Cassettes + Kids = LOL (Again) :-D

I guess the old “introduce kids to their parents’ technology and electronics” gag just never gets old.  😀  Revision 3’s Tech Feed News did a pilot for introducing “Screen-ers” as I hear our kids are being called these days (among other things like “digital natives” and Generation Z) to the technology of their parents (or perhaps grandparents if the show eventually goes back far enough  :-D).

If you’re a veteran YouTuber and this video seems strangely familiar to you, it’s probably because there was a similar video uploaded in 2011.  🙂

All things considered, I’m not really a big fan of this “accenting the generation gap” stuff because the kids are right.  Our technology DID suck.  I highly doubt even the most diehard of nostalgic folks my age or older really fondly remember having cassette players “eat tapes” or VCRs eating tapes for that matter.  Forget the cassette squeaking noises you may hear as sound effects on stuff like Sirius XM Classic Rewind.  If that really happened in the middle of playing a song it was usually bad news.  😛  Oh by the way, how about that analog hiss and quality degradation when your tape got worn out?  Yeah.  I don’t miss that stuff.  😛

Then there were CDs in the days before CD burning where you paid $18.98/CD for maybe one or two songs that you liked and since there was no burning yet you had to play the original CD until it got all scratched up or your cheap CD player gave you the dreaded label-side scratch that wrecked the disc so even scratch kits wouldn’t work – if they ever worked to begin with.  Let’s just say I never had any luck with scratch kits.  😛

Then there was the crossover technology of MP3 CDs where instead of having gigs of storage you had 650-700 MB only and the MP3 CD could still get scratched, but at least you could burn another one.  😛  …yeah.  I don’t think we’ll be seeing a repeat of the vinyl nostalgia that we saw with Boomers who swear that records sound better than CDs or digital music.  😀

My Sandisk Sansa player is old and beat up, but even that mid-2000s MP3 player blows away the cassette and CD stuff I had to put up with when I was in middle school and high school.  Oh yeah.  Bring on the awesome new stuff that blows away all my nostalgic old stuff.  The bad old days of worn-out cassettes and scratchy CDs are days I’ll gladly leave behind, though I’ll still buy CDs….. to digitize them of course.  🙂


“Hitler Tea Kettle” = Social Media Gaffe – No Words Necessary

Ahhhh poor ol’ JC Penney.  They just can’t catch a break.  I’ve heard of their various store and leadership woes as yet another retail chain that was hot in the 80s and 90s but can barely keep itself afloat these days, their revolving door CEOs, etc.  They’ve come a long way from “D-D-Doin’ It Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight” – in the wrong direction.  😛

In the midst of all this nutty business stuff though, someone in their marketing department screwed up royally and created a billboard advertising a tea kettle that… well… Reddit had a little fun with this.  😛

UK Telegraph – Kettle That Looks Like Hitler Brews Trouble For JC Penney

This is just a classic example of one of those AV things I remember from college about stupid little things that can affect or even ruin your presentation.  Heck, it’s not just the billboard either.  That same picture is on the box too if you go digging for images of this Michael Graves flubsterpiece.  😛  Really it’s that one picture that ruins it.  JC Penney could have avoided this mess altogether by simply taking that shot at a different angle instead of making the “Hitler picture” the promo pic for this kettle.  😀  Better yet, why not just show the kettle in a nice-looking photo studio kitchen instead of this synthetic antigravity handle picture against a plain white background?  😛  Of course, if this picture hadn’t existed someone probably would have tried to make it themselves at home and put it online, but at least then the PR response could just be that someone had a warped imagination, not anything related to the company itself.

Still though, with how Reddit blew up about this and JC Penney had to start apologizing all over the place on Twitter, this just shows what kind of precedent we’re dealing with here.  Previously, one would have to actually say something or something like that to end up with a social media gaffe going viral and embarrassing the living daylights out of them.  Now – forget it.  Just have a badly-composed picture somewhere.  😛  What’s this world coming to?

