BBishopPCM tried baking some bread, and the results…  are probably still better than if I tried baking my own bread.  😀

I saw this back when it first came out in February 2017, and I still find it hilarious, though the whole “using a pretzel recipe to bake bread” thing still has me wondering if that’s why it messed up like it did…  😀

Yeah yeah I know I know.  Don’t knock it ’til ya try it, so this’ll be it from me on this matter.  🙂  After all, he was the one making the references to drywall, and putting a power drill to the darn thing…  😀


Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Kenny Rogers Vs. Bread

Though I’m very much a child of the 80s and 90s, I think my folks might have tried to quietly sneak some 70s influence into me as well with all the 70s Soft Rock I heard growing up.  I had no idea I was this familiar with 70s music, but nowadays when I fire up Pandora, or even in the heydays of Yahoo Music and, when I listen to “70s Soft Rock” or similar genre stations I recognize nearly all the songs even if I don’t know the titles of them, or even the artist for that matter.  😛

Speaking of Pandora, I just so happened to hear a Bread song on a 70s Lite Rock station that I don’t think I heard growing up, but one of the chord progressions reminded me of the Kenny Rogers classic “She Believes In Me” that I am TOTALLY familiar with from all those years as a kid of my folks listening to Lite Rock stations which in the early 90s were still playing a lot of 70s music.  😛

Funny how I’m familiar with music from the decade before I was born.  I wonder if some of these “Post-Millennials” will eventually start doing that with 90s music lol.  🙂  I know there were people who did that with 80s music in my day lol.  It was funny back in college to meet these girls at the radio station who were sooooooooooooooo into Journey or Bon Jovi.  “Dude.  This guy’s old enough to be your DAD, and you like his band’s music?!”  Well….  I won’t try to figure them out lol.  After all, I did go to high school with a few women who thought that Jim Morrison was hot, even though The Doors was WAY before our time.  😀