Green Ham Gaming And Friends Fiddle Around With $100… :-P

$300 seems to be the magic number these days for today’s hardware in terms of gaming here in the US.  Once you get to that amount you’re within striking distance of either a console today or an entry level APU PC powered by a Kaveri or something to play decent games on medium.  Mr. Green Ham Gaming, however, has decided to indulge his usual “how low can you go” curiosities and see how the XBox 360 fares against a PC of equivalent cost (note:  I’m guessing their $100 price point is in Aussie Dollars, which would mean here in the States we’re talking a sub-$100 gaming PC lol) since it’s well known that gaming PCs scale up, but how much exactly do they scale down?  😀

Let’s just say that when I think of “smoking computers” I kind of think of something a little… different.  😛

As far as my thoughts on this are concerned, I think the big issue here is that dual cores are essentially dinosaurs at this point.  Quad-core has been the standard for multimedia stuff in more recent years and unlike consoles PC gaming doesn’t have fixed hardware generations so there’s more overlap… at least until you go back to the DOS days with games that ran in real mode lol.  Then again, that’s why DOSBox has that setting to slow down the execution of the code…  😛

Basically, if one still has a dual core, hopefully it’s a hyperthreading processor that does 4 threads with 2 cores like today’s low end chips will do.  A true dual core in this day and age is a blatant bottleneck.  Fortunately though if one is stuck with a rig like that blue smoking PC on the left there IS an upgrade path beginning with a guts upgrade to a quad core processor and motherboard in that same case.

That’s really where these “X-dollar console killer gaming PC” videos miss the point.  The whole point of homebrew PC manipulation is to be buying upgrades instead of whole new systems using one’s hardware pool to advance through an upgrade path.  That, however, is a totally different blog entry or rant video….  🙂  Hats off to Green Ham Gaming for this little experiment lol.  However if I wanted to do this in the states I’d consider an AMD Kabini or at least a Core 2 Quad system off of eBay…  😛


“Don’t Wanna Be Always Online – Stick With 360 Suckas!” :-P

Microsoft just doesn’t know where to stop.

Engadget – Xbox Chief:  We Have A Product For People Who Can’t Get Online, It’s Called Xbox 360

Seriously?  This is their answer to criticism over the “X-Bone” having to constantly check in with the mother ship?  Just stick with the old console, which by the way, is the oldest console of the previous bunch having first come out in 2005?!  The corporate hubris is strong with this one.

Nice to see that Sony and Microsoft have changed roles for this go-round, with Sony having eaten some tasty humble pie and changing their tune to be more consumer-friendly while Microsoft gets too pumped up on their previous machine’s successes.

The only problem here is,  both of these companies have spoken so far about the next console generation lasting about 10 years or so, so with the longest console generation ever planned coming up (as opposed to the more traditional 5-year cycles I grew up with) Microsoft could easily be setting themselves up for a bigger longer slice of humble pie than Sony had with the PS3, plus PS4 is cheaper and leaves any shenanigans on things like used games up to the game companies themselves rather than the hardware makers.

I mean, when it gets to the point where one company flat out starts trolling the other because of the other company’s bad decisions, something’s obviously dreadfully wrong for the company being trolled…  😛

XBox What? – The Saga Continues

The media of course has been buzzing lately over the XBox One reveal, and after hearing some arguments trying to give Microsoft a break here I decided to chime in yet again on the subject.  🙂

At least I know I’m not the only one who has trouble keeping this stuff brief with how long the Out of Continues episode talking about the “XBone Woof Woof” went.  🙂

Adam Sessler Vs. XBox What

So it’s quite well established at this point that Adam Sessler, always the controversial one, doesn’t entirely agree with those of us who are skeptical of the Xbox One.  In a recent Google+ chat though, he was able to elaborate more on the details of why he views things as he does regarding the console.

One thing I actually cheered at though.  This guy is the first Revision3er to blast the state of broadband in this country.  I’ve seen other hosts shy away from the issue or pretend there isn’t a problem, but he flat out blasted that industry for how they hold technology back in the name of money.  That I can definitely give him credit for.  🙂