The Onion Roasts The Next Gen Consoles’ Launches :-D


I’m guessing that picture is the work of a VERY talented Photoshopper?  😀  Gotta love The Onion’s impeccable timing with these spoofs.  🙂


“Don’t Wanna Be Always Online – Stick With 360 Suckas!” :-P

Microsoft just doesn’t know where to stop.

Engadget – Xbox Chief:  We Have A Product For People Who Can’t Get Online, It’s Called Xbox 360

Seriously?  This is their answer to criticism over the “X-Bone” having to constantly check in with the mother ship?  Just stick with the old console, which by the way, is the oldest console of the previous bunch having first come out in 2005?!  The corporate hubris is strong with this one.

Nice to see that Sony and Microsoft have changed roles for this go-round, with Sony having eaten some tasty humble pie and changing their tune to be more consumer-friendly while Microsoft gets too pumped up on their previous machine’s successes.

The only problem here is,  both of these companies have spoken so far about the next console generation lasting about 10 years or so, so with the longest console generation ever planned coming up (as opposed to the more traditional 5-year cycles I grew up with) Microsoft could easily be setting themselves up for a bigger longer slice of humble pie than Sony had with the PS3, plus PS4 is cheaper and leaves any shenanigans on things like used games up to the game companies themselves rather than the hardware makers.

I mean, when it gets to the point where one company flat out starts trolling the other because of the other company’s bad decisions, something’s obviously dreadfully wrong for the company being trolled…  😛

PS4 – AMD’s Revenge

My concerns about pricing have been somewhat alleviated by finding out that the supercharged PC architecture that’s powering the next generation Playstation will be based on AMD’s APUs.  🙂

AMD of course has been working on differentiating themselves from Intel ever since acquiring ATI by making combination CPU/GPU chips.  Up to this point AMD APUs have been largely something you think of when you think of an all-in-one processor powering a small portable device like a tablet, smartphone, or netbook (my netbook actually runs off of an AMD APU).  Developing a special APU for the PS4 with all the hardware hype about the device would represent the first midrange to high-end application for AMD APUs without having to deal with Intel, as currently is the case in the PC world where Intel CPUs eat AMD APUs for lunch and AMD really doesn’t have a decent answer to the Intel Core i7.  The next few redesigns of the AMD architecture might fix that but for now anyone who wants the best gaming performance will plunk down the decent-sized pile of cash to build a Core i7 Frankenstein monster of a desktop.  😀

Still though, AMD could be hopping in Sony’s boat just before it sinks with both of them in it.  My previous concerns about overemphasis on hardware still apply here, though I’m a little less concerned that the PS4 might be priced out of contention when it launches now that I know AMD’s involved.  AMD currently isn’t known for their very pricey hardware, but that’s a chicken-and-egg thing as to whether AMD really wants to sell its processors at the price point that it does, or is their low price point just a way to have a chance against Intel and the low-pricing thing won’t apply here.  Either way, my number one question about the PS4 still remains – how much will it cost?

PS4 – Sony Never Learns, Do They?

So the Playstation 4 has been announced, supposedly in the works to be a hot holiday seller this year, and……  at this point I really don’t think Sony is learning any lessons from what happened with the PS3.  =(

Again – again – AGAIN!!!!! – what is being presented to us is a flashy piece of hardware.  The CPU, GPU, RAM, etc., are being paraded in the teasers.  Sure consoles have needed a hardware upgrade, but has this company not learned from what happened the last time they pulled a stunt like this, with the PS3 being one of the most expensive consoles at launch ever, with software really lacking when the unit launched, and Blu-Ray still a question mark that had yet to grow into what it has become today?

As much as the Xbox 360 has done well this go-round with consoles, I’m absolutely convinced that the only reason the 360 has done well has been due to PS3 screwups, whether with the slow initial sales, Playstation Network (or its infamous blackout), hardware hangups, etc.  The fact that the 360 took the HD-DVD side that lost the hi-def format war and has since pressed on using ha ha regular DVD as its format of choice just shows even more that the PS3 was a load of missed potential for Sony.

Gaming consoles these days have a uniquely besieged position in the market.  They have to fend off the costlier yet more powerful PC gaming competition, yet remain compelling versus portable devices like tablets and smartphones as those devices gain more horsepower and better gaming ability themselves.  To emphasize hardware as though it were the PS2 launch all over again just makes me wonder what cloud Sony is floating on to even take this approach in the first place.  Have they forgotten what year it is and what they’re up against?

The one thing that will convince me that Sony’s learned anything from what happened with the PS3 will be the price of the PS4, which remains a mystery for now.  Thus, I’ll hold off on any further ideas about the PS4 until I know what sticker price is attached to it.  In the meantime, here’s a little blog thingie from the Wall Street Journal.  😛