Regarding Taco Bell’s Response To The “Taco Licker” And Fast Food In General

A picture going around the internet of some guy at Taco Bell licking a stack of taco shells has created an uproar of course among disgusted customers and prompted a big PR response from the restaurant chain. ┬á­čśŤ

I think this response was a little slow and tame though compared to a similar story that happened back in the 2000s at Domino’s Pizza where some idiots recorded a prank video for YouTube of someone doing gross things with some food they were preparing, even though it wasn’t being served to customers. ┬áThe response from Domino’s was nothing short of explosive.

Quite frankly, Taco Bell should’ve been this fierce too, and those of us who remember the Domino’s incident will no doubt be disturbed by the notably tamer response from them. ┬áThis gets me thinking though about the state of our fast food industry in general. ┬áBoth of these incidents involved young folks working in the restaurants, and the industry is pretty much synonymous with low-wage part time bluh ways to get work experience for young people – all of this of course because of our desire for cheap food. ┬áPeople are horrified when events like this take place, but maybe one of these years people will consider the idea that our culture’s obsession with really cheap tacos or burgers could have some unintended consequences. ┬áAs for me, I’ll stick with Subway. ┬á­čśŤ

It’s definitely something to think about though. ┬áPeople scream in horror at some of these low wage jobs, but sometimes it’s worth taking a look at what specifically causes them.