Ah Nice. The Trailer For The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Is Out. :-)

So this cinematic beast is what James Rolfe has been working on all this time.  So far – impressive.  It totally fits the Nerd theme, and incorporates a lot of his own personal nods to certain cinematic styles he’s mentioned that he likes over the years like 80s style movies and horror movies with cheesy special effects.  Plus, for anyone thinking the Nerd’s gone stale the past few episodes since coming back from shooting this movie, I think this trailer explains why if this little monster is where he’s been focusing his attention.  🙂

He’s certainly come a long way from this little vlog thing back in 2010 that first broke the news that he was looking at making a feature film.

Personally, I’m glad James has found so much success and fame, even if it’s only “silly Internet fame”, from the AVGN series.  Even if this movie turns out to be the Nerd’s magnum opus and he’s secretly hiding plans to hang up the controller and retire the character shortly after this movie goes to disc formats, I’d say bravo to the guy for doing so well with such a simple idea over the past several years.

As far as the movie goes, he mentioned a DVD release, but heck with that if the trailer’s in hi-def.  He should totally do a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack release for it.  I know with how much he was able to raise for this movie just from fan donations that a two-disc combo release should certainly be on the table in terms of post-theater distribution.  🙂


Blu-Ray Complementing DVD Instead Of Competing With It?

Since Blu-Ray Stats seems to be getting back into the swing of things both on their site and on Facebook I took a look at some of their articles, including one where one of the folks from the Blu-Ray Disc Association mentioned that Blu-Ray may end up complementing DVD rather than competing with and replacing it, and may not ever totally take over from DVD.

That’s quite believable despite some of the things I’ve heard from fans of the format.  DVD isn’t VHS all over again.  It’s a standardized mature disc technology that’s easily accessable and doesn’t have the same barriers-to-entry that its younger slicker cousin has.  I can find DVDs for dirt cheap (my least expensive DVD was Groundhog Day for $3 at a local discount store chain called Big Lots), they’ll play on smaller screens without the quality difference being as noticeable and without sucking as much power on portable devices, plus I already have a few Blu-Ray releases such as Spaceballs and 17 Again that include a DVD version of the movie with the Blu-Ray version, essentially ensuring that no matter what disc player someone has, something will play at least (unless the person has an HD-DVD player or something :-D).

This lines up quite well with other forms of home entertainment technology that have thrived despite not being the best quality.  MP3s for example became wildly popular despite not having the same quality as CDs.  Why?  Because they were easy to work with and convenient, plus not all listening conditions for music are optimal.  Instead of having to mess with a big CD changer one could have their entire digitized CD collection on a single MP3 player auto-sorting and shuffling between the various songs.  Some folks joke about nobody buying CDs anymore, but CDs are still very good for Fair Use digitizing for one’s various devices since the original CD gives you a free no-effort backup in case the unthinkable happens with the digitized files.  🙂

I can very easily imagine Blu-Ray complementing DVD and other lesser-quality formats where someone will see a movie on DVD or Netflix or something first on the cheap then want a copy for themselves at Blu-Ray’s quality.  I’ve actually already done that myself with one of the Blu-Rays I have.  There are also a few movies I already have on DVD that I’d like to find a Blu-Ray version for at some point too, so the idea could have some merit to it.  🙂


Blu Ray Stats – Blu-Ray Disc Association Offers Insights Into Blu-Ray Gains In 2011:  http://www.blu-raystats.com/NewsLog/2012/01/12/blu-ray-disc-association-offers-insights-into-blu-ray-gains-in-2011/

4K……. 8K……. OK :-P

Among some of the other things I’ve been hearing about from folks at CES was the current progress on the development of TV resolutions to match high-end film resolutions that are currently only viewable via projectors, such as 4K and 8K.  1080p might be on its way out as the flagship HD format in a few short years whenever 4k really starts to become widely available ……. or will it?  😉

As much as 1080p’s not even close to the best film resolution, I really think for home use we’ve really brushed up against the very edge of infinity here.  1080p’s a nice sharp picture and more importantly with such a high amount of fine detail in a screen we’re now brushing up against physical limitations in terms of seeing all the detail.  As my folks have recently reminded me last time we went back and forth about 720p vs. 1080p, whenever they finally stop using tube TVs, quality won’t matter as much to them since a lot of the time they may be watching everything from a distance with or without their glasses.  😛

1080p seems to have a physical limit of 37-40″ before you can really start seeing all the extra quality from a moderate distance on a TV, which is why I got a good laugh out of 1080p laptops when they first came out.  Some manufacturers were gutsy enough to advertise “Full HD laptops” with blippy little 16″ screens.  Yeah.  Sure.  Maybe I’ll be able to see all the 1080p goodness on those with a good magnifying glass.  😛  Fortunately, the manufacturers realized their little oopsie, and backed off on that a bit, opting for a more conservative 1600×900 or 1366×768 and saving the 1080 stuff for jumbo-sized laptops, but even that’s pushing it a bit.

With these kinds of issues, how will size be compounded even more with 4K or 8K?  What will be the minimum size then for it to be worth it?  A 37″ TV can be carried by oneself if one is careful, but too far above 40″ and that TV becomes a team lift.  Go much higher than that and who knows?  Do we really want people’s living room TVs to start making rearranging the living room into a big ordeal?  Perhaps at some point folks will just opt for a projector instead.  😉

The other thing to consider is storage.  Blu-Ray in its current state is quite a crowded little disc.  I heard some Blu-Ray fans hailing the format for its anti-scratch coating thinking that was pretty cool and stuff but let’s have a little reality check here – that anti-scratch coating is necessary in order for the format to be practical.  It’s crazy just how little it takes to make a Blu-Ray disc not play correctly.  A fleck of dust that floated onto the disc’s surface or the tiniest smudge of finger oil can cause a movie to skip.  With that level of precision, there aren’t that many options for further expansion of discs without increasing the disc size, though I have heard of plans to add lots and lots of layers instead.  I don’t know.  Some of Blu-Ray’s little quirks sometimes make me wonder if the quality loss in exchange for a more mature technology that’s easier to play without the player screwing up might make upscaled DVD more worth it again…  😛

The good thing about these up-and-coming resolutions is that it’s great for filling out the high-end for the enthusiast market and folks with money to burn who might want a 70-something inch TV in their living room with the pixels to fill it with all kinds of nice detail, but when we get to 8K, we’re talking about an IMAX-quality screen in someone’s living room.  How’s that going to work?  Hmmmmmm…….  🙂

Technology’s always a good thing of course.  It’d be nice for TVs like the big flat panel in Back To The Future Part 2 to be available for the home market by 2015, since we’re obviously not going to have flying cars, hoverboards, self-fitting self-drying clothes, or hydrated pizzas by then.  :o)  Practicality though, as my folks have been reminding me, will still be the word of the day, and it’d be great for consumers to have a lot of options to pick from to choose screens, resolutions, sizes, etc., for wherever they happen to want a screen in their lives.  🙂