LinusThumbJokes – Round 2 :-D

“…and now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the ultimate demonstration of what NOT to do with a laptop.”  😀

“Dude!  This phone is so light it floats!!!”  😀

Even the most successful of big time Tech YouTubers can get caught sleeping on the job.  😀

“Awww yeah.  Got mah ‘puter.  Got mah hot dawgs.  We be livin’ it up y’all!”  😀

Cure your receding hairline the easy way with Microsoft Paint!!!  😀

When you spend all your money on gaming PCs they’d better be so awesome that you don’t need to spend any money on actual lights for your gaming room!  😀

“Dude!  I just needed twenty bucks for gas and it spat out this thing instead!”

…because why should Apple have all the fun making computers that look like “waste receptacles?”  😀

“G Skill made a swank keyboard that looks like beer before I spill my beer into it!  Nerd up nerd up nerd up!  Woo woo woo woo woo!!!”  😀


Statement Regarding The Incident Involving Linus Media On April 19th, 2017

The dust has settled from the little run-in with LinusTechTips earlier this week.  Here’s the remaining loose ends from folks’ response to it, neatly tied up in a blog entry, because my channel has spent enough time on this matter and this situation will not hijack it further.

What Linus did was fair use, and what I did was fair use.  I embedded his videos to make fun of the thumbnails – he panned over my blog in a video that is most likely the closest thing to a rant on this matter that we’ll see from him.  If anything, my fair use was better than his fair use, because whereas he gave me absolutely zero credit or links back to my blog entry from his video when this article was written, people could watch his videos with the goofy thumbnails from my blog entry, and other entries with his content embedded or linked.

As a result of this, my doomsday situation involving a bunch of LinusTechTrolls blowing up in my face similar to what happened when I dared to say Noctua fans weren’t always the best thing to get… didn’t happen.  The net result was a bump in views on the blog entry that was panned over – some of which could have come from my own audience because I had publicized this by then.  😛

This does speak to a lot of YouTube’s issues though, such as the archipelago effect where fear cripples creators from even mentioning each other in anything other than official collabs that are few and far between, a sharp departure from the early years of YouTube vlogging and video responses where it was like social media with crappy webcams unless folks like myself wanted to break the mold and try making something more creative.  🙂  YouTube is a cold hard place, and Google’s persistent tinkering with things that aren’t broken while stuff that is broken remains untouched hasn’t helped matters any.

I was ready to be in touch with his business and MCN if any of my digital presences or otherwise suffered adverse effects as a result of this incident, but more important than Linus having to not accidentally redbutton me was what would cause such tenacity in the first place.  Based on the behavior he exhibited in his pseudo-rant I’m thinking Linus is frustrated with his demographics similar to some of what I’ve run into recently.

Linus’ audience has traditionally been more of a minefield to someone like me than other large tech channels.  The toxicity isn’t on par with something like IrateGamer or ReviewTechUSA, but it was his audience that I was warned about in terms of “don’t go to Linus’ forums if you don’t like Noctua – you will get steamrolled” and things like that.  I don’t get these same warnings for other tech fanbases, even Tek Syndicate before the breakup.  For some reason, LinusTechTips has been a stone’s throw from that stuff moreso than other groups.

Some of this boils down to not all channel growth is good.  From a demographics perspective, channel growth isn’t good when you end up with bad people watching your videos.  In the case of my channel I’ve watched tech videos flatline and die routinely instead of actually getting a fair shot on YouTube.  Further investigation revealed that they were getting adblocked to death.  I actually dared to bring up the issue and people fired back with a boatload of prissy entitled millennial drama.  If Linus did the same thing he’d end up with the same result but with bigger numbers.  I don’t expect him to though – he wouldn’t put  his business on the line for that.

