The YouTube Audio Library Now Has Its Own Category :-)

The YouTube Audio Library has created a feedback loop for my YouTube endeavors lately.  I’ve been liking the tracks more and more, and I’ve been getting more and more compliments about the background music from the YTAL that I’ve been using in my various videos these days, or at least people wondering where the music is from even though I mention YTAL in multiple places.  🙂

Because of this, YTAL now has its own category on here, which is a good thing considering I’m looking at potentially consolidating the categories on here as part of a larger blog cleanup to tidy things up around here.  🙂


Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Calvin Harris Vs. The YouTube Audio Library

I’ve been wondering when the YouTube Audio Library would start featuring some “knockoff tracks…”  😀  The royalty-free libraries already do this but I haven’t seen as much from the “YTAL” just yet, but I’ve observed in the last few years that YTAL has been on the march trying to become more viable versus commercial services or sites like Jamendo or Incompetech.

Behold, one of Calvin Harris’ recent hits, Thinking About You featuring Ayah Marar.  I often hear a bit of 90s dance in this one.  I actually liked enough of his dance songs that I bought the full CD instead of some digital downloads for this song’s album 18 Months.

Now, here’s Beat Your Competition by Vibe Tracks from the YouTube Audio Library in the Dance/Electronic section.  🙂

Might be a bit of Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights in there too.  Hmm…  🙂  I’ll pass on embedding that one though, as I hear that song enough on Pop Fluff Wednesday at work.  😀