Ad Blockers Potentially Burying YouTube Videos – A Lesson In How To Expose A Toxic YouTube Audience

Nothing brings out the toxic part of your audience on YouTube or elsewhere quite like having the balls to call out problem behavior from those viewers that YouTubers are allegedly always supposed to kiss up to.  The comments on this “me having cojones” discussion have been quite telling in terms of confirming what I already suspected about a demographic in my YouTube audience that is responsible for the most negative and toxic responses that I’ve gotten to my uploads over the last 10+ years.

The concepts discussed herein are quite simple.  YouTube breaks from the mold as a video-hosting site, and that’s one of the reasons why it has done so well.  Rather than operate like a server farm where you are renting storage for content, the site runs like a giant TV network following the usual business model of traditional media.  Sell advertising, strike other commercial deals, and use the revenue from this to acquire and deliver content that draws people in, grows the audience/traffic/activity, which then lets them negotiate for better advertising revenue, etc. etc.

Ad blockers cut directly into that, and although I know why people use ad blockers, like pop-up malware and invasive advertising on certain websites, for a long time I thought the people using ad blockers on YouTube were trying to screw YouTube.

I was wrong – they are most likely screwing YouTubers instead.

As usual one can’t discern the inner workings of YouTube because that’s kept under wraps to keep people from knowing exactly how to play the system, nor can one talk about the money they make from YouTube ad revenue sharing per the terms of service, but without mentioning any actual earnings amounts some numbers in my channel’s own analytics for January have me thinking that ad blockers serve to help bury videos and ultimately hurt the YouTube channels that people allegedly support.

First, let’s talk about 2016.  The most viewed video was Windows 8 Vs. The Dellasaurus with ~42,000 views which put it over 100,000 views total – my first video to ever break that milestone.  Yet despite all that activity the ad revenue was horrendous for the year compared to the #2 video on the views list – First Impressions Of The Magic Chef Portable Dryer.  ~33,000 views and a ton more revenue.  This continues with the #3 video.  Geekhouse Laundry With The Magic Chef Portable Washer at ~32,000 views and the most ad revenue all year by quite the margin, but no dollar amounts of course.  🙂

Windows 8 Vs. The Dellasaurus, however, pales in comparison to Geekhouse Laundry in terms of watch minutes, the new standard for whether YouTube promotes a video or not.  145 grand versus 136 grand for the year, suggesting to me that Win8 Vs. The Dellasaurus’ recent success will be more of a flash in the pan.  Lest we forget, Win8 vs. the Dellasaurus is from 2012.  It took half a decade to get as popular as it is.  The laundry videos were uploaded at the end of 2015 and are both at or approaching the 40k views mark, increasing faster than Dellasaurus did in the same time period.

Dellasaurus is a fluke, and so are its followups.  For the most part the only tech videos on the Top 10 for the year are Dellasaurus videos – the sole exception being my response to the Tek Syndicate drama – so the tech videos actually making it into the rankings are riding the coattails of this megafluke known as the Dellasaurus.

I can confirm this with my recent experience with long streaks of tech videos.  With all the hassling I get from people about how I should never ever ever ever make anything but tech videos, the flatlining view counts that hit about 300 maybe and then die tell a completely different story.  It’s like nothing I do matters anymore when it comes to technology and YouTubing, even though I like technology and YouTubing.

The laundry videos, meanwhile, practically promote themselves.  They also happen to smoke the crap out of all the tech videos in the top list for revenue.  Coincidence?  I think not.

This trend continues into January 2017 as my frustrations with the lack of channel growth have mounted.  Here’s the two videos I was talking about in the discussion.  January’s a dog month for YouTube trying to pay its bills via advertising and commercial deals, but even in this dog month we have this sort of stuff going on.

Geekhouse Laundry – not a tech video – 2805 views.  The Pentium G4560 RadioStyle Podcast – Tech Video – 2168 views.  Both in the 2-3 grand range.  Without mentioning any amounts the ad revenue difference is literally dollars and cents.

This pattern continues, as does the pattern of the laundry videos practically promoting themselves on YouTube even though I fancy myself as more of a multimedia guy.  This is hardly a coincidence.  Considering how YouTube pays its bills, why would they want to promote dog videos whose ad revenue is wrecked by ad blockers except for massive activity flukes like Dellasaurus?

This explains a lot, and gives me a path forward should I want this YouTube channel to get to the point where it can challenge any 925 job that I have in terms of whether I need the 925 job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning tech videos.

