Regarding YTAL And Silent Partner Being Awesome :-)

It usually appalls me when folks troll me in the comments with “What is this song in your video?!!  You never post what the songs are!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!”  😛

Spoiler Alert – They’re usually all from the YouTube Audio Library these days, usually the Attribution Not Required section, and anybody with a YouTube account (READ:  The folks bellyaching in the comments) can go rock out at the YTAL any time they want.  🙂

That still doesn’t mean I don’t post some awesome tracks from there on here from time to time, attribution required or not.  When YTAL first started I thought it was just going to be tacky tracks from cover bands or something and that it would NEVER replace commercial stock tracks like Smartsound or other royalty free libraries.

As the old Lex Luthor meme from the 2000s would say…

WRONG!!!  😛 

Between the awesomeness of what YouTube has these days and the issues I’ve previously had with Content ID trolls double-dipping stock tracks, I can’t imagine myself using any other music source ever again.

Here’s some zinger tracks from Silent Partner, whose YTAL catalog I perused recently after suddenly noticing that Silent Partner authored many of my favorite tracks of all time.  🙂

First, Awakening, a cool track that reminds me of a cross between U2, Baba O’Riley by The Who, and with enough guitars that sound like bleeps and bloops to make it the perfect main theme for WWMJ and my channel’s 10-year celebration.

Coming in second is Blue Skies, a very similar track that works really well as establishing shot music after the intro sequence, and a rare opportunity for YTAL to have something resembling a stock music package not unlike what news broadcasts use where there’s a variety of tracks with similar chord progressions to tie them all together.  This is the stuff I usually see from stuff like Gari Media Group for broadcasters.  (You’ve probably heard the Eyewitness News themes or Enforcer themes on at least one TV station in your area, and the Eyewitness News theme started with WFSB in Connecticut I think.  🙂 )  Have a listen and tell me if this doesn’t remind you of the music that plays right after a TV show starts that’s similar to the title music that just got done playing…  🙂

The Country section also has a more mellow version of that chord progression called Secrets Secrets.  I recently found this one and use it as closer music at the end or for something more mellow.  🙂

Yeah.  I’m going to miss this stuff when the 10 year celebration is over.  😛  Next up is Bright Future, listed as “Pop” which I’m sure could count as pop fluff of some sort, but some of the guitarwork is rather interesting, though this does remind me of 90s top 40.

Want to go back even further?  Try Hollywood High, a totally 80s track that definitely earns its place among New Wave or other such fluffy 80s big hair stuff from 30 years ago.  I remember those exercise shows at 6:00 a.m. back then that would usually have stuff like this going with some ladies with big blonde hair in loud clothing helping Moms get in shape after the kids got on the bus.  😛

Of course we already know that Silent Partner has 70s-ish stuff too.  🙂

Or better yet, how about DC Love Go Go that would leave people scrambling to find which ZZ Top song this was based on…  😀

Get There is the Silent Partner answer to Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger apparently.  🙂

Cloud Patterns has some nice pop punk to it, minus some guy whining about a bad girlfriend in the heydays of the “Number Bands.”   😛

Moving Over is somewhere between Grunge and Seether, depending on how 90s you want to be.  Where’s my flannel?  😛

Lastly, let’s close with Rooftops, a strong candidate for WWMJ in 2017.  We’ll see how many blog folks are like, “AH HA!!!” next year if I go with this theme, but let’s see just what happens during the rest of 2016…  😀

So yeah.  It’s not what kind of music does Silent Partner put on the YTAL, but what WON’T they put on the YTAL?  Darn this is up there with Ethan Meixsell’s metal tracks.  😀


Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Silent Partner Channels The 70s

Silent Partner has really been on a roll on the YouTube Audio Library lately.  My main theme for 2016 is a Silent Partner song, and perusing Silent Partner’s catalog on the YTAL is like a veritable who’s who of YouTube tracks I’ve liked in recent years.  🙂

How interesting then that Silent Partner would closely brush against Steely Dan’s Peg song…  😀

I don’t really hear much in terms of soundalike tracks on the YTAL.  Maybe that could change someday.  I used to have a lot of fun with soundalike royalty free stock tracks in my earlier years on YouTube.  😀