100 Hours Later… :-)

I’ve dotted the end of the sentence on 2 nearly-50-hour work weeks in the offline world.  Work Sleep Work Sleep Work Sleep.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…  🙂

Numbers are in for the first paycheck from one of these really long weeks too.  It’s cool to have some overtime in the mix but these numbers are dull as dirt.  Definitely not worth not having a life for two weeks amidst the hype of “finally some real overtime!!!”

Employers can be a lot like individuals sometimes – divided into haves and have-nots.  That’s just the nature of the beast.  🙂  However, I’m at the point right now where overtime opportunities don’t really excite me anymore versus just getting better jobs that pay more.  😦

In some ways I’ve become just like my father.  Once the bills are paid you look back on it all and ask yourself, “Was the time I gave up and what else I could have done with that time really worth the moderately higher numbers at the end of it all?”

Money is cool, but it isn’t everything.  🙂  Now, time to have some fun before going back for more.  🙂

Man I’m getting old.  🙂



Regarding My YouTube Channel In 2018

“Your channel’s dying.”

Ladies and Gentlemen – the 2018 YouTube Insult Of The Year, usually from ignoramuses who ramble on about channels based on the metrics they can see, a.k.a. just trying to start drama.  The rest of the story is that there’s a whole additional world behind the scenes of stuff the general public can’t see that tells far more of the story.  Said story is not a good one, and it is by no means limited to my channel.

As much as someone may want to blabber about how my channel’s dying or dead because I have 3,800 subscribers and only get 30 views a video because of Gaming Video Hate, the truth is that my choices are either Crap Views or A Crap Audience.

The Tech Videos have caused enough problems for me over the years to the point where I don’t want them to be the prominent content on my channel anymore.  I’m sick of all the baggage they’ve brought, hence my recent decision to end Play Some Schtuff and just add gaming videos to The Wacky World Of MultimediaJay.  I actually want to drive people away from my channel if they’re not the kind of people that I want watching.  I’m not using my YouTube channel to pay bills either, so I’m not going to be pressured into caving and returning to Tech Videos for decent numbers either.

Time and again with the Tech Videos, the song has been the same.  They appear to do better in the initial release (though even that number has been declining as well – so even the whiny “you’d better make computer videos” crowd is losing the battle), but then they get murdered by ad blockers, and that’s not too strong a word either.  More tech savvy audience – more use of techy things like ad blockers, and I’ve struck a nerve when I called this crap out.  I’ve even had some folks whine and complain about how they refuse to turn off their ad blockers for my channel but would support me on Patreon if I had one.  Well, I’m waiting…

Ergo, the videos die and go absolutely nowhere for months or even years, and then I get surprised because the YouTube algorithms suddenly decide to let me have some views again for some odd reason and I get trolled on 2 year old or 3 year old videos as though I just released them yesterday.  Boy is it fun getting hassled for lessons I learned years ago because YouTube won’t let me have an audience, or a better audience.

The bigger problem though is the angry people with ad blockers.  If I uploaded a bunch of computer videos then decided to upload something else to try for a better audience like what I have with the washer and dryer video, the tech video people would ruin the attempt because they’d watch it with their ad blockers and murder the money it made.

Why do I care about money?  Because YouTube has shown time and again and again that money is the big thing they care about.  The dryer video dominates everything, and has for quite some time, because it makes the most money.  Imagine that.  All my efforts with technology and the stuff people allegedly want, and it’s a goofy rambly dryer video that crushes everything.  It’s almost like I’m right and these malicious ad blocker lovers are wrong…

Welcome to a day and age where crap views seems like a good thing, as opposed to the crap audience I’ve dealt with that has caused so much weeping and gnashing of teeth in my neck of the YouTube woods.

Now, let’s start entertaining those 30 real fans I have so they can tell all their friends about me.  🙂

“Skip Intro” Means Netflix Is Getting Ahead Of Some YouTubers With Show Flow

Yesterday I hopped on the mic for a podcast about show flow, which described show flow and detailed some examples of YouTubers struggling with it.  It’s also the reason why show flow is now a category on this blog.  🙂

Today I encountered the CNN Money article about the new Skip Intro button that Netflix is rolling out for binge watchers.  If you’re playing catchup with a TV or Netflix series you can now skip the “what some would call redundant” show openers.  🙂

It’s fun being right.  🙂

Television is a natural go-to for inspiration on how to make YouTube uploads for many of us multimedia types who goof around with it, but today we find TV in a rather defensive position compared to the classic shows most of us might have grown up with.  Even around the beginning of the “Flash Video Revolution” when YouTube finally found a way to make hosting video online into something other than a site killer via bandwidth costs we found TV shows adapting to the changing demands for show flow in the time slots.

