“Compact Disc. Compact Disc. Compact Disc…” :-P

You know it was a long time ago when people are still saying the full name of what we’ve been calling “CDs” for decades.  😛

Then again, run in the circles of certain bean counter types and you might hear “CDs” referring to certain types of bank accounts lol.  😀

Hope folks are enjoying the multimedia renaissance on my channel.  Sometimes I’ve felt like an ass for not being “multimedia” enough to deserve the username.  But hey, 10 year celebration lol, plus the Quick O Flicks have come into their own and are currently dominating everything because topical discussions are fun, even moreso than RadioStyle commentaries at this point.  🙂


Cassettes + Kids = LOL (Again) :-D

I guess the old “introduce kids to their parents’ technology and electronics” gag just never gets old.  😀  Revision 3’s Tech Feed News did a pilot for introducing “Screen-ers” as I hear our kids are being called these days (among other things like “digital natives” and Generation Z) to the technology of their parents (or perhaps grandparents if the show eventually goes back far enough  :-D).

If you’re a veteran YouTuber and this video seems strangely familiar to you, it’s probably because there was a similar video uploaded in 2011.  🙂

All things considered, I’m not really a big fan of this “accenting the generation gap” stuff because the kids are right.  Our technology DID suck.  I highly doubt even the most diehard of nostalgic folks my age or older really fondly remember having cassette players “eat tapes” or VCRs eating tapes for that matter.  Forget the cassette squeaking noises you may hear as sound effects on stuff like Sirius XM Classic Rewind.  If that really happened in the middle of playing a song it was usually bad news.  😛  Oh by the way, how about that analog hiss and quality degradation when your tape got worn out?  Yeah.  I don’t miss that stuff.  😛

Then there were CDs in the days before CD burning where you paid $18.98/CD for maybe one or two songs that you liked and since there was no burning yet you had to play the original CD until it got all scratched up or your cheap CD player gave you the dreaded label-side scratch that wrecked the disc so even scratch kits wouldn’t work – if they ever worked to begin with.  Let’s just say I never had any luck with scratch kits.  😛

Then there was the crossover technology of MP3 CDs where instead of having gigs of storage you had 650-700 MB only and the MP3 CD could still get scratched, but at least you could burn another one.  😛  …yeah.  I don’t think we’ll be seeing a repeat of the vinyl nostalgia that we saw with Boomers who swear that records sound better than CDs or digital music.  😀

My Sandisk Sansa player is old and beat up, but even that mid-2000s MP3 player blows away the cassette and CD stuff I had to put up with when I was in middle school and high school.  Oh yeah.  Bring on the awesome new stuff that blows away all my nostalgic old stuff.  The bad old days of worn-out cassettes and scratchy CDs are days I’ll gladly leave behind, though I’ll still buy CDs….. to digitize them of course.  🙂