In The Days Before Mukbang…

The Internet has been home to weird stuff for decades, even in the early days of “The Weird Wide Web.”  In our day and age, this hasn’t changed.  😀

Once upon a time, folks thought LuWiiGiMaster was weird for doing a YouTube video like this…  😛

Apparently now there’s this thing on YouTube where people literally make videos of them eating stuff and pretending the person on the other end of the screen is on the other end of the table.  This became a big thing in Korea, and its Korean name Mukbang is now the name for the whole genre worldwide.  😛

I just remember the days when it was rude to eat in front of other people.  😀

That’s YouTube though.  If folks want to watch stuff like this, there’s folks who upload stuff like this.  🙂

…and for those who wonder how the heck I originally found this video, I subbed to LuWiiGiMaster way back in the day when he successfully trolled the Retsupurae guys…  😀



He’s Back ;-)

Not to be ridiculed into the sunset by the Retsupurae guys, BlackMetalGhost decided to get some revenge on Super Mario Bros. 3  😀

I’d say he did better this time, though the whole controller vs. keyboard thing is really key to him not making any more goofy videos of Mario games.  🙂

“Mario! Mario! Mario! Mario! Ma-eh nevermind.” :-P

How… on Earth…. WHY?!!!!  HOW?!!!!!  😛

…okay.  I’m going to give this guy who got RPed the benefit of the doubt here.  First – the classic Mario series has been around so long that we should probably be open to the idea of younger folks literally having never played these games before – including the Game Boy Advance remakes, unless of course they have a Wii or Wii U with some Virtual Console schtuff going on.  😛  Secondly, this guy’s playing on an emulator which he clearly doesn’t know too much about since in about half of the videos he’s done that I’ve watched so far he disables one of the sound channels when the video starts which would explain the goofy emulator sound in his videos.  I’m guessing he bound the Fraps recorder button to the button that toggles that sound channel in the emulator?  😛  Well at least he’s using Fraps and not Unregistered Hypercam 2.  😀

Lastly, I’m guessing his complete inability to platform in these Mario games stems from trying to use a keyboard as a controller, which is one of those things you have to experience before realizing that your fingers don’t hit buttons as well as your thumbs do if you’ve been using controllers for any respectable length of time.  😛  If you don’t want to mess with emulators you can see this phenomenon yourself with a game like Super Mario XP which last time I played this fangame I found out the hard way that it didn’t have any controller support so I used a program called Joy To Key to convert my controller’s button presses into keyboard keypresses to make the game playable and get around the loss of dexterity from using a keyboard as a controller.  I’m guessing this guy hasn’t figured that out yet.  😛

In any event, it looks like his original Mario 3 video has apparently vanished so until he yanks his other Mario videos, here’s the rest of them.  😀

Mario 2  😀

The Lost Levels

…and a mulligan as Luigi  😀

…and lastly, the original Super Mario Bros., which he actually gets kind of far in, or maybe that was just because of the warp zone.  😛

…still though.  He did better than I did back when I first played Mario 1 and kept running into the first Goomba because having only played Atari at the time the whole side-scrolling jump over enemies thing was new to me back then.  😛

…oh, and no save states either.  That’s got to count for something right?  😀 😀 😀

Regarding The Whole RP Phenomenon

I suppose I should probably clear up where I stand on the whole Retsupurae thing since apparently liking any of their videos runs the risk of getting me painted as a hater these days.  😛

The whole making fun of other people’s videos thing is not a new thing on YouTube, or exclusive to the Retsupurae guys.  If you’ve ever watched a “fail video” of any sort on a compilation site like FailBlog or Fail Army, you’re basically watching something dedicated to making fun of other people’s videos which is the same concept as RP, but without the satirical commentary.

That said though, with Proteus’ return to the RP team for this recent video of theirs I can see where the line can be drawn between simply making fun of stuff in videos that can be made fun of and just plain being malicious.

Note the difference in who’s chuckling about the video versus who’s ripping on the person who uploaded it.  The difference is more clearly accented in another recent video of theirs.

Even the roots of their self-defined satirical style are more lighthearted humor than just endlessly egging on anyone who makes something like a camcorder LP.  😛

There are two things these guys usually go after, lousy gameplay and bad production value (like using a camcorder to record a TV screen).  All in all, I’d have to say that I wouldn’t hold lousy production value against people who want to get in on the whole gameplay video thing, unless of course they kicked against the bricks and refused to get something like a capture card or Fraps even after finding out how cheap those devices can be.  As far as gameplay goes, it may be worth testing the waters for someone to watch other videos of a game they want to LP to make sure either (a) they’re actually somewhat decent at the game and (b) their skills haven’t gotten too rusty if it’s a classic game they haven’t played in years.  😛

Sometimes, of course, their efforts backfire, and I’ve subscribed to some folks because of them before, like LuWiiGiMaster.  😀

Hope that clears everything up.  Ultimately, satire is a form of comedy, though depending on which way these guys go, they can sometimes cross the line and overstep the bounds of satire with what they do.  🙂

Let’s Play Dress Up My Kitty!!! :-P

One problem I’m absolutely fed up with on YouTube is the utter burnout people express when it comes to gaming videos.  I’m tossing around the idea of uploading the exact same RadioStyle vlog twice, one with a picture and one with a gaming screenshot, and I’ll upload the gaming one first.  I’ll bet even with the exact same content the second one with the photo gets more views because the way people are these days, if anything so much as LOOKS like a gaming video, nobody watches it, nearly every time.  :-\

Well with videos like this I think I can guess as to why.  😛

Seriously?  What’s next?  A Let’s Play of Yahoo Chess?  😛

….  😛

I think I need to go lie down for a bit.  😛