Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Eveningland Vs. Dyce

They say there are only so many chords in music and so many chord progressions so at some point you’re inevitably going to hear something that sounds like something else…  Well…  🙂



Forgotten 45s – Hey Toby! Still Like Girls Who Drink Beer? :-D

This song kind of came and went in 2012, and from what I heard on some country station it seemed like Toby Keith wanted it to just be a funny little song that just came and went…  😀

I don’t get it though.  It’s a country song about girls and beer.  Just throw in a reference to a pickup truck and it could be the opposite of that old joke about how all country songs are about, “My truck broke down.  I drink too much.  My girlfriend left me.”  😛

I’m just surprised I could consider something like this a Forgotten 45, but even on country stations I’ve had a hard time finding it.  Maybe Toby really did want this one to be a flash in the pan.  😦


Gotta love it when elitists who’ve been building computers for years flock to comments sections of someone who openly admits they’re building their first computer in order to pick them apart…  😛

“GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SHE FINGERD DUH CPU PASTE!!!!”  Well now.  She DID say right there in the title that this was her first gaming PC build.  Man, and people wonder why there’s an issue with girls getting into STEM or gaming.  😛

I don’t know where people get off thinking that someone is going to have all their ducks in a row for PC Build Numero Uno.  It’s almost as if it’s a bad thing to be a curious beginner.  However, for the edification and enlightenment of beginners wondering why thermal paste needn’t be spread like butter…  🙂

Here’s the fun part.  She didn’t use a stock cooler.  🙂  This means since she has real thermal paste in an actual tube all she has to do is just alcohol off the “thermal butter job” from earlier and just squeeze another dot in the middle and put everything back together.  Not like it’s the end of the world or anything that boo hoo hoo she admitted up front that she’s never built a computer before and acted like a beginner.  🙂  Maybe if she wants to cut operating temps on her CPU or something…  🙂

She also learned that gravity is her friend with unboxing the case too.  🙂  Seriously folks, let new people get their feet wet.  It’s how more people become PC builders, in case y’all forgot.  🙂

…and… subbed!!!  🙂

Vibe Tracks – The Calvin Harris/Zedd Of The YouTube Audio Library

Dance music has been something I’ve had a love/hate relationship with for a long time.  I listen to a little of everything music-wise, but sometimes dance music can’t make up its mind as to whether it’s real songs or just some nerd blooping around with a synthesizer.  😛  Any “5 word song” would be a good example, and by that I mean someone sings a single line of lyrics then bleep bleep bleep bloop bloop bloop for twice as long afterwards.  😀

I’ve mostly known Calvin Harris and Zedd as crossing the line from bleep bleep bleep bloop bloop bloop to land on some pop stations, so it’s only fitting that some artist eventually come to the YouTube Audio Library as YTAL’s music selection has expanded and matured.  That artist is Vibe Tracks.  🙂

I initially first encountered Vibe Tracks in 2015 via their Beat Your Competition track, which reminded me of Calvin Harris’ Thinking About You.

If bleeps, bloops, dubstep, and robot sounds are more your thing, there’s Take You.

Not to be confused with Take You Home Tonight, which sounds like it’s begging for some romantic lyrics…  😀

“Girl… I love you…  it’s true…  wanna take you home tonight…”  😀  Maybe those are really the lyrics but they were never put into the track?  LOL.  Anyhoo.

Foundation is a more mellow four-on-the-floor track that goes well in the background of many YouTube videos at some low percent to not overpower the video.

Universal always reminded me of a Katy Perry song for some reason…  😀

… while Nice To You reminded me of 90s songs like TLC’s No Scrubs, probably due to the drum machine, a staple of 90s pop when hip hop affected some of the mainstream…  😀

The crossover into R&B though is massive in tracks like Heart Break, as is some bass.  😀

With more recent WWMJs though, Vibe Tracks songs have shown up with stuff like I Love You, which reminds me of some more recent Top 40 stuff with drum machines…

Most recently though we have tracks related to The Incredible i7 Dellasaurus, like You Like It, the opener from that episode, and my answer to Green Ham going gangsta with the opener to The Incredible i5 Dell.

Likewise with Zoom at the very beginning of the video, though the instrument set is a lot more basic techno that I’ve heard before… 😀

At the end was Alternate, my answer to Green Ham’s Wii Sports track at the end of his video, except without people joking in the comments about “huh huh Wii Sports music.”  Does remind me a bit of Cazzette though.  😀

My favorite thusfar though is Sugar, a strong contender for a main theme if I want to even continue having main themes from here on out.  This sort of stuff is why I don’t have a problem with blippy bleepy electronic music.  😀

In a sense one could say Vibe Tracks is like Silent Partner in terms of how I keep returning to their stuff on the YTAL for background music, and folks like it too, as evidenced by all those times I hear, “DUDE!!!  WHAT SONG IS THAT!!!” in the comments.  Maybe some of those folks’ll stop by the blog to get their answer…  🙂

MyDecadeTV – One Heck Of A YouTube Aggregator

I’ve had lots of sobering thoughts lately about the up-and-coming generation that’s turning 18 after this Semper Reformanda 2017 year is in the history books.  Next year in 2018 we’ll have people turning 18 who were born in the year 2000, that have absolutely none of their lives in a part of history other than The New Millennium.  Besides the usual creeping decrepitude getting old stuff and possibility that someone who’s a teenager now had their childhood get wrecked by The Great Recession, if I transpose how my life has been onto that of someone born in 2000, things become a real eye-opener really quickly.

My earliest childhood memories start popping up in my mid single digits between when I was 5 and 7 years old.  For someone born in 2000, this means the following things have been a thing all their lives as far back as they can remember:

  • eTail instead of Retail being a viable way to buy things.
  • YouTube.
  • MP3 players and digital music.
  • Smartphones.
  • The whole mobile revolution.
  • Broadband Internet, depending on where they grew up.
  • The XBox 360 as their first console.
  • Dual core processors in computers.
  • The Intel Core series chips.

YouTube in particular is of note here.  In the early days of YouTube I and other YouTubers talked about how we “stopped watching TV and started watching YouTube.”  The rise of video-on-demand is entirely a thing with this generation, such that channel surfing may not be what it once was in previous generations.

Fortunately for the youngsters and whippersnappers who want to experience what channel surfing was like in the days when VCRs were the sum total of your video on demand options, there’s MyDecadeTV:

Basically this site is a giant aggregator of YouTube videos of content from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, set up to run like a virtual television back in those decades.  It’s actually a really neat project that’s piggybacking on YouTubers uploading their VHS tapes and turning the site into “The World’s VCR.”  🙂

The only real drawback here is that your channel surfing silently counts as part of your viewing history so consider using a different browser or something as this’ll mess with your recommended videos on your front page.  😀

Nonetheless though, it took a bit of a jolt to get me to realize that the experience of poking around looking for something to watch with no Netflix to go binge-watch might be something worth preserving in a historical project like this…  🙂

This is cool.  🙂  Pick a virtual TV, turn the TV on, flip channels or years, and experience what Video Entertainment was like in the bad old days before Netflix.  😀

By the way, I recommend using the full screen options and dropping your speakers down to midrange-only and stereo if you have a sound system.  🙂