Ladies And Gentlemen, The Leader Of The Free World… :-P

Another zinger from Placeboing.  😛  Oh brother.  😛

Disturbingly hilarious though.  😀  Placeboing may have too much free time but at least said free time is “constructively used.”  😀


Dear Internet Contrarians, It IS Gamers’ Fault If They Keep Playing Into Gaming Industry Shenanigans!!!

There are people on the Internet who like disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing.  The results vary from people getting mad to stuff that’s far worse, but it really gets annoying for someone like me when people start disagreeing on purpose just to draw traffic to their website or social media pages regarding the nonsense that’s been going on for years in the gaming industry.

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…Yeah. :-P About That “Ashley Madison Thing…” :-P

There were two reasons for me to hop on the microphone about this story.  I could either jump on the bandwagon with all the other folks chiming in on this, or I could chime in because there was a nerdy element to it somewhere…  😛

I chose the latter.  🙂  Here’s my commentary as well as other folks’ two cents from YouTube on this matter.  🙂

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The Archfiend:

The Young Turks:


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Secular Talk:

The Folks At TWiT – Tech News Today:

“That Which Has Been Is Now And That Which Is To Be Has Already Been Mutha[bleepbleep]!!!” :-P

The idea of history repeating itself is all over the place, from movies to pop culture to philosophy…  Even the Bible takes a swing at it in Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 (from which the title of this entry is rather irreverently paraphrased).  Needless to say, the idea of us as human beings doing the same things over and over again as creatures of habit, including sometimes doing the same stupid things over and over again, is hardly anything new.  😛

Thus, this video trending on social media of a bunch of footage from the 90s show Dinosaurs set to a Notorious B.I.G. rap track has oddly become the latest example of this.  Needless to say, this isn’t the sort of thing one would want to be viewing at work or with the kids around…  😛

Here’s the thing though.  With the whole thing of “history repeats itself” you’d think we wouldn’t be out to make this happen so precisely that just last decade there was a viral video going around of “sentient dinosaur creatures” set to gangsta rap…   (Well… 1998 but it was still quite viral by the time YouTube launched in the 2000s.  :-P)

We are such creatures of habit lol.  Let me guess.  Next decade someone has another “gangsta dinosaur video” set to 50 Cent’s In Da Club or something….  😛

Regarding TotalBiscuit’s Cancer Diagnosis And Health Issues In One’s 30s

I’ve been looking for where to draw the line between this blog and my “Radio” series in terms of responses to things I see online, but I was hoping some of the things I write about to get back into the swing of things on this blog could be more upbeat than this.  Sadly, life often has other things in store for us as we all know.

It’s really too bad that this colorectal cancer diagnosis is now what John “TotalBiscuit” Bain is associated with these days.  Type “TotalBiscuit” into YouTube and YouTube autocomplete’s first suggestion in case you wanted to type more is “TotalBiscuit Cancer.”  Not anything related to gaming or his successful YouTube channel, not anything like “WTF Is” or something, just this disease that he was diagnosed with over the past month.

First, as much as it may sound bizarre that a guy my age is dealing with this nonsense, he did mention that it’s a family thing in his family so in this case we have some simple genetics at work here, but I often wonder why people aren’t open to the idea of health issues in their 30s.  My own late mother, who lost a battle with melanoma when I was in kindergarten, went through all of that in her 30s after slow-roasting herself getting tan after tan after tan in Florida in her 20s.

I think some of this might be denial on our part.  We have this thing for youth culture, bombard our kids and teenagers with this stuff glamorizing their teen years until they hit age 20, and then there’s the whole “college kid” thing covering the 20s.  Afterwards we start with the “new” jokes, like 30s being the new 20s, 40s being the new something else’s, etc.  Nevermind the fact that when someone hits age 30 they’re closer to being 50 than being a baby.  😛

Age happens, including during those decades we like to associate with being “young”, whether we like it or not.  Earlier this week now that I finally have some real insurance again after being stuck in temp doldrums before the Affordable Care Act started up I finally got to go to the dentist again and have my teeth excavated.  Felt great afterwards, but my hygienist was still talking to me like I’m some kind of kid.  My barber who’s way up there in years calls me “kiddo” too, but both of these folks are a little goofy.  However on a more serious note our denial of aging as we know it shows up in my face on YouTube whenever I see someone poke fun at James Rolfe for his receding hairline or weight issues as he’s in his 30s too.  Makes me wonder if the AVGN movie is going to be the magnum opus of the AVGN if not for age reasons, but because people keep putting James under the microscope because he’s a human being just like the rest of us and gets old too.

My best wishes are with John and his family as they deal with upcoming cancer treatments.  I do think, however, that people need to wake up and stop being so superficial.  Bain, Rolfe, and myself are far-removed from our teen years where the social mythos is that people are “indestructible”, and that “indestructible” thing is false to begin with, as my own high school class found out when our first death in the class was one of our guys getting killed in a car accident less than six months after graduation.

Here’s also to hoping I find more upbeat stuff to write about on here.  🙂