Microsoft Text To Speech At Windows XP’s Funeral LOL

Found this when searching for Text To Speech videos on YouTube…  😀

Oh yeah.  My AV nerd side is showing alright what with how I know what these TTS engines are named…  😀


“Don’t Wanna Be Always Online – Stick With 360 Suckas!” :-P

Microsoft just doesn’t know where to stop.

Engadget – Xbox Chief:  We Have A Product For People Who Can’t Get Online, It’s Called Xbox 360

Seriously?  This is their answer to criticism over the “X-Bone” having to constantly check in with the mother ship?  Just stick with the old console, which by the way, is the oldest console of the previous bunch having first come out in 2005?!  The corporate hubris is strong with this one.

Nice to see that Sony and Microsoft have changed roles for this go-round, with Sony having eaten some tasty humble pie and changing their tune to be more consumer-friendly while Microsoft gets too pumped up on their previous machine’s successes.

The only problem here is,  both of these companies have spoken so far about the next console generation lasting about 10 years or so, so with the longest console generation ever planned coming up (as opposed to the more traditional 5-year cycles I grew up with) Microsoft could easily be setting themselves up for a bigger longer slice of humble pie than Sony had with the PS3, plus PS4 is cheaper and leaves any shenanigans on things like used games up to the game companies themselves rather than the hardware makers.

I mean, when it gets to the point where one company flat out starts trolling the other because of the other company’s bad decisions, something’s obviously dreadfully wrong for the company being trolled…  😛

XBox What? – The Saga Continues

The media of course has been buzzing lately over the XBox One reveal, and after hearing some arguments trying to give Microsoft a break here I decided to chime in yet again on the subject.  🙂

At least I know I’m not the only one who has trouble keeping this stuff brief with how long the Out of Continues episode talking about the “XBone Woof Woof” went.  🙂

Hotmail Is Done – Outlook Will Probably Be Next :-P

Looks like Microsoft is pulling the plug on Hotmail shortly:,0,5765971.story

Mixed opinions on this of course.  First, Microsoft is making this move as a branding type thing to not confuse customers now that Outlook is going to have a web component, but in terms of what customers associate with the various brands, what exactly is Microsoft merging here?

Here’s how I view their current two brands of e-mail products:

  • Outlook – Professional.  Pretty much THE standard for e-mail in a corporate environment.  I may have switched to Mozilla Thunderbird several years ago at home, but I *ALWAYS* want to keep an eye on Outlook because I expect to see Outlook as the standard in most business environments.
  • Hotmail – Completely unprofessional.  😛  Basically, the complete opposite of Outlook.  Whereas Outlook is a refined product that’s popular in business, Hotmail is a rough, unpolished ha ha free e-mail doodad that I associate with people who are behind the times, behind the curve on technology, or just plain spammers.  😛  Hotmail’s pretty much kind of down there with AOL in my book these days, and prompts a double-take on my part when I see someone still using it these days.  😛

It’s probably a good thing that Microsoft’s killing Hotmail, since Hotmail kind of drags their name through the mud these days, but if the general character of Hotmail doesn’t change once all the Hotmail users have been folded into, I’m wondering if Outlook’s name and brand strength might be next to be dragged through the mud and have to be replaced with something else at some point.  Hmmm…..  😛