…Yeah. :-P About That “Ashley Madison Thing…” :-P

There were two reasons for me to hop on the microphone about this story.  I could either jump on the bandwagon with all the other folks chiming in on this, or I could chime in because there was a nerdy element to it somewhere…  😛

I chose the latter.  🙂  Here’s my commentary as well as other folks’ two cents from YouTube on this matter.  🙂

MultimediaJay RadioStyle:


The Archfiend:

The Young Turks:


Hak5 Threatwire:

Secular Talk:

The Folks At TWiT – Tech News Today:


Consumerist WCIA 2014 – Let The Fun Begin!!! :-)

Consumerist.com’s satirical parody of March Madness is officially underway.  This year I’m looking at being a lot more “omnichannel” with how I comment on the whole Worst Company In America thing, and have kicked off my WCIA commentary in my audio commentary series on YouTube.  🙂

Sadly though, my favorite for winning this contest this year – Verizon – probably won’t take home the Golden Poo, but a man can dream, right?  🙂

Fat-Shaming? Or Fit-Shaming?

The controversies with Maria Kang first came to my attention awhile back, and all I can say is, you can tell when someone has spoken some well-needed candor when people are getting enraged about it because the truth hurts.

The world needs more Maria Kangs, and someday I should get back into these recordings where I can work on my mad mic skills.  🙂

MultimediaJay “Radio” … GO!!! :-D

…because sometimes I have to scratch the audio commentary itch, plus I was looking to start a new audio commentary series to go along with the channel revamp.  🙂

Snazzy music is from the recently-launched YouTube Audio Library, which I hope will help me avoid any more stock track shenanigans like what I was running into earlier.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to cover as much news commentary with this series as someone like ReviewTechUSA.  🙂

The Paradox Of Electronic “Communications” and “Social” Media

Ever notice how despite our world being more wired than ever before, people still don’t want to keep in touch even though we have all this technology that makes it so easy?  I sure have, and that was my most recent topic when I hopped on the mic for my latest RadioStyle segment on YouTube.  😛

I mentioned some other videos too and decided to write up a companion blog entry for the video which will be linked in the video description on YouTube.  Here are links to some of the other videos I mentioned.  🙂

First, Brittney “Nikki” Cleary’s “I.M. Me” song, now on Vimeo, from the days when AIM ruled the world.  🙂

Then there’s “Social Media Revolution 2011”, a recent video where I first heard the idea back during Facebook’s heyday that with how unstoppable Facebook seemed before the IPO, Timeline, etc., that youngsters could easily consider e-mail to be old school.

Lastly, just for fun, here’s MySpace: The Movie and Facebook: The Movie.  🙂



Twinkiemageddon Is Royally Overblown

Ahhh the fun continues.  After now technically decades of Atkins diets (I first heard about it in the early 2000s) and all these fad diets I keep seeing people switching between, leave it to one single bankruptcy to bring legions of Americans back to going bonkers over junk food.

Yes I’m talking about the Hostess liquidation again – and so is everybody else.  😛  Daytime TV, morning shows, evening newscasters, political pundits, the works.  All this talk about America’s obesity epidemic and how we need to quit being so fat and we should tax junk food and then what do you know?  Hostess goes under and everyone suddenly is like, “OH NO!!!!! HOARD THE HO-HOS!!!”  😛

Quite frankly, I think this is all completely overblown.  The world’s not ending because Twinkies are vanishing off store shelves and being gouged around on eBay for outrageous sums of money for a snack cake with a rather short shelf life.  😛  I was originally going to do a RadioStyle segment on this, but this is once again one of those times where a blog entry will work far better than any YouTube video, especially with how quickly this story continues to develop.

First, Twinkies haven’t vanished and aren’t going to vanish – only the Hostess ones made in the US.  Actually up in Canada Vachon Inc. has the rights to make Twinkies and whatnot so assuming the liquidation doesn’t mess that up maybe Twinkies can end up as some kind of imported snack treat here in the States until someone else buys the rights to make them in the US again and gets all of that fired back up.

That’s not to say our Twinkies need to be imported.  A quick trip to Wikipedia reveals a pretty interesting table of how other brands make similar items to just about everything that Hostess made, perhaps part of the reason why Hostess is no longer with us with customers watching their health a bit more and more competition eating up the remaining snack cake market.  😛  Let’s take a look at some alternatives to Hostess stuff.  🙂

Hmmm….  I’m noticing a pattern here….  :o)  Unfortunately, I still need to do more digging to find an alternative for Sno Balls.  =(

Well then, I suppose the folks at McKee Foods will enjoy the boost to their business then.  😀

Yeah, this panic is utterly uncalled for, and unless there really are that many suckers out there who’d pay top dollar for a box of Twinkies on eBay, it’ll be fun seeing just how many of these hoarding price-gougers end up eating their boxes and boxes of snack cakes that they unnecessarily hoarded up to try to gouge people with.  😀

One last levelheaded article on this brouhaha for the road….  😛