…but at least the kettle’s selling out all over the place now.  Should help the old retail chain with their struggling sales.  :o)

Headset Mics Should Be Anathema In The AV World

Lately I’ve been utterly furious with how Play Some Schtuff has been whenever I can’t use my Blue Yeti, like when recording console games, the most recent example being my quick video on Endless Ocean, easily one of my most boring videos ever.  >:-(

Endless Ocean in and of itself is a “boring” relaxing game that one can easily unwind with after a long hard day, similar to Flower on the PS3.  Then on top of the game’s inherent “Relax Trax” look and feel, my obnoxious headset mic, despite being a Sennheiser, made me sound like I was about to nod off.  The way this mic is, unless I’m trying to be the next UrinatingTree or something and do something like this…

…a headset mic will make me sound like I’m about to fall asleep and take a few fellow awake human beings with me.  😛  I’m not the only one who’s noticed this annoying issue either.  Armake21 really lowered the boom on this issue earlier.

Funny he mentioned “premium headsets.”  Reminded me of Kitchen Nightmares one time when Gordon Ramsay bashed the ridiculous idea of “gourmet nachos.”  😛  Either way, I wasn’t about to take this little technical hitch lying down.  I got my revenge, by getting a new table stand for my old pre-Yeti microphone that did all the Play Some Schtuff videos in years past.  >:-)

…then again, it’s my own fault for bothering with these headset mics in the first place.  I did do a vlog back in 2011 comparing the sound quality of various types of microphones.

I think ultimately what has gone on here is that headset mics aren’t known for their great quality, even when advertised as “deluxe gaming headsets.”  Outside of Ventrilo and heavily-compressed realtime communications that aren’t supposed to interfere bandwidthwise with online gaming, the quality of what one can upload to YouTube these days has caught up with headset mics.  It’s like all those people back in the day who used the video feature on their digital cameras for their YouTube videos.  As YouTube got better, the low quality stood out more and more, and today, HD digital and smartphone cameras and their wobbly CMOS sensors have made it pretty much a necessity to have a real camcorder even for SD videos with how low-end cameras are almost-all CMOS these days instead of CCD.

Headset mics have gone the same route.  Maybe in 2007 on a 100 MB max upload one could use their gaming headset they had lying around from their last round of Counter Strike, but not on today’s YouTube with what one can upload today (like those people who love pushing YouTube’s limits with those 10-hour loop videos lol).  I think it’s safe to say that myself and Armake shouldn’t be the only ones retiring our headset mics for good.  How about we close this entry with one last headset mic frustration video for the road.  🙂

Ah Nice. The Trailer For The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Is Out. :-)

So this cinematic beast is what James Rolfe has been working on all this time.  So far – impressive.  It totally fits the Nerd theme, and incorporates a lot of his own personal nods to certain cinematic styles he’s mentioned that he likes over the years like 80s style movies and horror movies with cheesy special effects.  Plus, for anyone thinking the Nerd’s gone stale the past few episodes since coming back from shooting this movie, I think this trailer explains why if this little monster is where he’s been focusing his attention.  🙂

He’s certainly come a long way from this little vlog thing back in 2010 that first broke the news that he was looking at making a feature film.

Personally, I’m glad James has found so much success and fame, even if it’s only “silly Internet fame”, from the AVGN series.  Even if this movie turns out to be the Nerd’s magnum opus and he’s secretly hiding plans to hang up the controller and retire the character shortly after this movie goes to disc formats, I’d say bravo to the guy for doing so well with such a simple idea over the past several years.

As far as the movie goes, he mentioned a DVD release, but heck with that if the trailer’s in hi-def.  He should totally do a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack release for it.  I know with how much he was able to raise for this movie just from fan donations that a two-disc combo release should certainly be on the table in terms of post-theater distribution.  🙂

A Treatise On My Utter Hatred Of CMOS Cameras :-P

In my most recent RadioStyle segment on YouTube I mentioned my current camera predicament.  The only viable camera I have for recording any videos now is my Fuji F50fd digital camera from 2007 because my Samsung SMX that was not even 2 years old yet went into the drink.  =(  Yeah.  I was filming a video about cheap food from Ocean State Job Lot with the camera on a spider tripod in front of a Shin bowl of spicy Korean ramen noodles and bumped the tripod, sending the camera head first into the soup.  Oops.  =(  What I should have done was use a regular tripod with the legs near the floor and the giraffe-neck extended way up over the table so if I bumped the tripod the camera would’ve just moved forward a bit and stop as the tripod hit the table rather than tumbling forward tripod-and-all into the soup.  I’m really bummed out about that.  I liked that camera, and to lose it to something so stupid when I’m supposed to be a multimedia geek here was just humiliating.  I know my old AV friends from college would be laughing their you-know-whats off.  =(

