Meh Final Fantasy Game + Incredible Overclocked Remix = … :-)

This is the Final Fantasy VIII Fisherman’s Horizon Christmas Version Overclocked Remix remixed by Goomin Nam.  A “Day One Download” for me that’s going into the music collection, and a tune that’s my hint that it’s time to play catch-up with Overclocked Remix.  🙂

Seriously, why did I ever stop listening to music from this site?  I’ve been listening to incredible music by The Piano Guys, some Lindsey Stirling covers, and other tunes that could best be described as “concept music” but haven’t followed OC Remix too much in the last decade.

Just pass me my moron hat.  😛  Next year will be 15 years that I’ve been downloading these video game music remixes and reimaginings from this site, most of which I downloaded in the early 2000s in college when I was looking for inexpensive music while getting through college on a shoestring budget.  I should be covering a LOT more OC Remixes, and providing commentary for lots more YouTube videos than what I’ve done in recent months.  I really should change that.

Final Fantasy VIII had numerous issues, such as the somewhat contrived equipment, magic, and Junction system, but the engrossing love story really did a good job masking the gameplay issues at the time.  If you could put up with an interactive soap opera of a video game, there were some parts that were rather touching, especially when it went into movie-ish mode not just with cinematics but with a full song with Faye Wong’s “Eyes On Me” in a more emotional part of the game.

For me having had the Nintendo 64 in the 90s, to finally get around to this game in the 2000s and eventually end up playing and getting both the PS1 and PC versions, this was huge for me.  I’d long expected video games to get more like movies, but didn’t think I’d finally see it happen with a rather bluh Final Fantasy game in the series.  😛

Either way, it makes for a great OC remix.  🙂