Oddly enough, though I’ve been exorcising childhood demons so to speak via making fun of soap operas through allegorical spoofs like World Of The Nerd Couple, it’s actually the daytime soaps with their decades-long runs that illustrate the progression in approaches to television to reflect show flow the most.  Take As The World Turns for example, one of the shows that my sitters when I was little always had on when I got home from school (the more common one being Guiding Light in the 3:00 PM timeslot).  Not a lot of opener changes, but enough over the show’s 50+ year run to showcase quite a bit of things that TV has seen happen over the years that have forced changes to production material.

The rise of Web 2.0 video in the 2000s was just another nail in classic TV’s coffin.  It’s important to remember when watching this or other classic TV shows that VCRs weren’t a thing until the 80s, so big long intros helped you not miss when your show was coming on if you had to run into the living room or something or your clock wasn’t set right or you were running late.  Once on-demand options started to appear though, the big long show intro started to become something that wasn’t really needed anymore, except if one was trying to be traditional and hold on to the way things used to be.

As The World Turns reacted to this the most.  Note the last entry in the final years before the show was cancelled.  Just *POOF* the spinning globe and the show starts, since the people following the daytime drama scene probably already knew who all the actors were.  The declining revenue from daytime drama probably contributed to this as well, but I can’t really explain such a radical drop in complexity in the show intro without at least thinking of YouTube.

Likewise with credits at the end of these shows.  Prior to HDTV if you wanted to roll credits they had to be big and take quite a bit of time, but when HD became a thing not only could the credits shrink but they could be off to the side and not even take up the whole screen anymore, as we see today.

Just for fun, here’s that YouTube channel’s Guiding Light opening compilation video.  More revisions to watch, but I couldn’t mention this stuff without showing this as well.  You see more details fleshed out as the changing TV landscape prompted revisions of the production material, including some times where they got too close to fashion and fads and the intro became dated rather quickly, like when the show went Disco.  😀

For today’s YouTubers, show flow matters more than ever before.  Classic TV’s style might be a good thing to have fun with every so often, but it should be a phase that comes and goes.  Much has changed since the 80s and 90s, and even the 2000s with the rise of mobile devices and people “watching TV” on smartphones as they walk around cities or wait for buses/trains/etc.  Not since the introduction of the VCR has this landscape been this radically altered.

New landscape or not – it’s still workable for content creators today.  🙂

Ad Blockers Potentially Burying YouTube Videos – A Lesson In How To Expose A Toxic YouTube Audience

Nothing brings out the toxic part of your audience on YouTube or elsewhere quite like having the balls to call out problem behavior from those viewers that YouTubers are allegedly always supposed to kiss up to.  The comments on this “me having cojones” discussion have been quite telling in terms of confirming what I already suspected about a demographic in my YouTube audience that is responsible for the most negative and toxic responses that I’ve gotten to my uploads over the last 10+ years.

The concepts discussed herein are quite simple.  YouTube breaks from the mold as a video-hosting site, and that’s one of the reasons why it has done so well.  Rather than operate like a server farm where you are renting storage for content, the site runs like a giant TV network following the usual business model of traditional media.  Sell advertising, strike other commercial deals, and use the revenue from this to acquire and deliver content that draws people in, grows the audience/traffic/activity, which then lets them negotiate for better advertising revenue, etc. etc.

Ad blockers cut directly into that, and although I know why people use ad blockers, like pop-up malware and invasive advertising on certain websites, for a long time I thought the people using ad blockers on YouTube were trying to screw YouTube.

I was wrong – they are most likely screwing YouTubers instead.

As usual one can’t discern the inner workings of YouTube because that’s kept under wraps to keep people from knowing exactly how to play the system, nor can one talk about the money they make from YouTube ad revenue sharing per the terms of service, but without mentioning any actual earnings amounts some numbers in my channel’s own analytics for January have me thinking that ad blockers serve to help bury videos and ultimately hurt the YouTube channels that people allegedly support.

