Statement Regarding The Incident Involving Linus Media On April 19th, 2017

The dust has settled from the little run-in with LinusTechTips earlier this week.  Here’s the remaining loose ends from folks’ response to it, neatly tied up in a blog entry, because my channel has spent enough time on this matter and this situation will not hijack it further.

What Linus did was fair use, and what I did was fair use.  I embedded his videos to make fun of the thumbnails – he panned over my blog in a video that is most likely the closest thing to a rant on this matter that we’ll see from him.  If anything, my fair use was better than his fair use, because whereas he gave me absolutely zero credit or links back to my blog entry from his video when this article was written, people could watch his videos with the goofy thumbnails from my blog entry, and other entries with his content embedded or linked.

As a result of this, my doomsday situation involving a bunch of LinusTechTrolls blowing up in my face similar to what happened when I dared to say Noctua fans weren’t always the best thing to get… didn’t happen.  The net result was a bump in views on the blog entry that was panned over – some of which could have come from my own audience because I had publicized this by then.  😛

This does speak to a lot of YouTube’s issues though, such as the archipelago effect where fear cripples creators from even mentioning each other in anything other than official collabs that are few and far between, a sharp departure from the early years of YouTube vlogging and video responses where it was like social media with crappy webcams unless folks like myself wanted to break the mold and try making something more creative.  🙂  YouTube is a cold hard place, and Google’s persistent tinkering with things that aren’t broken while stuff that is broken remains untouched hasn’t helped matters any.

I was ready to be in touch with his business and MCN if any of my digital presences or otherwise suffered adverse effects as a result of this incident, but more important than Linus having to not accidentally redbutton me was what would cause such tenacity in the first place.  Based on the behavior he exhibited in his pseudo-rant I’m thinking Linus is frustrated with his demographics similar to some of what I’ve run into recently.

Linus’ audience has traditionally been more of a minefield to someone like me than other large tech channels.  The toxicity isn’t on par with something like IrateGamer or ReviewTechUSA, but it was his audience that I was warned about in terms of “don’t go to Linus’ forums if you don’t like Noctua – you will get steamrolled” and things like that.  I don’t get these same warnings for other tech fanbases, even Tek Syndicate before the breakup.  For some reason, LinusTechTips has been a stone’s throw from that stuff moreso than other groups.

Some of this boils down to not all channel growth is good.  From a demographics perspective, channel growth isn’t good when you end up with bad people watching your videos.  In the case of my channel I’ve watched tech videos flatline and die routinely instead of actually getting a fair shot on YouTube.  Further investigation revealed that they were getting adblocked to death.  I actually dared to bring up the issue and people fired back with a boatload of prissy entitled millennial drama.  If Linus did the same thing he’d end up with the same result but with bigger numbers.  I don’t expect him to though – he wouldn’t put  his business on the line for that.

Regardless, once again, demographics is a question that public-facing anything has to answer.  Who do you want to attract?  Who do you want to repulse?  If you won’t answer those two questions then circumstance will answer it for you and you may not like the answer.  😦



YouTube Classic – Drakiyth777 Vs. World Of Memecraft

Once upon a time there was a channel run by a guy who did game reviews of goofy games other folks made in the various RPG Maker programs that have gone around the Internet over the years.  He then proceeded to boot up a game that made a hilarious joke out of just about every late 2000s meme out there…  😀

The Incredible iDell Pastichery

…what can I say?  Green Ham wandered into Dellasaurus territory last Summer.  😀  I couldn’t let that sort of thing go unanswered…  🙂

…but hey, at least I didn’t almost torch my Dellasaurus in the name of special effects…  😀

…and at least I didn’t raid Wii Sports for background music…  😀

In The Days Before Mukbang…

The Internet has been home to weird stuff for decades, even in the early days of “The Weird Wide Web.”  In our day and age, this hasn’t changed.  😀

Once upon a time, folks thought LuWiiGiMaster was weird for doing a YouTube video like this…  😛

Apparently now there’s this thing on YouTube where people literally make videos of them eating stuff and pretending the person on the other end of the screen is on the other end of the table.  This became a big thing in Korea, and its Korean name Mukbang is now the name for the whole genre worldwide.  😛

I just remember the days when it was rude to eat in front of other people.  😀

That’s YouTube though.  If folks want to watch stuff like this, there’s folks who upload stuff like this.  🙂

…and for those who wonder how the heck I originally found this video, I subbed to LuWiiGiMaster way back in the day when he successfully trolled the Retsupurae guys…  😀


“It Sounds Like A 90s Computer!!!” – Part 2

Once again we return to the bad old days of computers with no multimedia appeal.  No pizzazz.  No style.  Just something that looked like it belonged in an office even when at home – a far cry from today’s sleek Darth Vader style black towers or other form factors with HDMI out and enough horsepower to smoke all the video game consoles and relegate them to entry level status.

YouTube’s search algorithms have been much friendlier.  Check out the drone of fans constantly running at full speed and clacky clanky hard drives you can hear from across the room…  😛

Oh look.  There’s one now.  😛

“Help!!! Help!!!  2000s!!!  Save us!!!”  Welllllllllllllll…..  🙂

Yeah.  Even in the Windows 2000 era this crap was still going on.  Drony fans that always ran at full speed, hard drives that could wake a sleeping cat…  😛

Sometimes you would get lucky though and find a computer whose grindy drive made the machine sound like a coffee maker.  🙂

Want to know when you’ve found an old HP?  Hewlett Packard is still spelled out. 😀

Then there’s the classic “Tada!!!” sound from Windows 3.1, which was a way of saying, “Woohoo!  My computer finished booting!  What an accomplishment!”  😀

Here’s a machine that reminds me of the one the guy who inspired me to build my first system threw together in the Summer of 2002.  Check out that tiny exhaust fan…  😀

Right then.  What was this article about again?  Oh wait.  Here we go.  🙂

It never fails.  A look back at the bad old days makes me better appreciate the present.  Back to today’s computers.  🙂