Another key difference is demographics.  The laundry videos are more evenly represented in terms of men and women watching.  Matter of fact it seems like whenever the ladies show up things get amazing.  😀  Go girl power!!!  😀  LOL.  😀  However I think besides more equal gender representation as opposed to the usual tech dudefest the laundry videos represent a more mainstream demographic that is less likely to use ad blockers, so this presents an opportunity to continue making tech content by focusing on presenting it to mainstream audiences, like helping people get over their technophobia.  That would actually be something I would love to do.  I like helping people get over their fear of computers.  It may insult the intelligence of the toxic nerds clubbing my channel’s knees with their ad blockers, but it’s business as usual, a.k.a. demographics as usual.

Let’s fast forward to this week where I finally decided to start catering to this demographic again after formally apologizing to them via pinned comments.  Watch time is, in this order:  Washer video at 964 watch minutes, dryer video at 865, Geekhouse Kitchen at 763.  Intel Is Its Own Worst enemy is way down at 438.  The tech videos drop off A LOT from there in this new gold standard for which videos YouTube promotes.

For views, the top 3 are all appliance videos.  Dryer – Washer – Sunbeam Hot Shot.  In that order.  Ad revenue has a big drop off for Geekhouse Kitchen, most likely due to tech video people with their potential ad blockers representing most of the views thusfar.  When that switches over I expect things to change.

I wonder if this is why BBISHOPPCM regularly takes a break from tech stuff to review something in his kitchen.  😀

Regardless, this is where my entrepreneurial drive and formal business background will kick into gear.  I’m curious if I can get to the point where I have enough mainstream videos that I can start paying for tech toys for the tech videos with money from helping the mainstream crowd.  Perhaps some of the folks biting their tongues to not call me a sellout who are bellyaching about my candor might want to keep that in mind.

At the end of the day, every business or other public-facing thing has to answer the demographics question.  Who do you want to attract, and who do you want to repulse?  If you don’t answer this question, life will answer it for you, and you may not like the answer.  Better to answer it yourself.  I may upload content with the deliberate intentions of repulsing some of the more toxic individuals who are complaining about me calling out users of ad blockers, but this is something I ultimately have to take charge of, as opposed to continuing to be victimized by it.


The YouTube Audio Library Now Has Its Own Category :-)

The YouTube Audio Library has created a feedback loop for my YouTube endeavors lately.  I’ve been liking the tracks more and more, and I’ve been getting more and more compliments about the background music from the YTAL that I’ve been using in my various videos these days, or at least people wondering where the music is from even though I mention YTAL in multiple places.  🙂

Because of this, YTAL now has its own category on here, which is a good thing considering I’m looking at potentially consolidating the categories on here as part of a larger blog cleanup to tidy things up around here.  🙂

A Solution To This Blog Mess – FINALLY!!! :-D


It’s time to sort out this blog mess once and for all and actually talk about a solution, since last time I mentioned a bunch of catch-up posts that I not only haven’t posted, but have no desire to post anytime soon.  This one little catch-up bluh bluh issue is the big reason why this blog has been nearly on ice for a few months.

What’s been missing in all of this is a little something I’ve heard from Blizzard administrators before – Concentrated Coolness.  Basically, if you get involved in multiple websites like this you want to make your presence on the sites iconic in a way so that your audience has a compelling reason to visit your other sites without you having to nag people or anything like that.

For my video sites, YouTube and DailyMotion are iconic in the sense that my plans are to upload different types of videos to the sites.  Namely anything that gives me trouble on YouTube will get converted to DailyMotion, and YouTube will largely be about the Tech, Vlog, Audio Commentary, and some of my Gaming video series while DailyMotion will be about Gaming, Classics, and more Odds And Ends type stuff that I don’t want to put on YouTube.

The rest of my Web 2.0 presence however, is nowhere near as clearly defined, and that has been the source of the problems with this blog, especially since I started messing with Twitter awhile ago.

This blog, which I’ve previously wanted to serve as an alternative way of subscribing to my videos since YouTube has its own set of issues in that area.  While I do retain the MultimediaJay category for video uploads with writeups or additional commentary, too much of that category lately has been devoted to large groups of video embeds and catch-up posts as opposed to something more current.

This was further compounded by my initial experimentation with Twitter, and trying to find a niche with Twitter that wouldn’t step on the toes of this blog.  Ultimately, after considering the strengths and weaknesses of the sites, I’ve decided to use Twitter as the alternate subscription setup of choice.  This blog will feature my videos in larger chunks when I feel like putting together a compilation of sorts, so whereas individual posts of a set of videos will go to Twitter as they’re posted, when I finish the set if I want to make a blog post with all the videos in it I’ll eventually get around to posting it here in the MultimediaJay category.