First, let’s talk about 2016.  The most viewed video was Windows 8 Vs. The Dellasaurus with ~42,000 views which put it over 100,000 views total – my first video to ever break that milestone.  Yet despite all that activity the ad revenue was horrendous for the year compared to the #2 video on the views list – First Impressions Of The Magic Chef Portable Dryer.  ~33,000 views and a ton more revenue.  This continues with the #3 video.  Geekhouse Laundry With The Magic Chef Portable Washer at ~32,000 views and the most ad revenue all year by quite the margin, but no dollar amounts of course.  🙂

Windows 8 Vs. The Dellasaurus, however, pales in comparison to Geekhouse Laundry in terms of watch minutes, the new standard for whether YouTube promotes a video or not.  145 grand versus 136 grand for the year, suggesting to me that Win8 Vs. The Dellasaurus’ recent success will be more of a flash in the pan.  Lest we forget, Win8 vs. the Dellasaurus is from 2012.  It took half a decade to get as popular as it is.  The laundry videos were uploaded at the end of 2015 and are both at or approaching the 40k views mark, increasing faster than Dellasaurus did in the same time period.

Dellasaurus is a fluke, and so are its followups.  For the most part the only tech videos on the Top 10 for the year are Dellasaurus videos – the sole exception being my response to the Tek Syndicate drama – so the tech videos actually making it into the rankings are riding the coattails of this megafluke known as the Dellasaurus.

I can confirm this with my recent experience with long streaks of tech videos.  With all the hassling I get from people about how I should never ever ever ever make anything but tech videos, the flatlining view counts that hit about 300 maybe and then die tell a completely different story.  It’s like nothing I do matters anymore when it comes to technology and YouTubing, even though I like technology and YouTubing.

The laundry videos, meanwhile, practically promote themselves.  They also happen to smoke the crap out of all the tech videos in the top list for revenue.  Coincidence?  I think not.

This trend continues into January 2017 as my frustrations with the lack of channel growth have mounted.  Here’s the two videos I was talking about in the discussion.  January’s a dog month for YouTube trying to pay its bills via advertising and commercial deals, but even in this dog month we have this sort of stuff going on.

Geekhouse Laundry – not a tech video – 2805 views.  The Pentium G4560 RadioStyle Podcast – Tech Video – 2168 views.  Both in the 2-3 grand range.  Without mentioning any amounts the ad revenue difference is literally dollars and cents.

This pattern continues, as does the pattern of the laundry videos practically promoting themselves on YouTube even though I fancy myself as more of a multimedia guy.  This is hardly a coincidence.  Considering how YouTube pays its bills, why would they want to promote dog videos whose ad revenue is wrecked by ad blockers except for massive activity flukes like Dellasaurus?

This explains a lot, and gives me a path forward should I want this YouTube channel to get to the point where it can challenge any 925 job that I have in terms of whether I need the 925 job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning tech videos.

Another key difference is demographics.  The laundry videos are more evenly represented in terms of men and women watching.  Matter of fact it seems like whenever the ladies show up things get amazing.  😀  Go girl power!!!  😀  LOL.  😀  However I think besides more equal gender representation as opposed to the usual tech dudefest the laundry videos represent a more mainstream demographic that is less likely to use ad blockers, so this presents an opportunity to continue making tech content by focusing on presenting it to mainstream audiences, like helping people get over their technophobia.  That would actually be something I would love to do.  I like helping people get over their fear of computers.  It may insult the intelligence of the toxic nerds clubbing my channel’s knees with their ad blockers, but it’s business as usual, a.k.a. demographics as usual.

Let’s fast forward to this week where I finally decided to start catering to this demographic again after formally apologizing to them via pinned comments.  Watch time is, in this order:  Washer video at 964 watch minutes, dryer video at 865, Geekhouse Kitchen at 763.  Intel Is Its Own Worst enemy is way down at 438.  The tech videos drop off A LOT from there in this new gold standard for which videos YouTube promotes.

For views, the top 3 are all appliance videos.  Dryer – Washer – Sunbeam Hot Shot.  In that order.  Ad revenue has a big drop off for Geekhouse Kitchen, most likely due to tech video people with their potential ad blockers representing most of the views thusfar.  When that switches over I expect things to change.

I wonder if this is why BBISHOPPCM regularly takes a break from tech stuff to review something in his kitchen.  😀

Regardless, this is where my entrepreneurial drive and formal business background will kick into gear.  I’m curious if I can get to the point where I have enough mainstream videos that I can start paying for tech toys for the tech videos with money from helping the mainstream crowd.  Perhaps some of the folks biting their tongues to not call me a sellout who are bellyaching about my candor might want to keep that in mind.

