Headset Mics Should Be Anathema In The AV World

Lately I’ve been utterly furious with how Play Some Schtuff has been whenever I can’t use my Blue Yeti, like when recording console games, the most recent example being my quick video on Endless Ocean, easily one of my most boring videos ever.  >:-(

Endless Ocean in and of itself is a “boring” relaxing game that one can easily unwind with after a long hard day, similar to Flower on the PS3.  Then on top of the game’s inherent “Relax Trax” look and feel, my obnoxious headset mic, despite being a Sennheiser, made me sound like I was about to nod off.  The way this mic is, unless I’m trying to be the next UrinatingTree or something and do something like this…

…a headset mic will make me sound like I’m about to fall asleep and take a few fellow awake human beings with me.  😛  I’m not the only one who’s noticed this annoying issue either.  Armake21 really lowered the boom on this issue earlier.

Funny he mentioned “premium headsets.”  Reminded me of Kitchen Nightmares one time when Gordon Ramsay bashed the ridiculous idea of “gourmet nachos.”  😛  Either way, I wasn’t about to take this little technical hitch lying down.  I got my revenge, by getting a new table stand for my old pre-Yeti microphone that did all the Play Some Schtuff videos in years past.  >:-)

…then again, it’s my own fault for bothering with these headset mics in the first place.  I did do a vlog back in 2011 comparing the sound quality of various types of microphones.

I think ultimately what has gone on here is that headset mics aren’t known for their great quality, even when advertised as “deluxe gaming headsets.”  Outside of Ventrilo and heavily-compressed realtime communications that aren’t supposed to interfere bandwidthwise with online gaming, the quality of what one can upload to YouTube these days has caught up with headset mics.  It’s like all those people back in the day who used the video feature on their digital cameras for their YouTube videos.  As YouTube got better, the low quality stood out more and more, and today, HD digital and smartphone cameras and their wobbly CMOS sensors have made it pretty much a necessity to have a real camcorder even for SD videos with how low-end cameras are almost-all CMOS these days instead of CCD.

Headset mics have gone the same route.  Maybe in 2007 on a 100 MB max upload one could use their gaming headset they had lying around from their last round of Counter Strike, but not on today’s YouTube with what one can upload today (like those people who love pushing YouTube’s limits with those 10-hour loop videos lol).  I think it’s safe to say that myself and Armake shouldn’t be the only ones retiring our headset mics for good.  How about we close this entry with one last headset mic frustration video for the road.  🙂


“She Said Schtuff. Huh Huh Huh. She Said Schtuff.” :-P

Felicia Day posted an unboxing video of the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition on YouTube yesterday.  🙂

Ha ha she said schtuff.  😀 (0:35)  Kind of goes well with my recent relaunch of Play Some Schtuff, my old gaming video series on YouTube.  Then again, I can’t say I came up with that word or anything lol since I first heard it from some other folks.  😛

Better her than me.  I’d be tempted to say, “IT’S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME TO OPEN SOME SCHTUFF!!!”  😀

Right.  Guild Wars 2 comes out in 20 more days (17 for folks like me who pre-ordered).  Hmmmmm….  Back to trying to find something to do until the game launches.  😀

“Play Some Schtuff – Skyrim?”

I’ve been deliberately blowing off making any commentary videos about Skyrim because of one simple fact – Skyrim was a rush job.

As much as Elder Scrolls fanboys may scream and holler about this assertion, simply playing through the game reveals so many bugs and quirky things that one can’t help but wonder if Todd Howard and his folks were a tad too obsessed with releasing the game on 11/11/11.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that Skyrim’s a bad game, since an Elder Scrolls rush job is probably still better than some crappy games are at their final version.  😛  It’s just that I’m sick and tired of Bethesda making Elder Scrolls games that foster such a love-hate relationship between the game and its playerbase.  Morrowind had stability problems on the PC, even without installing mods.  Oblivion had the same problem, though less frequent.  Skyrim still has some crashes to the desktop yet despite all the good things in it, there’s just so many ugly things that should’ve been polished up before release that it’s definitely a diamond-in-the-rough.

One only has to look at all these major patches that have come out and the Creation Kit not being ready at launch, plus notable problems on all three platforms to see that Skyrim should’ve been delayed.  Next time I see a game with a gimmicky release date I’m going to deliberately skip that game until at least several months later, which is what I should have done here.

I’ve also been waiting for the release of the Creation Kit, since the replay value of both Morrowind and Oblivion was bolstered by the massive amounts of mods people were making, so it also wouldn’t be fair for me to say anything about Skyrim when the only mods available are silly file replacements and whatnot instead of real plugins like the previous games enjoyed.  Hopefully Bethesda gets everything done and polished up with Patch 1.4.  I’d like to make more videos about Skyrim than that silly mashup I did because various parts of Skyrim reminded me of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.  😀

In the meantime, here’s their latest update.  🙂  I would say “hurry up Bethesda,” but hurrying up is why the game’s in the state it’s in, so I’ll just wait until they get it all done in their own good time.  🙂