Yay!!! Windows 8 Is Finally Bigger Than Vista!!! :-P

…at least as of July.  😀

Apple Insider – Windows 8 Install Base Surpasses Vista, Still Trails All Mac OS X Installs

Windows 7 and Windows XP still rule the OS install base world though… at least for now.  🙂  Still though, there are still more Macs than Win8 PCs?  That’s sad.  😛  Macs have been synonymous with “enthusiast products” for decades, yet still have a larger install base than the “latest greatest” version of Windows.  😛  Maybe next year….  😀


Xbox What? :-P

The Xbox One has been announced.  Yippee Skippee  I’m not getting it.  😛  I busted out the Nerd Rage on one of my radio style segments that one can listen to like talk radio.  😛

To not reinvent the wheel here, I’m thinking if by wild chance I decide to stop PC Gaming for a bit, I’d probably go PS4, but I’m thinking Ouya and whatever Steam hardware Valve comes out with rather than playing any consoles.  Heck, I barely even play my PS3 these days.  😛

Nice to see that Curse Entertainment kind of agrees with me on this, as their satirical response cranked the snarkiness up to 11.  😛

…and of course, the IBS roast of the Xbox One.

I’ll post other responses to the XBox One as they surface on YouTube, but I think it’s quite obvious at this point that the 2010s are turning into Microsoft’s Decade Of Failure.  Couple the nonsense of the Xbox One with Windows 8 still being less popular than Windows Vista, and Microsoft has clearly come a long way since Windows 7… in the wrong direction.  😛

Windows 8 – Gutless? Identity Crisis? Why Didn’t I See This Earlier? :-P

ExtremeTech apparently took shots at Windows 8 back when it launched.  I don’t know how I missed this.  😛


Ultimately, I think what’ll eventually happen is Windows 7 will become the new XP in terms of sticking around far longer than it should.  Quite frankly, what Microsoft could do in terms of backwards compatibility on the PC side of things is beef up Windows Virtual PC, then encourage people to buy the 64-bit version of Windows 7 of their choice and a 32-bit version of their choice for the sole purpose of creating a virtual machine for backwards compatibility after Windows XP’s support is pulled, since most incompatibilities from XP to Vista/7 come from the bit change rather than OS stuff from what I’ve seen.  I’ve recently revived regular video blogs on my YouTube channel for more relaxing discussions on things.  Maybe this would be a good thing to talk about.

I think ultimately when everything’s over, Windows 8 will be a great example of missed potential and Microsoft getting burned by finding out the hard way that not giving consumers choice makes them plenty mad.  You know you’ve messed up when the biggest way you sell an OS is by forcing people to buy it preinstalled on their new computers and then have to turn around and give them the option to downgrade their shiny new OS.  😛  Yup.  Here we go again.  Remember when people were downgrading from Vista back to XP years ago?  Now it’s from 8 back to 7 apparently.  😛


Maybe we’ll see better things from Microsoft when they decide to stop drinking so much Post PC Propaganda Kool-Aid.  😛

Microsoft, Oh Microsoft… :-P

So I recently completed my experiments with Windows 8, and my final verdict was that Win8 abandons traditional PCs too much and doesn’t display the level of being a jack of trades OS that runs on everything that Microsoft has pitched it as.  Well, never fear geek consumers, Microsoft has an answer to that.  They’re making a tablet to go along with the new OS.  😛



Heh.  The “Microsoft Surface” tablet, named after Microsoft’s attempt to bring something from Tron into real life back in 2007 with their “Surface” tabletop computer.  😀  The reason why it bugs me anytime Microsoft makes any hardware is rather simple.  Back in the Windows 9x days when Windows 95 and 98 crashed under normal everyday use us disgruntled PC geeks used to find consolation in the fact that “well at least Microsoft doesn’t actually make any computers.  Can you imagine how bad a Microsoft computer would be?”  😛

The world got its first taste of that with the X-Box 360 and the massive quality/RROD problems that basically made it a hardware equivalent of Windows 98 with how much the first runs of 360s broke under normal use, but that could be brushed off as “a gaming console rather than a computer.”

Well, the brushing off is over.  Now Microsoft is making an actual computer, not a game console.  Buckle your seat belts techies.  😛

…and for those who want to see my YouTube videos involving Windows 8’s consumer and release previews, here’s a link to the playlist.  😀


By the way, when I mention Win8 being supposedly a jack of trades OS, it’s a nod to this Steve Ballmer interview from awhile back.