Did The Navigatr Guy Have A Kid? :o)

Then.  🙂


Now.  🙂

Nuff said.  🙂

Keep reading off those cue cards, kid.  🙂

EDIT:  Nothing against the guy, but he took the video down, so now we have to revert back to the Assertonsin Asmongold stream clip that directed me to it in the first place.  🙂

We can’t do anything about our genetics, or the pipes we’re born with, or how goofy our senses of humor are.  🙂  It could also be a sign that I’m old that I noticed this resemblance in the first place.  Hope Evo feels better.  I could imagine a bunch of Asmongold fans bugging him because of this stuff.  😦


Regarding Gaming Video Hate And The Price I’ve Paid For My Tech Videos

We were supposed to get freezing rain this week.  It’s now nearly 80 degrees out in early March.  New England + El Nino = LOL WTF Winter.  😛  Therefore I’m taking it easy this evening and probably not bothering with anything other than some videogames, especially with how my day job has been running me into the ground lately.

Gaming Video Hate is a social phenomenon that I’ve unfortunately been far too privy to in recent years.  At this point this isn’t even a discussion anymore, though some would seek to make it into an argument – still.  I’ve done experiments that have bordered on trolling my audience and proven that all it takes is for something to merely look like a gaming video and *poof* crap views.

I’m not going to keep reinventing the wheel regarding this discussion when I can just post a link to my previous discussion on the matter.  I’ve also seen other YouTube channels call it quits on content because gaming videos were a guaranteed way to get crap views, and what a sad result these days that YouTube has had to sink to this level, even after the launch of YouTube Gaming and YouTube’s desperate attempts to get it to catch on and challenge Twitch.

On the flip side, it’s time to talk about the negative side effects of my tech videos that has caused me to consider massively backing off on them or shutting them down completely despite my 10 year celebration this year.  Perhaps some of this is attributable to nerds with poor social skills not realizing how they come across to others, but I’m not convinced that all the problems I’ve had are due to these factors.

For example, would you believe me if I told you that people are still telling me to try all kinds of things to get Windows 8 working on the Dellasaurus?  The correct answer is “that was years ago – idiots!!!”  I don’t even use Windows 8 anymore, and the smarter people in the YouTube Comments sections have already rightly pointed out that the processor lacks ample instruction sets to run newer versions of Windows.

Still though, everybody who thinks their polished turd of an opinion is solid gold and I absolutely must see and heed all of them and respond to them all has wasted no time in pestering the Hell out of me regarding what I should do with this, what I should do with that – blah blah blah blah.  It’s not hard to see though that these clanging brass loudmouths don’t give a flying flip about me or the computers though, as many times their comments betray that they don’t actually watch my videos – just the one they mouth off on and then skitter along on their merry way.

…and of course, back to the poor social skills thing, if I get enough of these people who waste no time wagging their finger at me to do this or that with such and such device, I try to have my channel live up to its name as a variety channel and BOOM crap views.  As if the growing gap between views and subscribers wasn’t depressing enough.  All of this, by the way, without saying anything about the mess I went through when I tried joking about Linux earlier.

Between these horrid YouTube social issues as of late and the dog days of Winter weather if such a thing even exists in the first place, I think I’ll take it easy with videos for a bit and people will either watch them or not watch them.  There has been far too much compulsion to what I record nowadays, all while I’ve barely had time to enjoy the gaming setup in my new place, not because I’m short on time, but because I spend too much time making YouTube videos only to feel like a prisoner on my own channel.

I’ll be back when I feel like making something again.  Right now, I want to take my WoW crew raiding and plan some more pseudo-machinima…  😀

Gaming Video Hate Has Now Come To My WordPress Blog

2015 is almost over.  Soon it will be 2016.  I first started on YouTube in 2006, meaning next year is 10 years on YouTube for me.

…that is, if I make it that long.

I’ve sounded off a lot in recent weeks and months about Gaming Video Hate, a social problem that I first started identifying when I uploaded a mashup video a few years ago that compared Elder Scrolls: Skyrim to Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.  It was a neat concept and a great example of good games reminding me of other good games.

The video received crap views.

I’ve tried some other adjustments to the format for Play Some Schtuff, my ongoing gaming video series that has traditionally been a cross between reviews and Let’s Plays, of which before I started I received comments like, “You’re going to be doing Let’s Plays?!!  That would be awesome!!!”

The videos have received crap views.

Across the board, if I dare to post a gaming video of any sort on YouTube – crap views – crap views – crap views.  The net result has been that I have never felt this much like shutting down my YouTube channel as I do nowadays.