At the end of the day, every business or other public-facing thing has to answer the demographics question.  Who do you want to attract, and who do you want to repulse?  If you don’t answer this question, life will answer it for you, and you may not like the answer.  Better to answer it yourself.  I may upload content with the deliberate intentions of repulsing some of the more toxic individuals who are complaining about me calling out users of ad blockers, but this is something I ultimately have to take charge of, as opposed to continuing to be victimized by it.

Rawr Rawr Refurb Gamerz!!! :-P

I probably should have posted this BEFORE hopping on the mic about how Intel has become its own worst enemy.  Nevertheless, we continue.  🙂

One of my key points in response to AdoredTV’s similar discussion on how things have been at Intel lately is that Intel’s largest competitor in terms of whether folks like myself buy their latest and greatest has become Intel itself.  While AMD is getting people excited over Ryzen, Intel’s lack of exciting products (Kaby Lake anyone?) ultimately eliminates the concentrated coolness of building a new Intel system when Skylake and Haswell are still out and about, and if you want to be adventurous, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge via refurbs.  There are some YouTubers like JERMGaming with his Potato Masher project and Green Ham’s Classic i7 Dell that are even trying out the original generation Core I chips with today’s GPUs and games, but at the very least I’d recommend that folks stick to chips with TDPs under 100W.  🙂

Still though, whether you call this the “Cult Of Sandy Bridge” or “Hardcore Sandy Bridge Gamers” the viability of today’s refurb market would most certainly have posed a threat to Intel even if the Ryzen was never a thing, especially this day and age when OEMs use fear tactics to pressure technophobe organizations and companies to buy new computers every few years.  (“Oh noes!  You might have to swap a part!  Pay us instead of paying for that part!!!”  😛 )

Interestingly enough though it seems the folks on YouTube getting into this stuff have a fondness for the Sandy Bridge i5.  If I get in on this with a new Dellasaurus later this year I’ll seek out a Dell Optiplex i7 Sandy Bridge tower.  🙂

Here’s some of the folks already involved in this new retro scene!  😀

Green Ham Gaming – The Incredible i5 Dell – Sandy Bridge i5 2400

Tech By Matt – BEST $200 Gaming PC! (2016) – Sandy Bridge i5 2400

EscoTech – Dell Optiplex 990 With GTX 960 – Sandy Bridge i5 2400

Steven Reviews – $360 Console Smasher – Sandy Bridge i5 2400

Notice a pattern here?  Seems like the Sandy Bridge i5 is the processor of choice for these things.  Makes me wonder what the Sandy Bridge i7 can do with hyperthreading…  😀

Let’s finish this up with two songs.  Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy and the Tomato Convenience Store theme from Shenmue, one of Green Ham’s favorites apparently.  🙂

I Wasn’t Letting Salazar Get Away With It…

Oh look.  Playing the satire card.

…he wasn’t getting away with it though.

…because none of this changes that his argument has already had the rug pulled out from under it by a far better YouTuber even if JERM has less of everything (subs, views, etc., the black hole of YouTube as usual).

FUDazar Thinks Scorpio May Crush Your Gaming PC. History Laughs.

For those of you who are wondering what it takes to get me to unsubscribe from a channel these days, try asinine FUD commentary like this.  😛

Released on the same day as my spoof video making fun of “heard it all before” tech speculation videos that are at least 80% panning over shots of unreleased hardware , this… drumroll… speculative panshotfest is the latest in the long-running world of doom and gloom for PCs, PC Gaming, or both.  😛

…at least, when you filter out the more egregious flubs like 6 Teraflops being “GTX 1070 territory.”  Really?  A GTX 1070 is at 6.5 Teraflops.  A Radeon RX480 is at 5.8 Teraflops.  Guess which one this “Gaming PC Crusher” is closer to?  😉

The funny part is, Sally here (should I call him that, maybe Sal-y is more accurate  😀 ) is already getting skewered in the comments for some of these little details, so I’ll let the folks bringing up these little things have at it.  What’s more fundamentally wrong here is that he (1) overpromotes speculation as these FUDsters tend to do, and (2) misunderstands Console Vs. PC and why Scorpio isn’t a concern for PC folks like myself even if it does release at the sub-$500 price point.

