YouTube Classic – Drakiyth777 Vs. World Of Memecraft

Once upon a time there was a channel run by a guy who did game reviews of goofy games other folks made in the various RPG Maker programs that have gone around the Internet over the years.  He then proceeded to boot up a game that made a hilarious joke out of just about every late 2000s meme out there…  😀


The Incredible iDell Pastichery

…what can I say?  Green Ham wandered into Dellasaurus territory last Summer.  😀  I couldn’t let that sort of thing go unanswered…  🙂

…but hey, at least I didn’t almost torch my Dellasaurus in the name of special effects…  😀

…and at least I didn’t raid Wii Sports for background music…  😀

YouTuber Spotlight – Green Ham Gaming

Grab yourself a cup of tea, or a beer if that’s more your thing, because it’s time to talk about a YouTuber whose style of tech videos could make anyone do a double take.  🙂

In the few times I get related to other YouTubers, it’s usually either Druaga1 or Green Ham Gaming.  Most likely this is due to the casual “over the shoulder” style that I employ when tinkering with technology.  The idea is to create a virtual version of going over someone’s house and watching them tinker with something – something I’ve seen other YouTubers do with computers, cars, shopping trip “hauls”, you name it.  🙂

Trivia Alert – In my Playoutsideland spoof skit from 2012 I referenced going over a friend’s house being something you did on the Internet.  There’s a lot that this joke references.  Playstation Home at the time, Minecraft, Second Life, ActiveWorlds, perhaps YouTube videos as well…  😀  Right.  Let’s talk about Green Ham.  🙂

Tim James from Green Ham Gaming takes my tech video style and throws it completely in reverse (should I expect that because he’s from Australia?  😀 ).  Instead of casual film-first-ask-questions-later basically creating a more casual “go over a friend’s house and watch them mess with tech toys” approach he actually does a more narration-driven and cinematic type of video where if I wanted to try that myself I would record the narration into the video editing software first and then add clips later.  I’ve tried that a few times, though with how he seems to be inspiring some tech folks to try this themselves maybe I should join the fun.  😀

What First Got Me Watchin’:

This one’s an easy one.  I blogged about one of his videos shortly after discovering his channel in mid-2015 and did a RadioStyle podcast too – both regarding this video thingie…  😀

The rationale was simple.  I had recently tinkered with a Dell Optiplex 760 that I was taking from one building at the 925 to another and wondered if one could take a Core 2 Dell box and put a small GPU in it to make it into a gaming console.  I wouldn’t do that these days though unless I knew I could swap in an SFX power supply if the Dell “tube supply” ever died.  😦  I’m not in the business of getting snookered by proprietary nonsense anymore.  😦

Green Ham Gaming Today:

It’s little wonder folks relate me to Green Ham so much.  Mr. James has pet names for his systems, likes to make old computers dance, and has a gaming and multimedia focus on the computer tinkering that he does.  I don’t know if I should take that as a hint that folks might want more narration-driven content from me or not, but I might consider it when we’re not getting snowstorms every 3 days here in New England…  🙂

Shortly after seeing his console killer I also blogged about his little showdown between a $100 PC and an XBox 360…  🙂

…and yes he has this thing for smoking computers…  😀

Also worth noting – while I’ve been pondering something more along the lines of his style, the reverse has already happened.  Tell me if this seems familiar…  🙂

…and of course how could we forget The Incredible i5 Dell, perhaps the inspiration for my next Dellasaurus.  😀

Not to say he doesn’t already have a Dellasaurus…  😀

…or another Dellasaurus…  😀

…actually wait.  He seems to have a collection of them.  😀

… and a Gateway?

The fun thing is that it mostly doesn’t matter what order I paste these in.  A lot of the Green Ham videos are not all that time sensitive, so like other binge-watch-friendly channels one can easily bounce around through the back catalog until they’ve finally watched it all.

