BBishopPCM tried baking some bread, and the results…  are probably still better than if I tried baking my own bread.  😀

I saw this back when it first came out in February 2017, and I still find it hilarious, though the whole “using a pretzel recipe to bake bread” thing still has me wondering if that’s why it messed up like it did…  😀

Yeah yeah I know I know.  Don’t knock it ’til ya try it, so this’ll be it from me on this matter.  🙂  After all, he was the one making the references to drywall, and putting a power drill to the darn thing…  😀


BBishopPCM Vs. Mac IIci

Quite an interesting video about the ease of assembly and repair of some vintage Macs here.  I know most of us computer freaks these days with the custom Newegged PC rigs and whatnot might do a double- or triple-take at the idea of a computer that only has a single screw in the entire case, but nerds and engineering were quite the combination in the 90s, and still are today.  🙂

BBishopPCM is more of a computer hardware geek but has been catching up a bit with some of the multimedia stuff, though some of his viewers were irked by his sound effects.  I personally think a little sitcom-style canned laughter wouldn’t be too out of place.  I’ve actually gone for the sitcom look before with canned laughter and applause just for fun.  🙂  His intro though rings a bell to the good old days of Mr. Wizard’s World.  🙂

…or maybe I should just lay off the nerd-stalgia.  😀  I’ll have to play some catchup with his videos and see what computers he’s been tearing apart lately.  😀