First, as 0:55-1:00 puts it in such a slippery way, his $400 price point for the device is only what he thinks it’ll be (SPECULATION!), but the entire rest of the video is predicated upon this massive price chasm allegedly coming up with 4K gaming, such that it’s easy for one to miss for the entire rest of the video, and if this one event doesn’t take place most of the rest of his argument goes completely out the window and those watch minutes you just gave to his channel for getting you mad to get you watching (not unlike a radio shock jock or someone like ReviewTechUSA) are truly time in your life that you will never get back.

This is where we get to the next unfortunate gotcha in Salazar’s commentary.  In classic bait-for-views-and-watch-minutes fashion, he floats the idea that maybe this is a Zenbox.  Oh wait.  This alleged “Gaming PC Crusher” has to interpolate 30 fps to give the appearance of 60 fps.  Other speculators making videos like this pulled the exact same thing, so yay for more unoriginal baiting.

Really?  30 fps?  Once upon a time I knew of gamers who didn’t mind lower framerates in exchange for nice graphics, but I thought that trend died with the 90s.  If I am going to swear off PC gaming for good in favor of a console I’d be looking for a little box that does whatever my monitor supports – all the time, with free online play.  So far, this box does neither – much in line with the other consoles out there.

I maintain, even though I used to debate this sort of thing roughly 5 years ago (but who ever listens?), that consoles sell for only 2 reasons – Price and Simplicity.  They’ll nearly always win on simplicity because you can just buy a box and plug it in in most cases, but price is where PC Gaming has been getting its revenge with the recent trend of “building console killers” or other ITXesque systems blatantly built to replace a Playstation.  🙂

What console gamers forget though is that it is still possible to “just buy the box” to get into PCs and just make a part swap or two to get into PC gaming if you know what box to buy.  Every year at least one OEM releases at least one SKU that is standardized enough that one could use it as a starting point with its Windows license and all.  Last year it was the Asus M32.  This year – surprisingly – it’s Acer!  😮

Really?!!  From the company that added “Acer crap” to my vocabulary with their egregious cheap chunks of plastic over the years?!!  Cool!!!  🙂  I’m curious what form factor riser sets that motherboard uses (Micro ATX?  Mini ITX?).   I could probably make a Jaystation out of this.  😀

No seriously.  Core i5 Skylake 6400.  One could make a gamebox out of this with one of those “no additional power GPUs” or swap at least the power supply and add in a 1070 to get something like this.

Or, take the hackjob backpath with older hardware and a newer graphics card, like this setup from JERM Gaming that approached 4k30 via adding a GTX 1060 to an original generation i5 system with an overclock.

Now consider the long run when it comes to PC hardware upgrades even though PC Gaming is notoriously expensive if you buy the latest greatest stuff, but if you go 2nd or 3rd best it’s a completely different story.  The Pascal series cards are still rather pricejacked while they’re still in the #1 parking spot on Nvidia’s catalog no thanks to lukewarm competition at best from AMD.  You can still buy Maxwell era cards new though.  Next go-round even if Nvidia keeps fleecing people with money to burn that want the best they can get then the price drops on “last gen Pascal” will mean the cheapo “last-gen” stuff would then become the bridge into 4K gaming.  🙂

The Scorpio sounds like a compelling razzle dazzle easy way into 4K if you can stomach 4K30 instead of 4K60.  😛  Time is not on the console’s side though, even though it’s not even out yet, especially for those people who thought they’d get a few years out of their PS4 or XBox One like they did last go-round before having to consider swapping out gear again.  Considering the longevity of PC hardware in the long run (hardcore Sandy Bridge gamers anyone?  😀 ), exactly how many times would one care to pay $400+ a pop to keep replacing their game box instead of just swapping graphics cards if they started with a decent CPU as a good baseline?  Plus, let’s not forget the whole paying extra to play online thing and all those things that console gaming brings with it…  😀

In the long run, no matter what FUD is going around YouTube about how PCs are going to be killed by this or by that, lest we forget, the whole idea of a “Post PC Era” is nearly 10 years old.  If PCs have been allegedly “dying” for the better part of a decade, maybe we should take a hint that perhaps there’s something else going on?  😉  Until then, the usual Console vs. PC Rules apply.  😀

In terms of a Console/PC 4K Price Chasm, again the hinge on which Salazar’s argument stands or falls, even if it does end up existing, one has to wonder for how long…  😛

…but please by all means, follow this smarmy techno-pied piper because he parades around his silver YouTube button in his channel icon…  😛

…then a little while later, I responded on my podcast.  🙂