Oh, and by the way, when I say “shut down” I don’t mean merely taking a break from YouTube as I’ve done in the past.  I mean shutting it down, as in the channel goes away, and so do all the videos – permanently.

I’ve heard the barrage of excuses.  “Oh everybody wants a gaming channel nowadays.”  “Too many people do gaming videos.”  “It’s because of the games you’re playing.”  “It’s not what I subscribed for.”  Blah blah blah blah blah.

First off, my channel has ALWAYS been a variety channel, from the beginning.  In 2006 I did tech how-to videos and more vloggy stuff.  In 2007 I did some tech videos and some vlogs.  In 2008 I started fiddling around with gaming videos in addition to tech stuff and vlogs.  Play Some Schtuff today is the longest running series I have, eclipsing even the Wacky World Of MultimediaJay by several years.

…and once upon a time, gaming videos weren’t automatically doomed to receive crap views.

It was in those days that even though my style resembled Mark Bussler of Classic Game Room more than James Rolfe or Chris Bores during the heydays of AVGN Vs. Irategamer I could still see equal or greater views from my gaming videos despite having chosen the more “boring” style of being journalistic rather than satirical.  My most popular video of all time is still the Play Some Schtuff episode for My Fitness Coach on the Wii from 2009, which had to be uploaded in 3 parts.  I’ve thought of reuploading the review as one video, but why should I if it will only receive crap views because it was uploaded in 2015?

Some could say it’s a matter of preference, or that I’m “flipping the script” that if people subscribe because of “Dellasaurus videos” that I’m not giving them what they subscribed for, except in my 2015 overture video that is still the unsubbed trailer on my channel page I still list “Gaming Commentaries” as one of the types of videos I do.

Furthermore, if you remove the gaming videos from the equation, the rest of what I upload is all over the map.  It’s not even close to being exclusively focused on computer hardware.  Like it or not, Paul’s Hardware I am not.  I have NEVER been a computer channel, and have no interest in being one.  Multimedia includes computers, but isn’t exclusively about computers.  Even my original 2006 intro merely lists “Computers” as just one of the things I talk about.

Gaming Videos have been unfairly and unjustly singled out, and it’s the ultimate slap in the face that if I or other variety channels dare to upload gaming videos on YouTube that they’re doomed to receive crap views just because they’re gaming videos.

I’ve tested this in various ways.  In one case I literally uploaded the same layout of commentary about issues with World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor and made one a gaming video and one not a gaming video.  The non-gaming-video blew away the gaming video in terms of views.

I’ve seen this on other channels too.  This problem affects a wide range of YouTubers, from young kids playing around with webcams to seasoned variety channel folks in their 30s and 40s.  I’ve even seen this on gaming-related YouTube channels that tried to mix gaming videos with gaming-related videos.  Even the audience excuse goes out the window on that one.  I had a hard enough time scratching my head at an audience full of computer geeks hating gaming videos and not watching them, but when CraigslistGameFinds can get decent views if they make videos searching for video games, but crap views if they show the very games they searched for, it’s really disheartening for someone who likes videogames like I do.

This is why people quit YouTube.

I liken this to suicides that pop up in the news where some smartass on the scene says something about how people ignored the warning signs, which is nonsense.  People just don’t realize how pathetically selfish they are until something terrible happens, then it’s automatic damage control mode to save their own skins in the public eye.

Perhaps one day we will come to grips with the ways our pitifully self-centered actions damage and sometimes destroy others.  Getting snotty over free entertainment on YouTube sadly hasn’t been exempt from this, especially with the comments, PMs, and arguments I’ve seen because I dared to stand up and say something about this problem.

Indeed, next year will be 10 years, if I make it.  Quite frankly I have little to celebrate with how YouTube has become in the past 10 years.

…but none of that will matter, because the same trolls causing this problem will have most likely taken one look at this 1000-ish word rant on this and knee-jerk bellowed, “TOO LONG!!!  DIDN’T READ!!!”

I thought getting a decent job again would help with the severe depression and feeling like nothing I do matters anymore that I very regularly experience.  Obviously I was wrong.

Let’s Play Dress Up My Kitty!!! :-P

One problem I’m absolutely fed up with on YouTube is the utter burnout people express when it comes to gaming videos.  I’m tossing around the idea of uploading the exact same RadioStyle vlog twice, one with a picture and one with a gaming screenshot, and I’ll upload the gaming one first.  I’ll bet even with the exact same content the second one with the photo gets more views because the way people are these days, if anything so much as LOOKS like a gaming video, nobody watches it, nearly every time.  :-\

Well with videos like this I think I can guess as to why.  😛

Seriously?  What’s next?  A Let’s Play of Yahoo Chess?  😛

….  😛

I think I need to go lie down for a bit.  😛