It is in light of this fact that I openly invite you to zip over there and start bouncing around the back catalog.  However, because this is a blog entry about Green Ham Gaming we owe it to ourselves to end with Shenmue’s Tomato Convenience Store theme again…  😀

Where Are The Greenmarks?!!  😀

Rawr Rawr Refurb Gamerz!!! :-P

I probably should have posted this BEFORE hopping on the mic about how Intel has become its own worst enemy.  Nevertheless, we continue.  🙂

One of my key points in response to AdoredTV’s similar discussion on how things have been at Intel lately is that Intel’s largest competitor in terms of whether folks like myself buy their latest and greatest has become Intel itself.  While AMD is getting people excited over Ryzen, Intel’s lack of exciting products (Kaby Lake anyone?) ultimately eliminates the concentrated coolness of building a new Intel system when Skylake and Haswell are still out and about, and if you want to be adventurous, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge via refurbs.  There are some YouTubers like JERMGaming with his Potato Masher project and Green Ham’s Classic i7 Dell that are even trying out the original generation Core I chips with today’s GPUs and games, but at the very least I’d recommend that folks stick to chips with TDPs under 100W.  🙂

Still though, whether you call this the “Cult Of Sandy Bridge” or “Hardcore Sandy Bridge Gamers” the viability of today’s refurb market would most certainly have posed a threat to Intel even if the Ryzen was never a thing, especially this day and age when OEMs use fear tactics to pressure technophobe organizations and companies to buy new computers every few years.  (“Oh noes!  You might have to swap a part!  Pay us instead of paying for that part!!!”  😛 )

Interestingly enough though it seems the folks on YouTube getting into this stuff have a fondness for the Sandy Bridge i5.  If I get in on this with a new Dellasaurus later this year I’ll seek out a Dell Optiplex i7 Sandy Bridge tower.  🙂

Here’s some of the folks already involved in this new retro scene!  😀

Green Ham Gaming – The Incredible i5 Dell – Sandy Bridge i5 2400

Tech By Matt – BEST $200 Gaming PC! (2016) – Sandy Bridge i5 2400

EscoTech – Dell Optiplex 990 With GTX 960 – Sandy Bridge i5 2400

Steven Reviews – $360 Console Smasher – Sandy Bridge i5 2400

Notice a pattern here?  Seems like the Sandy Bridge i5 is the processor of choice for these things.  Makes me wonder what the Sandy Bridge i7 can do with hyperthreading…  😀

Let’s finish this up with two songs.  Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy and the Tomato Convenience Store theme from Shenmue, one of Green Ham’s favorites apparently.  🙂

I Wasn’t Letting Salazar Get Away With It…

Oh look.  Playing the satire card.

…he wasn’t getting away with it though.

…because none of this changes that his argument has already had the rug pulled out from under it by a far better YouTuber even if JERM has less of everything (subs, views, etc., the black hole of YouTube as usual).

Green Ham Gaming And Friends Fiddle Around With $100… :-P

$300 seems to be the magic number these days for today’s hardware in terms of gaming here in the US.  Once you get to that amount you’re within striking distance of either a console today or an entry level APU PC powered by a Kaveri or something to play decent games on medium.  Mr. Green Ham Gaming, however, has decided to indulge his usual “how low can you go” curiosities and see how the XBox 360 fares against a PC of equivalent cost (note:  I’m guessing their $100 price point is in Aussie Dollars, which would mean here in the States we’re talking a sub-$100 gaming PC lol) since it’s well known that gaming PCs scale up, but how much exactly do they scale down?  😀

Let’s just say that when I think of “smoking computers” I kind of think of something a little… different.  😛

As far as my thoughts on this are concerned, I think the big issue here is that dual cores are essentially dinosaurs at this point.  Quad-core has been the standard for multimedia stuff in more recent years and unlike consoles PC gaming doesn’t have fixed hardware generations so there’s more overlap… at least until you go back to the DOS days with games that ran in real mode lol.  Then again, that’s why DOSBox has that setting to slow down the execution of the code…  😛

Basically, if one still has a dual core, hopefully it’s a hyperthreading processor that does 4 threads with 2 cores like today’s low end chips will do.  A true dual core in this day and age is a blatant bottleneck.  Fortunately though if one is stuck with a rig like that blue smoking PC on the left there IS an upgrade path beginning with a guts upgrade to a quad core processor and motherboard in that same case.

That’s really where these “X-dollar console killer gaming PC” videos miss the point.  The whole point of homebrew PC manipulation is to be buying upgrades instead of whole new systems using one’s hardware pool to advance through an upgrade path.  That, however, is a totally different blog entry or rant video….  🙂  Hats off to Green Ham Gaming for this little experiment lol.  However if I wanted to do this in the states I’d consider an AMD Kabini or at least a Core 2 Quad system off of eBay…  😛