In return, I’ll also post blog entries on Twitter too, and have Twitter become the new united feed of sorts.  I’ve also been tossing around the idea of experimenting with SoundCloud as an alternative to YouTube for audio recordings, though if there ever were a YouTube for Audio, I’d be there in an instant instead of messing with the YouTube series for it, but myself and other YouTubers essentially audio-podcast on YouTube largely because of a lack of options on the audio side of things that offers similar features to YouTube.

Hopefully this new focus for Twitter vs. this blog can set a standard that in terms of concentrated coolness, this blog will be for longer opinion articles, commentary on other YouTubers’ videos, and “season set” posts as it were, ending the blurred boundaries between this blog and my Twitter feed.

Now to see if I can put up or shut up with this one.  🙂

How Not To Run A Blog :-P


….yeah.  😛  Looks like I’ve done an absolutely swell job of showing the world just how to back oneself into a corner and kill a text blog for a couple of months.  In my zeal for having some kind of “Web 2.0 Empire” of sorts I wanted this blog to serve at least as an alternative way of seeing my various YouTube and Dailymotion videos, then fell behind on update posts leading to big posts of nothing but video embeds and eventually just stopping for a few months.

Then, to make things even dumber for myself, I wound up starting a Twitter page for quick responses to things like stuff in the news that overlaps the scope of this blog, relegating it to a place for longer opinion articles in addition to video posts and video commentary.

Perhaps I should ditch the bravado and stop making such ambitious plans without figuring out how I’m going to stay current with them.  Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  😛

Expect an eventual deluge of YouTube and Dailymotion embeds to catch all of this up, then more regular posts that are embeds, YouTube video commentaries, or other stuff that I don’t just have on Twitter.  🙂

Now to find some way to quit being so stupid about this lol.  🙂  Anyhoo.  🙂

Changes R Us For 2014, Beginning With The Menus… :-P

“Change” has been my big word on YouTube lately with me reshuffling what I upload to the site as well as making plans to open up an additional channel on DailyMotion, plus the success of this blog has become part of that as well, with the activity and readers on here being much better than what I’ve seen on YouTube.  YouTube for me has been all doldrums since early 2011 according to my analytics charts, with YouTube’s recent changes to explicitly promote only some select channels and explicitly bury everyone else leaving me very weary of that site.  I’m thinking even with DailyMotion’s smaller audience that at least I won’t have as much crap to deal with, and if DailyMotion gets closer to YouTube in size, maybe the owners of this competing video site can take some lessons from what happened to YouTube and not repeat their mistakes, though some delusional YouTubers think that everyone is doomed to repeat Google’s mistakes here, and for those people – it’s called Capitalism.  😛  Competition is competition is competition.  😛

Aside from that, the first thing I’m doing differently besides potentially making this site into a hub to my various video sites and potentially Twitter as well is getting rid of the menus up top, which were a chore to maintain and redundant to me posting links in the blog entries, so I figured why not ditch all of the menus and just have links to my various channels.  Odds are that the YouTubers I used to link to on there will show up in the articles as links later on, plus the Internet Archive’s snapshots of the blog will probably include the old menus too.  Ultimately though, the menus were a chore more than anything else and not very interesting compared to the content and links in the entries.  🙂

Let’s hope 2014 turns out to be a better year, including with what I do on here and other sites.  🙂

Dysfunctionomy And Great Recession Are Now “Split-Topics”

Awhile back I split off the Great Recession Economic Charts from posts ranting about the Great Recession in order to be able to use “Great Recession” as a post category while still maintaining a direct link to the chart list.  The time has come now to start doing that with Dysfunctionomy.

Dysfunctionomy has evolved from originally being a planned rant podcast on my YouTube channel into a video series and a regular topic of discussion when I want to rant about the mess we’re in right now.  Because of this, I’m splitting “Dysfunctionomy” so that the entry I keep referencing from January 2013 will now appear under “Dysfunctionomy Blog Entry” and the Dysfunctionomy category will now be for any entry about just how dysfunctional our job market currently is.

Bots/Aggregators/Etc. Discussion On YouTube

The “non-human” website account stuff has gone to YouTube.

Since discussing this problem on here and posting this video on YouTube, I’ve pruned numerous inactive, organizational, spammer, sub-for-sub, and other accounts that do not correspond to actual human beings who actually give a crap about what I do on that site.  There’ll probably be more later on.  If I can figure out how to do that on here I could take a look as well, but I imagine on WordPress the bigger problem here would be aggregators where “re-bloggers” whose entire blog consists of re-blogs from someone else subscribe to everything in sight just to have material to re-blog, but I think YouTube’s probably the bigger problem right now with the massive and widening gap between subscribers and video views on most channels, and YouTube completely dodging this problem in their press releases and instead engineering things on that site to make the problem worse.  😛