Am I the only one who thinks this old song kind of sounds like an old BASIC program?  Man I’m a nerd.  🙂


Forgotten 45s – Hey Toby! Still Like Girls Who Drink Beer? :-D

This song kind of came and went in 2012, and from what I heard on some country station it seemed like Toby Keith wanted it to just be a funny little song that just came and went…  😀

I don’t get it though.  It’s a country song about girls and beer.  Just throw in a reference to a pickup truck and it could be the opposite of that old joke about how all country songs are about, “My truck broke down.  I drink too much.  My girlfriend left me.”  😛

I’m just surprised I could consider something like this a Forgotten 45, but even on country stations I’ve had a hard time finding it.  Maybe Toby really did want this one to be a flash in the pan.  😦

Songs That Remind Me Of Other Songs – Millennial D-Rock

Want to know the difference between people making fun of soundalike rock songs in the 2000s because they were actually there versus people making fun of soundalike rock songs in the 2000s because they read it on Wikipedia somewhere?  See if they ever bash anything besides Nickelback.  😀

Nickelback gets a lot of flak for soundalike hit songs – even these days.  However, there was a band at one point that was Nickelback before Nickelback was Nickelback.  Enter… Creed.  😛

Riding high off of the post-grunge “I’m mad at the world” rock wave after rock and roll started moping and whining just a little less in the mid to late 1990s, Creed showed up in the late 90s with some decent songs that picked up where Pearl Jam left off, to the extent that MTV’s old Celebrity Deathmatch show made fun of them for it.  Check out that angst.  😀

…but the song I heard the most on the rock stations from them in those days was a sign of things to come…

Pay very close attention to the general feel of what that song sounds like.  You’ll then be ahead of the game compared to where we as rock music fans were back in the very end of the last millennium.  Oh if only we knew…  🙂

Enter Creed’s follow-up effort, Human Clay, released in 1999.  With Arms Wide Open stole the show on the rock charts including the Billboard Hot 100, but not far behind was this gem.  Higher, the song that formalized those “alterna-rock” or “modern rock” songs around the start of this millennium that either were something in D, or sounded like some kind of hit song in D, totally a musical version of riding coattails.  By the way, with all the “alterna-rock” lingo at the time, was this stuff really still “alternative?”  😀

Truly, when Nickelback got roasted for songs sounding anywhere close to How You Remind Me, their dynasty of similar songs was far from anything new and exciting.

The fun didn’t end there either.  Check out some of these other tracks from Human Clay.  Notice any similarities?  😀

Those aren’t in order, but that’s the first 4 songs.  Skipping around a bit more.  Don’t forget, still on Human Clay circa 1999.  😀  Hey, at least they changed the drumbeat a bit from song to song… a bit…  😀

…well, sometimes the key changed, but remember, this would have been sold as a CD in the pre-MP3 days for $18.98 a pop at most music stores.  The CD Generation would have approached this soundalike stuff with a very different response from today’s iTunes generation that can stop buying songs on the rest of an album if the first few sound too similar.  😀

Well at least the album ended with… nah.  More soundalike Creed songs even if the key changes…  😛

Maybe With Arms Wide Open did so well because it sounded a bit different…  Nah, still sounds like a Creed song.  😛

At the very least, the end of the last millennium must have been the most boring time in the world to be a drummer in a rock band.  Remember folks, in just a single album Creed did what Nickelback gets roasted for, except Nickelback did this over the span of several albums with “soundalike songs.”

So, did Creed learn their lesson after Y2K went bust and the world didn’t end on January 1st, 2000?  Nope.  😀  Here’s another radio hit from their next album that I very vividly remember…  😀



Remember that Millennial D-Rock drumbeat that persisted even if the D-chord didn’t?  Well heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere it is again!!!  😀

…and again, same album.  😀

Okay.  Mercy rule.  😛  I’m cutting this one short.  I seem to remember this album being just a hair more creative than Human Clay but as I cycle through the songs (yes I still bought their CDs back then) it’s the same thing, particularly on the choruses.  You pretty much know a Creed song once you’ve listened to about 8 of them and notice this pattern.  Nickelback is looking really good right about now…  😀

…but it didn’t stop there.  Ultimately Scott Stapp and the fellas had a bit of band drama and Stapp left the band, but hey, from the ashes of the Creed dynasty rose Alter Bridge, a.k.a. Creed But Not Really Creed.  Tell me if this sounds familiar…  😀

2004 – well into the new decade – well into The New Millennium – post 9/11 – none of that mattered.  Millennial D-Rock was still showing up on rock stations.  I didn’t mind it at this point though.  Perhaps I was playing lesser of two evils because we had teenyboppers/boy bands, pop punk, pop hop (yes even hip hop got watered down).  I was listening to a lot of Power Metal and Prog Metal as a wild and crazy Saturday Night College Radio Metal DJ, so I was tuning out what was on the rock stations at the time anyways.  If I wanted to hear talent, I knew where to look.  🙂

