Steam Machines – So There WILL Be A “Steam Box…” Or Two… Or A Bunch… :-D

“You know Jay, I think people are jumping to conclusions about Valve getting into hardware because they hear Steam and hardware, but Valve has nowhere said ‘Steam Box.’  That’s kind of a term that was invented by the media.”

Looks like Stafa should have listened to these media folks when we talked about this stuff on Out Of Continues.  😀

There’s a third announcement coming up on Friday, so it’ll be interesting to see just what Valve adds to these already great announcements regarding Steam OS and now Steam Machines.  My earlier points regarding PC Gaming and Linux still stand as well.  This is huge for the current race-to-the-bottom PC market since the Steam Machines will be based on standards in terms of minimum amounts of gaming hardware so perhaps other types of PCs besides crappy $300 eMachines that barely do Internet and E-mail can finally have a reason to be sold again in this day and age of consoles desperately trying to remain relevant as more flexible and open gaming models like PC Gaming start flexing their muscle.  This Steam stuff will be huge in making that happen.  🙂

Consoles already are in a serious jam with the manufacturers previously having bragged about 10 years being the target lifecycle for these new machines, yet the developers behind The Witcher 3 are already talking about nearly maxing out the capabilities of the PS4.  Uh oh.  😛  Looks like console gamers who previously made fun of PC gamers constantly upgrading hardware might be in for a bit of a surprise next go-round.  😛


SteamOS And Mainstream Gaming On Linux – Gabe Newell Does It Again :-)

Sooo….. Is this guy a visionary, a revolutionary, or both?  🙂

Valve Fires Up SteamOS, Its Bid For Living Room PC Gaming

I’m very very impressed that Valve is trying to bring widespread gaming support to Linux via SteamOS and the Steam client for Linux.  I’ve had a long-running interest in Linux for years that has been held back largely by things like a lack of proper gaming support versus Windows and DirectX.  Sure companies could make Linux ports of PC games, but usually it was one of those “wouldn’t it be nice if…” things.  If Valve offers SteamOS and the Steam Linux client as a mainstream gaming option on Linux it will most certainly be a game changer.

Windows has been ticking more than a few people off lately with Windows 8, but if we combine this SteamOS thing with Gabe Newell’s interest in having apps available for Steam in addition to games, if properly deployed Valve could easily be the big Linux backer that finally drives Linux into the mainstream and gives Windows a run for its money.  My only concern with Linux would be the Linux community itself, which contains more than a few people who wouldn’t want a large company like Valve throwing around significant Linux influence.  To keep them from thinking SteamOS is a redux of the Red Hat Linux controversy from a few years ago Valve should make SteamOS and the Steam Linux client be completely interchangeable so that  the anti-corporate Linux users can game as well if they don’t trust Valve to do the right thing with SteamOS.

…and on top of all of this there’s supposed to be another announcement later this week about Steam’s plans to get more involved with hardware.  September 25th at 10:00 AM PDT.  Hmm…  🙂  Watch This Space.  🙂

XBox What? – The Saga Continues

The media of course has been buzzing lately over the XBox One reveal, and after hearing some arguments trying to give Microsoft a break here I decided to chime in yet again on the subject.  🙂

At least I know I’m not the only one who has trouble keeping this stuff brief with how long the Out of Continues episode talking about the “XBone Woof Woof” went.  🙂

Adam Sessler Vs. XBox What

So it’s quite well established at this point that Adam Sessler, always the controversial one, doesn’t entirely agree with those of us who are skeptical of the Xbox One.  In a recent Google+ chat though, he was able to elaborate more on the details of why he views things as he does regarding the console.

One thing I actually cheered at though.  This guy is the first Revision3er to blast the state of broadband in this country.  I’ve seen other hosts shy away from the issue or pretend there isn’t a problem, but he flat out blasted that industry for how they hold technology back in the name of money.  That I can definitely give him credit for.  🙂

Revision 3 Vs. Xbox What :-P

Finally, a full-length Revision 3 discussion of the Xbox One.

Adam Sessler has always been a tad controversial, so his sudden kissing-up to the Xbox One strikes me as being a bit of a shock jock move on his part.  Some folks just like being controversial on purpose because it gets people talking. 🙂  I think there are some points these folks make about the console that are worth listening to, but gamers have been slapped in the face so much recently that nobody’s going to take any company’s promises seriously until the consoles actually launch and people see the new machines for themselves.

Welcome To The 2010s, ReviewTechUSA

Rich has once again won himself a Captain Obvious award and made me question his dedication, ironically, to reviewing technology that his YouTube username might suggest.   😛

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo really?  Smartphones are getting enough horsepower and features to double as computers or gaming platforms?  I would’ve never guessed.  :o)  For the record, I maintain the distinction between PC and Console gaming in my categories list here, but I know full well that Gaming is becoming more ubiquitous by the nanosecond and eventually gaming devices much like computing devices will encompass a far wider range of devices than the traditional categories we tend to associate with things like computing or gaming.  Perhaps whenever Rich finally figures this out he’ll quit being so surprised by it and getting “Well Durrr” responses from other techie geek types like myself.  😉