LinusThumbJokes – Round 2 :-D

“…and now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the ultimate demonstration of what NOT to do with a laptop.”  😀

“Dude!  This phone is so light it floats!!!”  😀

Even the most successful of big time Tech YouTubers can get caught sleeping on the job.  😀

“Awww yeah.  Got mah ‘puter.  Got mah hot dawgs.  We be livin’ it up y’all!”  😀

Cure your receding hairline the easy way with Microsoft Paint!!!  😀

When you spend all your money on gaming PCs they’d better be so awesome that you don’t need to spend any money on actual lights for your gaming room!  😀

“Dude!  I just needed twenty bucks for gas and it spat out this thing instead!”

…because why should Apple have all the fun making computers that look like “waste receptacles?”  😀

“G Skill made a swank keyboard that looks like beer before I spill my beer into it!  Nerd up nerd up nerd up!  Woo woo woo woo woo!!!”  😀


YouTuber Spotlight – Green Ham Gaming

Grab yourself a cup of tea, or a beer if that’s more your thing, because it’s time to talk about a YouTuber whose style of tech videos could make anyone do a double take.  🙂

In the few times I get related to other YouTubers, it’s usually either Druaga1 or Green Ham Gaming.  Most likely this is due to the casual “over the shoulder” style that I employ when tinkering with technology.  The idea is to create a virtual version of going over someone’s house and watching them tinker with something – something I’ve seen other YouTubers do with computers, cars, shopping trip “hauls”, you name it.  🙂

Trivia Alert – In my Playoutsideland spoof skit from 2012 I referenced going over a friend’s house being something you did on the Internet.  There’s a lot that this joke references.  Playstation Home at the time, Minecraft, Second Life, ActiveWorlds, perhaps YouTube videos as well…  😀  Right.  Let’s talk about Green Ham.  🙂

Tim James from Green Ham Gaming takes my tech video style and throws it completely in reverse (should I expect that because he’s from Australia?  😀 ).  Instead of casual film-first-ask-questions-later basically creating a more casual “go over a friend’s house and watch them mess with tech toys” approach he actually does a more narration-driven and cinematic type of video where if I wanted to try that myself I would record the narration into the video editing software first and then add clips later.  I’ve tried that a few times, though with how he seems to be inspiring some tech folks to try this themselves maybe I should join the fun.  😀

What First Got Me Watchin’:

This one’s an easy one.  I blogged about one of his videos shortly after discovering his channel in mid-2015 and did a RadioStyle podcast too – both regarding this video thingie…  😀

The rationale was simple.  I had recently tinkered with a Dell Optiplex 760 that I was taking from one building at the 925 to another and wondered if one could take a Core 2 Dell box and put a small GPU in it to make it into a gaming console.  I wouldn’t do that these days though unless I knew I could swap in an SFX power supply if the Dell “tube supply” ever died.  😦  I’m not in the business of getting snookered by proprietary nonsense anymore.  😦

Green Ham Gaming Today:

It’s little wonder folks relate me to Green Ham so much.  Mr. James has pet names for his systems, likes to make old computers dance, and has a gaming and multimedia focus on the computer tinkering that he does.  I don’t know if I should take that as a hint that folks might want more narration-driven content from me or not, but I might consider it when we’re not getting snowstorms every 3 days here in New England…  🙂

Shortly after seeing his console killer I also blogged about his little showdown between a $100 PC and an XBox 360…  🙂

…and yes he has this thing for smoking computers…  😀

Also worth noting – while I’ve been pondering something more along the lines of his style, the reverse has already happened.  Tell me if this seems familiar…  🙂

…and of course how could we forget The Incredible i5 Dell, perhaps the inspiration for my next Dellasaurus.  😀

Not to say he doesn’t already have a Dellasaurus…  😀

…or another Dellasaurus…  😀

…actually wait.  He seems to have a collection of them.  😀

… and a Gateway?

The fun thing is that it mostly doesn’t matter what order I paste these in.  A lot of the Green Ham videos are not all that time sensitive, so like other binge-watch-friendly channels one can easily bounce around through the back catalog until they’ve finally watched it all.

