Out Of Continues Episode 196 – Pin-holing The Legion Baby!!!

Out Of Continues Episode 196 has posted in various formats over on the Out Of Continues website.  Tune in to listen to perhaps what could be my token show of 2015…  😀


The main discussion includes some mention of World Of Warcraft: Legion, the most recently-announced WoW Expansion, but only insomuch as a means to an end in order to discuss Metagaming – the disturbing trend in video games these days where gamers are disproportionately affected by stuff outside the games they play and it taints their experience in-game.

Clarity-wise, without a doubt the properly-polished MP3 Version is probably the best-sounding Out Of Continues I’ve ever heard, and my contributed audio has the same filters as MultimediaJay RadioStyle this go-round, but it has zero sound stage whatsoever.  =-O  The dialogue is about as pinhole mono as it gets, probably to keep the file size down.  If your audio system has a chorus function or a way of spreading out the sound so it doesn’t all come from your center channel it would probably significantly improve the listening experience to cut your system down into stereo mode or “more spread out” mode to spread out the audio.  😀

The opening is blasting in awesome stereo, but when you have everything coming out the center channel afterwards, that’s the time to make the switch.  🙂


Dear Internet Contrarians, It IS Gamers’ Fault If They Keep Playing Into Gaming Industry Shenanigans!!!

There are people on the Internet who like disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing.  The results vary from people getting mad to stuff that’s far worse, but it really gets annoying for someone like me when people start disagreeing on purpose just to draw traffic to their website or social media pages regarding the nonsense that’s been going on for years in the gaming industry.

My Latest “PasticheTechUSA” Discussion On The Matter:

The Kotaku Article That Inspired It:


The Contrarian Nonsense I Was Responding To:

The Red Dragon’s Original Video:

IcyRhythms/FailedToListen’s Response:

ReviewTechUSA Being A Little Late To The Party:

The Far Superior Discussion From 2013:

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Out Of Continues Episode 18 – My Earlier Discussion On “Beta On Release” From 2012:


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Out Of Continues Episode 154 – REALLY Regarding Retrogaming Ruining Ripoff Resellers

Hope that’s enough R’s for ya.  🙂  My over-a-year-long drought from guest appearances on Out Of Continues finally ended with my first show on their new format via Google+, or in my case, the token Google+ page I’m forced to have because of YouTube.  😛

I decided on a Secondhand Schmecondhand type topic since my vlog on Retrogame Ruining Ripoff Resellers from last Summer was a little off topic and didn’t really address the problem properly enough.  I have a rant series planned, but for now, the Out Of Continues crowd will hear it first.  🙂

Here’s to hoping I’m actually invited back onto the show sometime before October 2015.  😀

UPDATE – 10/27/2014:

…and for those looking for the Blog/MP3 link…  🙂

Out Of Continues Episode 95 – Guild Wars 2: One Year Later

Finally after a decent hiatus (May to September if that counts  :-P) I’ve returned to Out Of Continues to discuss the one-year anniversary of Guild Wars 2.  This was easily one of our best shows ever.  My new broadband modem probably had something to do with that, since my previous modem pre-dated the whole Skype era and whatnot, but for the most part as far as ISP issues our ISPs did much better than in many previous recordings, though I still wonder why it needs to be a challenge at all to do audio over the Internet like this.  😛


No YouTube link unfortunately, but if Stafa wanted to can the YouTube uploads of the podcast I can see why.  YouTube is such a feast or famine website these days that if a channel isn’t being explicitly promoted, it’s usually being explicitly buried.  Plus with Stafa’s podcast lengths approaching that of a radio show (like we did here), and the fact that he didn’t do like me with RadioStyle and cut the “video” quality all the way down to save on bandwidth, ultimately I can see where he might think that continuing to post the show on YouTube would be a waste of bandwidth, especially when the last one he posted has gotten a grand total of 9 views in three months.  😛

Yeah.  Podcasting blows away YouTubing these days.  Click the link above and enjoy the show.  🙂

Out Of Continues Episode 75 – a.k.a. The Gabe Newell Special

Looks like both of our ISPs conspired to cut me off with the Skype call this time around, and AT&T even disconnected me from the call once.  Just more egg on the broadband industry’s face that in the year 2013 a simple audio recording over the Internet still has to be an ordeal.  😛  Anyhoo, here’s the show.

…or for the YouTube-averse…  😀


I jokingly call this “The Gabe Newell Special” because the entire main discussion is based on Gabe Newell’s keynote speech from DICE this year, particularly the hardware part where he talks about emerging technologies that’ll help PC Gaming come back even more from the mess that it was in several years ago before Steam took off plus the mess PCs are in now

Since this show, I’ve played around with some primitive in-home streaming over my somewhat dated G Network.  I’m now curious what I’ll be able to do after upgrading to 802.11n on the cheap.  Hmmm….  🙂

Let’s just say that Gabe Newell is definitely a free-thinking maverick on this sort of stuff.  I was reading about all this “Death Of The PC” “Post PC” “PCmageddon” stuff and his speech made for a great counter to all of that.

Gabe Newell Has The Right Idea

Awhile back I ran into this keynote speech that Gabe Newell gave at the DICE Summit earlier this year.  It really got me rethinking some of the things like PC vs. Consoles and the whole “Post PC” thing after hearing some of his points. I can see what Stafa from Out Of Continues likes this guy so much.

Now I just have to get around to beating Portal and playing more Steam games.  🙂  I’ll definitely be doing more with this speech later on.  🙂