Ah Nice. The Trailer For The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Is Out. :-)

So this cinematic beast is what James Rolfe has been working on all this time.  So far – impressive.  It totally fits the Nerd theme, and incorporates a lot of his own personal nods to certain cinematic styles he’s mentioned that he likes over the years like 80s style movies and horror movies with cheesy special effects.  Plus, for anyone thinking the Nerd’s gone stale the past few episodes since coming back from shooting this movie, I think this trailer explains why if this little monster is where he’s been focusing his attention.  🙂

He’s certainly come a long way from this little vlog thing back in 2010 that first broke the news that he was looking at making a feature film.

Personally, I’m glad James has found so much success and fame, even if it’s only “silly Internet fame”, from the AVGN series.  Even if this movie turns out to be the Nerd’s magnum opus and he’s secretly hiding plans to hang up the controller and retire the character shortly after this movie goes to disc formats, I’d say bravo to the guy for doing so well with such a simple idea over the past several years.

As far as the movie goes, he mentioned a DVD release, but heck with that if the trailer’s in hi-def.  He should totally do a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack release for it.  I know with how much he was able to raise for this movie just from fan donations that a two-disc combo release should certainly be on the table in terms of post-theater distribution.  🙂