It is in light of this fact that I openly invite you to zip over there and start bouncing around the back catalog.  However, because this is a blog entry about Green Ham Gaming we owe it to ourselves to end with Shenmue’s Tomato Convenience Store theme again…  😀

Where Are The Greenmarks?!!  😀

LinusTechTips Is Gonna End Up With A YouTube Thumbnail Art Gallery… :-P

I’ve had my yay yays and neigh neighs with LinusTechTips over the years, but today has shown that there’s always something new around the bend.  😛

While I find some of this channel’s videos interesting from time to time, I also see a lot of what hurts tech videos on YouTube get standardized here, and apparently the latest controversy involves whether or not the channel’s thumbnails these days have crossed the line into “clickbait.”

Clickbait?  Really?  I’m thinking more along the lines of the thumbnails getting so outrageous that people start going to this channel’s page to gawk at thumbnails and not actually end up watching videos.  Let’s peruse the LinusTechTips art gallery, shall we?  :o)

In this corner, we see the veritable CPU Barfer Of Dooooooom!!!  😀  I don’t want to know what this guy barfing CPUs had for breakfast this morning. 😛

The Future Of Offline Gaming?  Oh deary me.  This looks more like PewDiePie playing Yahtzee.  Dice dice everywhere and a guy freaking out just for views.  Bro Fist!!!  😀

Alas Ye Knave!!!  I Shall Strike Thee Down!!!  😀  Computers meeting Renaissance Faire gobbledygook.  Woohoo.  Is the damsel in distress up the tower some kind of big pink HTPC?  😀

Don’t worry, Linus.  Your secret is safe with me.  :o)  Nobody has to know that you were merely framing a funky picture in front of Furmark instead of causing Fire And Ice Nuclear Armageddon… 😀

Awwww such a lovely bonding bromance between a big dude and a little laptop.  At least you two got a room, but be careful not to short anything out when you give it a ring.  😀

Whoa!!!  Dude!!!  It’s BLUE!!!  =-O  Totally saw it in Tron 30 years ago!!!  =-O  Tubular!!!  =-O  LOL.  😀

That computer’s way too young to be needing a computer version of a colonoscopy…  😛

“That was one heck of a scuba dive.  Oh wait…”  😀

By the way, I’ve only watched a grand total of ONE of these videos.  Perhaps at some point later on I’ll carve out the time, but for now I think chuckling at the thumbnails will be entertaining enough.  😀

I think I might know why YouTube traditionally hasn’t been too keen on folks going nuts with thumbnails…  😀

LinusTechTips Shows Why I “Don’t Want To Make Tech Videos”

In some of my administrative rants about the state of YouTube these days I’ve gone after people saying I should do nothing but tech videos with responses that tech videos are nothing exciting nowadays, and there are far too many tech videos on YouTube that are what I like to call “digital YouTube Ikea.”  Mass-produced, overpolished, seen-one-seen-’em-all videos, and in some cases, videos that do nothing more than rattle off what you can already read for yourself in an article or maybe even on

After seeing LinusTechTips get blasted in his comments section once before about “all your video did was rattle off the tech thingie’s specs on Amazon” or something like that, you’d think his team would take a hint.  Apparently not, and keep in mind in all of this, canned videos like this are why smaller channels like mine can’t get views because folks like me “aren’t good enough” when stuff like this becomes the standard.

Published on January 4th.  Meanwhile, the previous day on January 3rd…

Ars Technica – Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Review: Is The Desktop CPU Dead?

There you go.  You could read the article, and skim if need be and be informed that way, or send it to your mobile device and read it on your own time, or you can receive the exact same information in an 8-minute blurbfest from Linus’ talking head or whoever his host happens to be… at least… 8 minutes counting the in-video advertising that Linus’ folks sneak up on you with.  Hopefully you deprive this channel of watch minutes once I spoil for you that after the second said in-video ad it’s just the usual bugging people to subscribe YouTubeSOP crap.  By the way, they even tested on the chip on the EXACT SAME MOTHERBOARD that they snuck in a plug for!!!

Spoiler Alert – I Prefer You Glean This Knowledge Of Intel’s New Pillow Processor From Ars Technica!  🙂

Mass-produced stuff like this is why YouTube changed up their algorithms.  Unfortunately for channels like mine which chart their own course and don’t get wrapped up in that SOPbabble, in the public’s eye these videos are still the standard.  When does that change?  Ridiculous!

