Ye Olde Internet Follies… :-P

Zaranyzerak has recently showcased a great example of the exact sort of YouTube video that I would NEVER make.  😛

This is of course one of the pitfalls of Stickam and all this easy internet video stuff these days.  Now combine this with Google’s research into image searching where someone could upload a photo of this guy, search, and find this video, including an HR recruiter at a company running an extensive background check for a good-paying job he was applying for…  😛

I’ve noticed lately that many of the most dramatic YouTubers out there when they mention their day jobs usually have really crappy jobs like working in retail or something.  Some of that I imagine is because of the bad economy, but the rest is more of a chicken/egg situation where it’s a complete toss-up which came first – the easily-searchable internet drama or the lousy job.  Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, the well-paid managers and corporate folks I’ve worked with barely even maintain a LinkedIn page, much less any type of “real social media” like YouTube or Facebook.

Some Zaranyzerak fans on YouTube have actually subscribed to me because I’ve been to his Friday night Stickam chats in years past.  Some people may even get the impression that we’re similar types of people, but we’re not.  There are numerous issues where we very much go in completely different directions – whether or not Blu-Ray will ever take over the world being one of them, and this being another.  😛