Regardless, once again, demographics is a question that public-facing anything has to answer.  Who do you want to attract?  Who do you want to repulse?  If you won’t answer those two questions then circumstance will answer it for you and you may not like the answer.  😦


LinusTechTips Is Gonna End Up With A YouTube Thumbnail Art Gallery… :-P

I’ve had my yay yays and neigh neighs with LinusTechTips over the years, but today has shown that there’s always something new around the bend.  😛

While I find some of this channel’s videos interesting from time to time, I also see a lot of what hurts tech videos on YouTube get standardized here, and apparently the latest controversy involves whether or not the channel’s thumbnails these days have crossed the line into “clickbait.”

Clickbait?  Really?  I’m thinking more along the lines of the thumbnails getting so outrageous that people start going to this channel’s page to gawk at thumbnails and not actually end up watching videos.  Let’s peruse the LinusTechTips art gallery, shall we?  :o)

In this corner, we see the veritable CPU Barfer Of Dooooooom!!!  😀  I don’t want to know what this guy barfing CPUs had for breakfast this morning. 😛

The Future Of Offline Gaming?  Oh deary me.  This looks more like PewDiePie playing Yahtzee.  Dice dice everywhere and a guy freaking out just for views.  Bro Fist!!!  😀

Alas Ye Knave!!!  I Shall Strike Thee Down!!!  😀  Computers meeting Renaissance Faire gobbledygook.  Woohoo.  Is the damsel in distress up the tower some kind of big pink HTPC?  😀

Don’t worry, Linus.  Your secret is safe with me.  :o)  Nobody has to know that you were merely framing a funky picture in front of Furmark instead of causing Fire And Ice Nuclear Armageddon… 😀

Awwww such a lovely bonding bromance between a big dude and a little laptop.  At least you two got a room, but be careful not to short anything out when you give it a ring.  😀

Whoa!!!  Dude!!!  It’s BLUE!!!  =-O  Totally saw it in Tron 30 years ago!!!  =-O  Tubular!!!  =-O  LOL.  😀

That computer’s way too young to be needing a computer version of a colonoscopy…  😛

“That was one heck of a scuba dive.  Oh wait…”  😀

By the way, I’ve only watched a grand total of ONE of these videos.  Perhaps at some point later on I’ll carve out the time, but for now I think chuckling at the thumbnails will be entertaining enough.  😀

I think I might know why YouTube traditionally hasn’t been too keen on folks going nuts with thumbnails…  😀

LinusTechTips Shows Why I “Don’t Want To Make Tech Videos”

In some of my administrative rants about the state of YouTube these days I’ve gone after people saying I should do nothing but tech videos with responses that tech videos are nothing exciting nowadays, and there are far too many tech videos on YouTube that are what I like to call “digital YouTube Ikea.”  Mass-produced, overpolished, seen-one-seen-’em-all videos, and in some cases, videos that do nothing more than rattle off what you can already read for yourself in an article or maybe even on

After seeing LinusTechTips get blasted in his comments section once before about “all your video did was rattle off the tech thingie’s specs on Amazon” or something like that, you’d think his team would take a hint.  Apparently not, and keep in mind in all of this, canned videos like this are why smaller channels like mine can’t get views because folks like me “aren’t good enough” when stuff like this becomes the standard.

Published on January 4th.  Meanwhile, the previous day on January 3rd…

Ars Technica – Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Review: Is The Desktop CPU Dead?

There you go.  You could read the article, and skim if need be and be informed that way, or send it to your mobile device and read it on your own time, or you can receive the exact same information in an 8-minute blurbfest from Linus’ talking head or whoever his host happens to be… at least… 8 minutes counting the in-video advertising that Linus’ folks sneak up on you with.  Hopefully you deprive this channel of watch minutes once I spoil for you that after the second said in-video ad it’s just the usual bugging people to subscribe YouTubeSOP crap.  By the way, they even tested on the chip on the EXACT SAME MOTHERBOARD that they snuck in a plug for!!!

Spoiler Alert – I Prefer You Glean This Knowledge Of Intel’s New Pillow Processor From Ars Technica!  🙂

Mass-produced stuff like this is why YouTube changed up their algorithms.  Unfortunately for channels like mine which chart their own course and don’t get wrapped up in that SOPbabble, in the public’s eye these videos are still the standard.  When does that change?  Ridiculous!