“Alexa, Embarrass My Kids On The Internet…” :-D

I don’t know what to make of situations like this.  On the one hand, all this talking computer stuff probably shouldn’t be something kids are involved with until the technology’s more mature.  On the other hand, kids make such great beta testers for something like this.  😀

What was he trying to hear anyways?  Something related to Tigger from Winnie The Pooh?  Or maybe “Digger Digger” or something?

Now we just need to see what happens to Echo Dot sales…  😀

YouTuber Spotlight – Hak5

Technically “Hak5Darren,” but we can get past silly technicalities when talking about the longest running tech show that I’ve been interested in on YouTube – ever.  🙂  Hak5 is a hacker/security/modder/tinkerer show that in no small way has influenced The Wacky World Of MultimediaJay and its more offbeat approach to things.  Plus their distinct lack of drama and insistence on keeping ownership of certain rights when joining networks has contributed to the show’s longevity in a day and age when even web shows can be cancelled on a whim like it’s still TV (TekZilla -> TekThing anyone?).

Two freebies for those wondering about this show’s influence on me.  The raster clips for time lapses in my videos hail back to the early days of Hak5 when they still called it “Hak Point 5” and “Jay’s Geekhouse” was at least partially inspired by the old “Hak 5 House.”  🙂

Channel Overview:

Hak5 was first introduced to me as a hacker show which doesn’t do the show justice.  It’s more along the lines of tinkering with things.  Part of that of course is hacking and network security, but I’ve also seen my fair share of mods, voiding warranties, snooping around “under the hood” of certain devices, and even iconic pet named tech thingies like the WiFi Pineapple.  🙂  Calling it a hacker show clouds what the show’s about and gets people thinking Hackers Vs. Security Admins at Defcon or something.  😛  Needless to say, as one of my favorite shows of all time on YouTube with a ton of longevity to boot, it’s definitely worth watching. 🙂

What First Got Me Watchin’:

Hak5 is basically the last remaining show that I still watch from the IPTV Introduction I watched on TechAnvil’s long gone channel back when he was doing Tech Vlogs in 2006.  (The exception being TWiT, which was audio at the time as Leo had returned to his radio roots).  Yes, we’re talking about vintage YouTube here from when I was first getting started 10 years ago, a.k.a. back in the day.  🙂  Nowadays the video is a who’s-who of shows that aren’t around anymore – except Hak5 of course.  🙂

The show being described as “hack scene” kind of veered me away for a bit due to my more multimedia presentation focus, but ultimately my curiosity got the better of me…  🙂

Fun stuff.  I was thinking I’d be looking at a Linux command prompt for an hour, but in my younger and dumber days (emphasis on the dumber) the idea of “hacking” meaning modding something was… a tad of something I hadn’t considered.  :o)

I actually sent the USB Hacksaw to the security admins at my 925 at the time and they were like, “Whoa hadn’t thought of that.”  Been paranoid about USB Autorun ever since.  🙂

By season 3, Hak5 was a show I wanted to binge watch.  Screw Netflix.  😛

I made plans to binge-watch from the beginning, and….  I’m still making plans all these years later.  😛  Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol.  :o)

I still watch the show, but just not in the way I wanted to back in the day…  🙂

The Hak5 Channel Today:

Besides still being around, Hak5 has become an umbrella of sorts.  Today they’re hacking things in 2 seconds apparently…  🙂

For things that just can’t wait until the next Hak5 show, they have ThreatWire, the first of their other shows I found out about.  🙂

TekThing is under their umbrella too these days.  Makes me wonder if the Hak5 folks are out to rival the TWiT network…  🙂  So long as what happened with Revision 3 doesn’t happen with these groups anytime soon.

This entry has been a long time in coming, but here’s to wishing all the best for Hak5 for decades to come.  🙂  They also have handled team changes exceptionally well too, so I’d say they even serve as a great example of how to develop a show like this in the first place.  🙂

Let’s close with a recent experiment of theirs with 360 degree video.  Cool stuff for the up-and-coming VR technology out there.  🙂

Trust Your Technolust indeed.  🙂