Blast From The YouTube Past – Sarah Dussault’s “The Photoshop Effect” From 2008

Perhaps one of the biggest eye-openers for me on YouTube in the past several years was Sarah Dussault’s “The Photoshop Effect” series that she uploaded during her involvement with back in 2008.  I found out about these videos shortly after really getting into My Fitness Coach on the Wii.  Photo-editing may be an awesome technology (when one isn’t doing like I did back in high school where I made myself look like a space alien with 13 eyes) but it has its price, sometimes in severe emotional and psychological problems caused by naive people not knowing just what this technology can do or just how widespread it really is.  :-\

Today, Sarah is mostly known for her Sarah Fit channel on YouTube, and in light of this eye-opening issue that I was first alerted to over half a decade ago, I will be adding The Photoshop Effect as a category for when I find videos about the insane things being done in Photoshop.

…and for those who want to check out Sarah’s channel…  🙂