff to free up payroll for more talent, that’s their choice, but it shouldn’t reflect negatively on the people caught in this decision.

To sum it up – if you get fired – it’s usually something you did – if you get laid off – it’s usually something the company did.  🙂

Trying to ham things up for YouTube clicks was the wrong thing to do in this situation – period.

The remainder of this entry will feature videos I find who did this, so you can know which of these YouTubers pull stuff like this and take what they say and/or do at least a little less seriously.  🙂

Bonus points for the ones playing thumbnail games by saying “FIRED!!!” in the thumbnail but then saying “Laid Off” in the videos.  🙂

Even more bonus points if they play this game in their video title only, I paste their video in this entry, and then they scurry and change the title after the fact.  🙂

Have a nice day.  🙂