MK2’s Far Away – The Most 80s Song On The YTAL

Go ahead.  Try to find something on the YTAL that’s more 80s than this.  🙂

Makes me wonder what the composers who contribute to the YTAL are going to do to 1-up this one…  🙂


Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Calvin Harris Vs. The YouTube Audio Library

I’ve been wondering when the YouTube Audio Library would start featuring some “knockoff tracks…”  😀  The royalty-free libraries already do this but I haven’t seen as much from the “YTAL” just yet, but I’ve observed in the last few years that YTAL has been on the march trying to become more viable versus commercial services or sites like Jamendo or Incompetech.

Behold, one of Calvin Harris’ recent hits, Thinking About You featuring Ayah Marar.  I often hear a bit of 90s dance in this one.  I actually liked enough of his dance songs that I bought the full CD instead of some digital downloads for this song’s album 18 Months.

Now, here’s Beat Your Competition by Vibe Tracks from the YouTube Audio Library in the Dance/Electronic section.  🙂

Might be a bit of Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights in there too.  Hmm…  🙂  I’ll pass on embedding that one though, as I hear that song enough on Pop Fluff Wednesday at work.  😀

Hmm… What Are The Worst-Possible Songs To Play On Valentine’s Day?

Oh yeah.  I’m really thinking backwards now.  😀  Since folks are all lovey-dovey on this “Hallmark holiday” I’ve decided to be all “fight the powah!!!” and go looking for some of the downright worst songs one could possibly play on Valentine’s Day.  😀

Led Zeppelin quickly comes to mind.  I remember one night on my old college radio show back in the day some guy called and requested I play some Led Zeppelin for his girlfriend.  He quickly said, “Uhhhh just don’t play Dazed and Confused lol.”  Yeah.  Might want to specify that if calling in requests for lovers if the station DJ sometimes is a bit of a jerk.  😀

…or perhaps…  😛


…or maybe…  😀

…yeah.  Don’t go phoning those in lol.  Let’s wrap this one up with a song more appropriate for my situation.  😛

Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Calvin Harris vs…. Whitney? :-P

Pop fluff stations have this thing for taking hot albums and de facto playing through a decent chunk if not most of the album over the course of several months if not years (Maroon 5’s Overexposed for example).  Calvin Harris’ 18 Months seems to be somewhat receiving that treatment lately, and besides Sweet Nothing with Florence Welch reminding me of some 90s dance songs, this latest song that I’m hearing again and again and again rang a bell, but it took some digging to find out which 90s song it rang the bell with…  😛

Strange, because I’ve heard some folks say the 90s were rubbish for musical creativity.  I’m not so sure of that…  😉  Now I’m just wondering when all these stations boasting “Today’s Greatest Hits” are going to stop playing music that came out 2 years ago.  😉

Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Two Songs About Bears – Nearly A Century Apart

I was poking around on when I stumbled upon a really old recording that rang a bell with something not-so “really old.”  😛

This is probably the single biggest time difference between any set of two songs that I’ve ever posted in this series.  😀

First, The Teddy Bear’s Picnic, a song which in this YouTube video is from 1932 but the version on Archive.Org that I was listening to was from 1908.  😛

…and now… this theme… from a game released in 1998.  😉

…and that’s a 90-year difference here lol.  Wonder if I can beat this new record anytime soon…  😀

YouTuber Spotlight – ThePianoGuys

The Classical Crossover music scene on YouTube is nothing short of awesome if you’re looking for a refreshing change of scenery from the cliched overplayed pop fluff that dominates our radio stations these days.  If you want to hear some real creativity in action instead of mass-produced autotuned-to-heck pop fluff, musicians and groups like Aston Classical, Lindsey Stirling, and today’s featured YouTubers ThePianoGuys can give you reasons to radically change what you blast on your music players and sound systems.  🙂

Channel Overview:

ThePianoGuys’ channel is an unabashedly musical one.  They basically post music videos and behind the scenes clips of said music videos that usually feature someone on a piano and quite a bit of creativity with usually classical instruments.  Like other musicians who do what they do, the Piano Guys do an incredible job of blending and fusing together classical-sounding instruments with other genres of music and a hearty dose of creativity to boot.  🙂

What First Got Me Watchin’:

I’ve been a fan of these guys for so long that I actually forget which video first got me interested in what they do, but their oldest video that caught my eye (and perhaps the one that caught my eye in the first place) is their take on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata featuring electric cello pizzicato that does a splendid job of making supposedly “classical” instruments sound like a strange electric guitar.

Videos I’d Recommend:

Besides Moonlight, I’d also recommend their holiday songs, including their rendition of Angels We Have Heard On High and O Come O Come Emmanuel, the first of which has become my official song of Christmas 2013, the second being one that I listened to a lot last year in 2012.  🙂

Outside of holiday tunes, their takes on various pop songs are also quite interesting, such as their interpretations of Coldplay’s Paradise, Phillip Phillips’ Home, Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child, and of course, Cello Wars, their take on Star Wars.  😀

…but perhaps the video that really says a lot about these guys and just how much they love what they do is their surprise concert at a senior citizens’ home.  In a day and age where the elderly and even middle-aged folks have never been more ostracized, to see these guys go out of their way to brighten their days like this is simply nothing short of awesome.  🙂

This Channel Today:

The Piano Guys continue to post on a somewhat regular basis to this day with excellent production value, even though they do unfortunately adhere to the YouTube SOPs of bugging people to subscribe every video.  Nonetheless, I think out of all the classical crossover groups I’ve listened to on YouTube, they’ll be the first folks I buy actual CDs from.  🙂  I highly recommend this channel.  Even if you’re not into classical music or classical-sounding music, these guys have more than enough talent and creativity to make a great album with the instruments they have.  🙂