Consumerist WCIA 2014 – Let The Fun Begin!!! :-)’s satirical parody of March Madness is officially underway.  This year I’m looking at being a lot more “omnichannel” with how I comment on the whole Worst Company In America thing, and have kicked off my WCIA commentary in my audio commentary series on YouTube.  🙂

Sadly though, my favorite for winning this contest this year – Verizon – probably won’t take home the Golden Poo, but a man can dream, right?  🙂


So Apparently “Swimming Poos” Are More Newsworthy Than “Ship Your Pants” :-P

The Consumerist continues to spread the irony as thick as can be, having completely missed the viral now-17-million-views-strong “Ship My Pants” ad from Kmart last month yet jumping all over a recent CDC study that blows the horn on fecal bacteria contamination in swimming pools.  Err excuse me, swimming poos according to them.  😛

Huffington Post – Fecal Contamination Found In 58% Of Public Pool Samples, CDC Finds – CDC Confirms What We All Suspected But Didn’t Want To Acknowledge About Poop In The Pool Water

I don’t know, maybe they’re just really really attracted to the word Poo.  😛  However, as I’m reading this I can’t help but think of how the majority of my swimming as a kid was in ponds rather than pools.  Now here we are flipping out about one type of bacteria showing up in a CDC study when who knows what was in the ponds I swam in as a kid.  😀  Likewise with anyone else who just goes to the beach instead of messing with any pools.  Not like a pond or the ocean’s kept chemically pristine.  😛

It is pretty sad though that only now in my 30s am I finally “getting it” with regards to why every time I went to a place with a public pool they were complete and total nutcases about showering before entering the water.  I was like, “Isn’t that redundant to rinse yourself out in water before…. getting in water?”  😛  I highly recommend checking out the Huffington Post article about pool safety too.  That article had a few very interesting points that I hadn’t though of, such as the creation of chloramine from pool chlorine via a chemical reaction between pool chlorine and the nitrogen found in things like sweat.  Chloramine is harsher on people’s skin, etc., than chlorine is, plus stinks way more than chlorine.  Odds are if a pool is particularly stinky in terms of chemical smells or has turned greenish, there’s a chloramine problem.  😛  This is all new to me.  Then again, I never had anything resembling an introduction to basic Chemistry until middle school.  Perhaps folks should teach kids more hard science at younger ages instead of waiting for them to get that old first.  😛

Then there’s the diarrhea thing.  I’d always reasoned, “Well of course you shouldn’t swim when you have diarrhea.  It’s gross.”  But then on top of the obvious stuff one of the strains of bacteria that causes diarrhea is extremely chlorine-resistant and can survive up to 10 days in a highly chlorinated pool.  Yikes!  😛  Then again, I swam in ponds when I was little, so who knows what was in the water there…  😛

Such a lovely story for me to read on a day when the temperature hits 80 for the first time this Spring…  😀