LOLRadioRedundancy :-D

“The WPRO Morning News with Tara Granahan and Andrew Gobeil, exclusively on News Talk 630 WPRO and 99.7 FM.”

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo really?  The name of the show only has the call letters of the station in it.  You think it’s going to be an exclusive show?  😀

Good ol’ Radio lol.  😀

Radio Locator – Long Time No See :-)

This goes way back to my college radio days, but I remember one time I was chatting with the program director about some stuff and he showed me this site on his laptop.  It’s basically a database of information about radio stations including coverage maps.  I remember him joking about how ours was wrong at the time because whoever configured our broadcast antenna messed up and rigged it so the darn thing shot about 80% of the signal straight down into the building it was on top of.  😛

I’ve added this to the Tech Links menu up top.  Should be a handy tool to have if you ever want to look up what should come in where and how well various stations should come in.  🙂

Note:  Coverage Maps might be a little tricky as some listings bounce straight over to the radio station’s site.  Typing the call letters and coverage map into Google can get around that though.  🙂

Rush Limbaugh On “How Talk Radio Works”

HA!  Indeed!!!  😀

The funny part was, after I get done with this MultimediaJay RadioStyle series about Parenting and the Internet one of the topics I’ve been tossing around is a discussion of the For-Profit Trolls that YouTube inadvertently encouraged when they introduced their montetization plans.  Looks like antagonistic talk radio hosts may have some things in common with them too.  I’ll keep that in mind whenever I finally get around to the For Profit Trolls discussion.  😛

Battle Of The News Teams!!! :-)

There’s practically a war of investigative journalism teams going on with the local Connecticut TV stations.  When I saw that I was like, “Is it sweeps time or something?”  Sure enough…..  🙂

Wikipedia – Nielsen Ratings

Well, what do you know, it is.  🙂  February Sweeps time is going on so expect TV stations to do even more to get you to watch than usual.  🙂  In any event, about those news stories….  🙂

NBC Connecticut – Dirty Ice

This is huge.  Of all the places you’d expect restaurants to have to watch for food safety, how often does ANYONE think of the darn ice?!  😛  Fortunately I usually skip the ice in most restaurants because I’m a cheap son of a [ahem :-P] who’s had WAY too many beverages watered down to heck by fast food clerks who make your drinks 80% ice and 20% drink.  Definitely something worth bringing to folks’ attention every so often.

WFSB – Is Your Teen A Victim Of Sextortion?

This by far is the winner from “The Land Of The 3.”  I’d say the biggest problem I have with this story would be if the ‘FSB I-Team was deliberately waiting until sweeps time to break this story.  This is HUGE for parents what with all the problems minors are having on the Internet these days between this stuff and cyberbullying.  There’s a LOT that our young people are dealing with nowadays that even guys like me who are breaking The Big 3-0 asunder next month didn’t have to deal with.

I was planning on making my next RadioStyle segment about Dynamic Range Compression and the music world’s Loudness War, but this bumps that completely off the list.  I definitely have to chime in on this because so many parents out there aren’t big tech nerds like me and may be as completely in the dark about this kind of stuff as their kids are.  More on this later over on the YouTube channel – definitely.  =-O