The Paradox Of Electronic “Communications” and “Social” Media

Ever notice how despite our world being more wired than ever before, people still don’t want to keep in touch even though we have all this technology that makes it so easy?  I sure have, and that was my most recent topic when I hopped on the mic for my latest RadioStyle segment on YouTube.  😛

I mentioned some other videos too and decided to write up a companion blog entry for the video which will be linked in the video description on YouTube.  Here are links to some of the other videos I mentioned.  🙂

First, Brittney “Nikki” Cleary’s “I.M. Me” song, now on Vimeo, from the days when AIM ruled the world.  🙂

Then there’s “Social Media Revolution 2011”, a recent video where I first heard the idea back during Facebook’s heyday that with how unstoppable Facebook seemed before the IPO, Timeline, etc., that youngsters could easily consider e-mail to be old school.

Lastly, just for fun, here’s MySpace: The Movie and Facebook: The Movie.  🙂




More MySpace eJukebox Progress

Some good news on the MySpace reinvention and relaunch front.  The service is expected to announce one million new users and they’ve ended up in the news yet again.  🙂

The Consumerist – MySpace Suddenly Adding More Users Than It’s Losing

New York Times – MySpace To Announce One Million New Users

To be fair, MySpace as a music portal is nothing new.  One of the desperation moves the service did during the Bad Old Days of the News Corp Death Spiral was to sign licensing deals to host ad-supported music online.  Before MySpace hit the dirt I actually was using that site only for music as Facebook took off.  What the new leadership is essentially doing is taking a side-effect of the licensing deals and making it into the site’s new main purpose, along with the MySpace TV stuff they’ve been talking about.  If they can pull this off it’ll be a good thing.  One of the ways MySpace can acknowledge the changing times is by not trying to regain its former glory as the social media master of the universe.  Besides, who would want colorblind 1990s-website-inspired MySpace pages to come back – ever?  🙂

In the recent argument over SOPA/PIPA, one point that I heard regarding piracy was that piracy was ultimately a service problem more than something that was always malicious, so providing good service and decent prices makes for a great deterrent to piracy.  iTunes sure showed us that lesson in spades.  I remember the pre-iTunes days of CDs that *NEVER* sold for less than $18.98 in all the stores.  Yes, I still remember the price ice cold all these years later because it was so common.  Heck, during the Napster scandals I remember online Flash cartoons lampooning that price because that’s how widespread it was.  Then came iTunes with songs for 99 cents apiece.  From what I’ve heard the industry hated that price point, but it took off like a rocket when they finally gave it a chance. Nowadays I’ll bet some folks will call me old-fashioned because I actually still buy CDs since CDs have become sooooo ’90s.  😛

What the eWorld really could use is an audio version of YouTube.  I know if there were ever an audio-only equivalent of YouTube I’d move the RadioStyle series over there in a heartbeat and start a formal audio podcast there.  I’ve seen a few sites try to do that, but nothing all that exciting.  Seriously, I’m not even close to the only person on YouTube who occasionally uploads small quick videos that consist of images layered over an audio track.  That could really fill a void in the social media DIY Media Empire online universe.  😛

We’ll have to see what MySpace does with their new business model.  I particularly like the line in the Times article that said that the new focus of MySpace “was not to compete with Facebook as a social network, but to be the conduit for music and other forms of entertainment that can be shared through other networks.”  Yes.  That’s HUGE.  That would make them a music equivalent of YouTube with people posting songs on all their profiles similar to Facebookers posting YouTube videos all over the place.  I could definitely see that working.

For now though, the new management at MySpace would do well to finish cleaning up all the bugs left over from the Death Spiral days before they really start marketing the New MySpace all over the place.  Even in its prime I could count on MySpace to regularly crash when I went to do something, like have uploading photos lock up when I tried to upload a photo, etc.  If they can iron that out it’ll actually be an improvement over the old MySpace that’s long overdue.  🙂

Meanwhile On MySpace… :-P

Yeah.  Remember them?  😀  MySpace has been making the news lately because Justin Timberlake and a bunch of investors want to bring… uhhh…..  it back.  🙂

Well…. it’s their money….. so best of luck to them.  😀  Still though I couldn’t help but think about the current fuss on YouTube about Profiles version 3.  Here I was talking about websites needing to keep up with the times and lo and behold MySpace is the perfect example of a site that didn’t.

MySpace was pretty much THE social networking site in the mid-2000s, but as Web 2.0 stuff evolved MySpace didn’t evolve with it, so Facebook stole the show by the end of the 2000s.  MySpace was pretty much the last bastion of ugly Web 1.0 pages that screamed that someone with zero aesthetic sense learned a little bit of HTML and was trying their darnedest to become a web developer with it.  😛   You know … those archaic dialup-friendly pages that look like word documents in a web browser with Times New Roman font, frames, animated gifs, cartoony unpolished visuals, autoplaying MIDIs etc.?  This dancing animated GIFs page should be a real good example.  😀

Not to bring back bad memories of the “colorblind MySpace” days for anyone, but that stuff was still going on until MySpace began its big decline, then after News Corp bought them out the style changed and all the clutter was cleaned up, but the buggy mess turned out to be too little too late compared to how Facebook was developing.  The biggest thing I remember about MySpace even during its prime was how crash-happy it was.  If I wanted to do something quickly before calling it a night, the site would lag.  Sometimes when I went to do something I’d get regular errors and have to keep trying to get anything done.  MySpace’s current form is practically a caricature of that with all the bugs and crashes.  😛  I’ve been trying to clean up everything from my old profile because I never use it anymore and have been trying for literally years to clear my profile pictures.  Still getting errors.  😛

If Timberlake & Co. can revamp the site as a media portal that’ll be pretty neat.  I basically only go there for music these days anyways because they have all these licenses to stream music, but first they have to clear out all the bugs.

Meanwhile, YouTube channel pages on March 1st will all sport the rather-polished look of a lot of Google’s pages these days, which helps with Google’s aesthetic consistency overall.  They have the looks down pat, but now we need to see some practicality somewhere in all this.  🙂

Links: – Murdoch On MySpace: “We Screwed Up In Every Way Possible.”