I finally decided on a cheap SD Sony Handycam from B&H Photo and Video just to have something besides a digital camera to record YouTube videos with for largely one big reason.  The Handycam had a CCD instead of a CMOS sensor.  CMOS sensors are taking over the world right now, but I happen to be one of the fanatical rebels who utterly despises them and will avoid them like the plague as much as I possibly can.  Why?  Keep reading.  😛

“Tube It Tube It Everybody’s Doin’ It”

This old Renetto video from the heydays of “Celebrity Video Bloggers” on YouTube really sums up the effects of YouTube on the sort of stuff I’ll be talking about here.  😛

Sadly, one of the side effects of the YouTube era has been that everybody and their mother’s uncle grabs the cheapest crappiest camera they can find (usually in their smartphone these days), shoots the cheapest crappiest “guerilla filming” stuff they can manage, and thinks they’re going to be the big Internet equivalent of a huge Hollywood star, then often whines and cries when they aren’t.  😛  I’ve never really been too big of a fan of the whole video blogging craze that took off along with YouTube and made the site what it is today.  I tried generic vlogging a few times, even did a few different video blog series in the late 2000s, then finally saw the fad for the waste of bandwidth that it was, started text blogging instead (much easier and quicker than messing with videos, as this blog has shown this year versus my YouTube activity), and saved my video uploads for more interesting stuff, especially when AT&T slapped their customers with bandwidth caps a few years back for the first time ever, destroying one of the edges their DSL and U-Verse services had over cable companies, but that’s another old rant for another old day.  Let’s just say that nowadays if I do a video that consists entirely of myself sitting in front of the camera talking, something’s not right.  😛

…Then The March Towards Cheap “Craperas” Began…  😛

All of this YouTubing though (as this vlogging is called that of course made YouTube a verb in some cases) has had the nasty side effect of putting downward pressure on camera makers to make cheaper cameras that were only a little less complete crap than the cheap cameras of yesteryear.  When I was growing up, video cameras were for people with money to burn.  They were expensive, bulky, clunky, and rarely seen in the circles I grew up in unless they were secondhand.  😛  Same thing with digital cameras when they first started taking off.  It was cool when my school was able to afford a single Sony Digital Mavica camera in the late 1990s that used floppy disks for storage and my InfoTech teacher used to joke about “hold on I gotta get some more film” when going to the computer room to get more floppies for pictures.  😛  Over time of course the technology matured and things got cheaper, but even when I was first getting into YouTube as it was taking off you were looking at around $300 for a decent palm cam and many of us (myself included) were using crappy video features on sub-$300 digital cameras to make videos with.

This was back during the days when “YouTube video” was synonymous with “crappy video from someone’s cheap digital camera” instead of the commercial high-production-value stuff we see from those generic at-least-quasi-commercial channels these days that beg people to like, favorite, comment, and subscribe every single video.  😛  I started out with a cheap Kodak digital camera, then took the plunge with a Canon Elura DV Tape camcorder ($300) in late 2006 when I wanted to try chroma-keying and when YouTubing had become a regular hobby for me, but even that 1CCD camera was $300.  Nowadays thanks to a deluge of cheap CMOS sensors instead of decent camcorders getting cheaper, crappy webcams are getting more and more upscale and eating up the low end in the camcorder world.  To finish off the history bit, I later upgraded to a Fuji Finepix F50fd on the digital camera front which I recorded all my videos with after the Elura’s tape mechanism broke in 2008, until finally getting a new camcorder with the now-recently-deceased Samsung SMX in February of 2011.

