Teens Vs. MarioKart 64. Uhhhhhh…..

Definitely a generation gap going on here…  😛

Then again, it might just be good old-fashioned getting old too.  I was wondering how these teens could possibly be this bad at something they could easily have on the Wii U Virtual Console, but then again, maybe they don’t play these types of games, or any games at all.  Plus as teenagers in the mid-2010s they have absolutely NO chance of being contemporary to this mid-1990s game (yes it was that long ago, lest we forget  :-P).

Or maybe we can blame the weird N64 controller…  😀


Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Two Songs About Bears – Nearly A Century Apart

I was poking around on Archive.org when I stumbled upon a really old recording that rang a bell with something not-so “really old.”  😛

This is probably the single biggest time difference between any set of two songs that I’ve ever posted in this series.  😀

First, The Teddy Bear’s Picnic, a song which in this YouTube video is from 1932 but the version on Archive.Org that I was listening to was from 1908.  😛

…and now… this theme… from a game released in 1998.  😉

…and that’s a 90-year difference here lol.  Wonder if I can beat this new record anytime soon…  😀

World’s Largest Gaming Memorabilia Collection Eh? :-P

Sooooo…..  Guinness World Records’ winner for the largest gaming MEMORABILIA collection.  This is pretty big because it’s a huge collection of gaming-related stuff that isn’t actual games.  It definitely takes some serious dedication (in this case apparently to Nintendo, Mario, and Super Mario Bros. 3) to be THIS much of a packrat with la-la collectible items related to marketing games rather than the games themselves.  🙂

Neat though.  Considering I ate the Nintendo Cereal back in the day and went nuts when I couldn’t collect all the McDonalds Mario 3 Happy Meal Toys back then, I’d say it’s nice that this guy has amassed such a collection.  😀

Ashens Takes On The Wii U

I’ve certainly done enough Ashens parodies over the past several weeks on my channel lately.  Might as well respond to one of his videos too, especially since the good doctor has taken on the recently-released Wii U and given it his signature “Popstation sofa treatment.”  🙂

After seeing this video, I can honestly say that it looks like I had the right idea with this gaming box.  My plan was to get the Wii U after a price drop or two or a major system update, or at least after the holiday rush that’s currently going on, kind of like my Wii which I randomly wandered into a store and picked up in February of 2007 after “nobody could find it” during the 2006 holiday rush.  😛

Seriously, is the interface REALLY that slow?  Does it really take THAT LONG to go back to the main menu from a game?  Even the original Wii is faster than that I think.  I really think the Wii U so far is serving well as a caricature of the very things that have plagued console gaming in recent years.  Nintendo was the last holdout in the “keep gaming about games” mentality and some of the simple fun that could be had on the Wii was very reminiscent of Atari games where gaming was simply something you could do for a bit in the evening after a long day’s work instead of what we have today where titles have nearly film-sized budgets and have so much presentation and backstory that you almost can’t play multiple games at once anymore because if you spend too much time away from a game you have to practically re-learn what was going on when you pick it back up.

Today though – forget it.  Here comes the Wii U, Nintendo’s long-delayed entry into the last generation of console gaming’s “Hi-Def Everything Box” market that console gaming has devolved to these days.  :-\  Better late than never I suppose.  😛  It has a little of everything though.  Games, computer stuff, internet, long system updates, the need for additional storage media, some kind of gimmicky hardware controller thingie.  You know, those things that make console gaming these days pretty much PC Gaming only worse?  😛

The one thing that Ashens totally missed in this video was he should’ve put dialup modem sounds into the video during those wait times.  Seriously.  Nintendo didn’t learn their lesson with the horrendous online features of some of the Wii’s titles like Smash Bros. Brawl?  You know.  That game where signing in to play online was like dialing in to AOL back in the 1990s even though this was a console running on broadband in the 2000s back when the game came out?  Heck, that game even mimicked the random disconnects of dialup internet well too with all the times I was abruptly disconnected from online matches.  😛

Then of course there’s the inferior ports of games already out on other platforms like the PS3.  Seriously now.  This was supposed to be the console that brought Nintendo back to the mainstream instead of continuing their downward spiral of making overglorified “Mario boxes” for their first party titles, but hey, at least THIS time around I can play Mario, Zelda, and Metroid in HD.  😛

There are many out there who’ve already written off the Wii U as “Nintendo’s Dreamcast”, especially with new Sony and Microsoft consoles coming out, plus more indie-friendly boxes like the Ouya and the recently-confirmed Steam box.  Until these load time issues and interface issues get ironed out, this sort of stuff isn’t going to help that any.  :-\

But…. at least Ashens has come a long way from picking apart the Vii on his sofa.  😀

December 2012 = Nintendo Power’s Last Issue

From Ars Technica:


Can’t say I’m surprised in any way shape or form.  Nintendo Power isn’t exempt from the massive disruption of print media that’s been caused by the Internet (*cough cough*GameFAQs*cough cough*), plus non-news entertainment print media subscriptions of course require disposable income which people have even less of these days.  Add that to Nintendo’s idiot decisions over the past 15 years that ended their dominance of gaming as we knew it and it’s pretty obvious the monolith that was Nintendo Power magazine’s days were numbered.  Heck, I almost forgot the magazine even existed until the AVGN did a show on it, but even that was nearly 5 years ago back in September of 2007.  😛

What Nintendo really should do is follow in the footsteps of other print publications that nearly got destroyed by the Internet, take back control of the magazine from Future Publishing and make it web-based.  NintendoPower.com already exists.  Maybe change the site into a Nintendo portal of sorts similar to Gamespot and IGN.  I’m sure some folks would probably add that site to their Favorites lists if that ever happened, but given this company has a long and established reputation for dragging its feet on numerous technical advances over the past two decades, such as optical disc media, crossover console capabilities like being able to play DVDs , Blu-Rays, etc. (including the Wii-U), HD graphics,  a REAL online multiplayer system that doesn’t feel like dialup over broadband (Smash Bros. Brawl anyone?), or even a modernized online account system of any sort (*cough cough* LOLfriendcodes *cough cough*) I’m not holding my breath for them to save Nintendo Power either.  😛

So….. Even if the world doesn’t end in December, Nintendo Power will.  Wow this year’s been pretty pathetic.  😛  Anyhoo.  🙂