I stopped following the Millennial D-Rock scene at that point, so I can’t really chime in on Alter Bridge’s later work and Creed doing more work afterwards in 2009, but the damage was done, plus by the mid-2000s everyone was making fun of Nickelback instead.  😀

Strangely enough, my final update on this Millennial D-Rock thing came in my early YouTube days when I was watching a lot of Will It Blend over on Blendtec’s channel and in 2006 a Rhode Island radio station that I was a bit familiar with here in Southern New England decided to say goodbye to Creed in a rather YouTube manner…  😀

There.  That’s enough Millennial D-Rock for now.  Time to go listen to some Nickelback.  I suddenly feel much better about their soundalike songs spread out over several years as opposed to several songs on the same album.  😀

Forgotten 45s – “Alternative Rock’s 1990s Downfall”

I remember hearing Bush’s Swallowed song on the radio back in its day on the way home from school.  It blended in with all the other songs trying to push the Grunge fad to its absolute limit…  😛

It took an article by The AV Club on Alternative Rock’s Messy Forgettable Death in the mid-90s popping up in my news feeds to even get me to remember this song.  I thought Stone Temple Pilots was brain dead back then.  Well…. at least I remembered their songs.  😛

Speaking of songs I actually remember, this Soundgarden one rings a bell, though through the garble of the school bus speakers I was always wondering why they were singing about “War On The Outside World” like a bunch of hermits.  😛

We knew though that the 90s boo hoo hoo music scene was out of gas when stuff like this was getting played and played though…  😛

I’m surprised this article missed a few songs that were a tad more coherent though, like Silverchair’s Freak.

What killed the 90s boo hoo hoo stuff for me though was the pathetic attempt to make Grunge into something acoustic.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the brainchild of some idiot talent scout who spent far too much of the early part of the 90s watching Unplugged and thought it would be cool to sign a mopey soppy band that never plugged up in the first place.  😛

Now combine all of that with raging teen hormones and drama and it’s pretty easy to see how I could get picked on for 4 straight years of high school for actually having some self-esteem.  😀

Actually, in light of how far the 90s went down the toilet musicwise, suddenly Nickelback doesn’t seem quite so bad…  🙂

Forgotten 45s – The Jets – You Got It All

This song is about as 80s pop as it gets, but I remember it getting a TON of radio play in the 90s too with the we-still-play-the-previous-decade thing on lite stations (the same was true for 70s lite hits in the 80s).  I remember it from my folks being fanatically obsessed with “Lite Music” on their stereo at home.  Yeah I know right?  My stepmother had one of those massive hi-fi stereos with the 3-way speakers that were several feet tall and had tweeters, a big full range, and a big woofer, then she put Phil Collins music through it or something like this.  😀

…and of course let’s include the generated version in case the record company goes on the warpath even though this video’s been on YouTube since 2009.

By the way, was that 50s diner scene some kind of nod to Michael Jackson?  I seem to remember a similar scene in Beat It’s video.  😀

Now the fun part.  What jogged my memory about this song?  Well… a really bad movie about a giant fake-looking shark trying to murder people in the Bahamas.  😀  Yes, Jaws: The Revenge.  The movie the bad LJN Nintendo game was based on.  😛  Saw it again on Netflix last night just for the heck of it, but finally noticed this song this time.  😀

Everyone repeat after me.  Mem-mo-ries….  😀  Nope.  Actually I didn’t find out that the Jaws game was based on The Revenge until the Armake21 days.  Even still, “the shark still looks fake.”  😀

Either way, what a way to remember an old song.  😀

Recently Forgotten 45s – Audioslave’s Be Yourself

I’m a tad late to the draw on this one, and have been gone from blogging for far too long as things have been a mess for me elsewhere, but I unequivocally associate this song with Spring of 2005.

What was so special about the Spring of 2005?  Nothing too much for me.  I had just gotten out on my own after a brief stint as a boomerang kid after coming home from college.  I was a hotshot just starting out at my first post-college job, and of course, this song played and played and played.

Nowadays though, I don’t even hear this on the “Y2K Radio” or 2000s nostalgia stations of any type.  Maybe in another 10 years we’ll see “Millennial Music” start getting romanticized.  20 years seems to be the magic number, at least if I compare how the 80s were treated in the 2000s….  😛

Forgotten 45s – Enigma – Return To Innocence – a.k.a. OHHHHH OH HI OH HI YI YAAAAAAA :-D

While we’re on the topic of Forgotten 45s and talking about 90s songs, how about one where for decades I didn’t know the name of the band, or the name of the song, but I sure knew the chanting quite well.  😀

It also didn’t help that I first started hearing this song around the same time that The Lion King first went big.  Glad that decades later I finally solved my little confusion problem.  😀  Posting this in case anyone else was in the same boat as me all these years.  😀