I fear what’s happening with cameras will parallel what happened with computers, similar to how the Megapixel Myth eerily resembled the Megahertz Myth.  All this cheap stuff will become so common and so popular that people will be suckered into thinking the technology’s cheaper when in reality they’re just surrounded by so much crap that said crap becomes the new normal.  😛  Computers used to have price tags around $1000 for a decent system.  Today, $1000 is still the price of a decent system, but most folks don’t notice it because they can make do with $300 crap machines that do the basics for them instead of building a decent gaming PC that’s fast, stable, in a solid metal case instead of a cheap plastic thing, etc.  Likewise, decent CCD camcorders can still be found, at least for now, but these CMOS cameras can go much lower and chew up all that market share, meaning there’s not much reason left to make decent CCD camcorders cheaper because as we’ve seen with other format wars or equipment wars in the world of multimedia, the ignorant mainstream crowd always wins out over the informed enthusiast crowd even if the enthusiasts have a better pulse on what’s the best.  😛

When CMOS Comes To Town…

A quick browse around B&H Photo & Video’s site reveals this malady of CMOS cameras taking over the world.  CCD cameras continue their vanishing act while CMOS cameras take over the scene, slowly but surely eliminating consumer choice in image sensors at various price points, especially on the low end.  The ongoing demise of 3CCD shows this in no uncertain terms.  Once the creme de la creme of video cameras, 3CCD once made its way from the professional video world down to us regular folks’ territory via $400 3CCD camcorders several years ago.  Today, if I want 3CCD, I have to spend $2000 on a low-end JVC professional camera.  😛  3CCD still holds out on cameras with 5-digit price tags though, in case I ever want to have a camera that costs more than some folks’ cars.  😛

So why do I hate CMOS so much?  Because to the untrained masses out there engaging in the aforementioned “YouTubing”, CMOS cameras see differently than CCD cameras or even our own eyes.  They don’t have a global shutter so in situations where the camera is vibrating or even MOVING, you get this ugly rolling shutter “Jello effect” that makes the videos you’re shooting with your camera look like crappy wobbly webcam footage even on more expensive cameras that you didn’t pick up at your pharmacy for $20.  😛  Basically, here’s a nice comparison video.

CCDs, venerable as the technology is in terms of age and power-efficiency, are immune to this crap.  Unfortunately, it’s CMOS that’s on the rise.  Now combine this technobabble with the YouTubing phenomenon I mentioned earlier and try to think of it from an AV Geek’s perspective.  Yeah.  Not good.  😛  Like sloppy pigs, people will be so used to wallowing around in utter crap that they’ll no longer give a darn about whether they can produce anything of decent quality without buying studio equipment.  😛

The Future Of “YouTubing” Is Bleak Indeed

I mentioned Renetto earlier, one of the former hot shot “celebrity video bloggers” from the heydays of such “celebrity video blogging” on YouTube before all this commercial stuff took over.  You know, back when the “You” was still somewhat in “YouTube” and the “Broadcast Yourself” motto was still taken literally by many people as well as actually displayed on their logo?   😛  Has Renetto’s formula changed much?  Not exactly, and he’s completely playing into all the stuff I was worried about earlier, like in this vlog he did earlier this year.  😛

Yes, this was shot in 2012, on a contemporary digital camera with a CMOS sensor.  Get Yo Wobble On every time the darn thing moves!  😛  Oh, but at least it’s “IN HDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!”  😛  This is almost as laughable as HD webcams were when I first heard about them given webcams’ long reputation for crappy internet video quality.  “HD Webcam” for me was synonymous with “Sporty Ford Focus” or something like that.  The two just don’t go together very well.  😛  Well now I can rejoice, because with CMOS sensors taking over the world, soon everybody will have a nice wobbly jiggly “HD Webcam” look to their videos.  Woohoo!!!  😛

Sad.  Just sad.  I’m just wondering when the day’s going to come when I’m going to have to hold my nose and make the switch to wobbly CMOS cameras because there’s nothing else left.  :-\  Right now a major deterrent is that even my digital camera still has a CCD, since the Fuji Finepix F-series from those days had the SuperCCD technology in them which led to video quality on YouTube that was about on par with DV tape camcorders at the time, previously unheard of in a digital camera, which is why I wound up getting one.  🙂

When that camera finally dies….  yeah.  I’ll try not to think about it.  =(  I just hope some other technology comes along that brings back a global shutter look to cameras and kills off CMOS sensors.  Hmmm…  Maybe QuantumFilm?  🙂