In The Days Before Mukbang…

The Internet has been home to weird stuff for decades, even in the early days of “The Weird Wide Web.”  In our day and age, this hasn’t changed.  😀

Once upon a time, folks thought LuWiiGiMaster was weird for doing a YouTube video like this…  😛

Apparently now there’s this thing on YouTube where people literally make videos of them eating stuff and pretending the person on the other end of the screen is on the other end of the table.  This became a big thing in Korea, and its Korean name Mukbang is now the name for the whole genre worldwide.  😛

I just remember the days when it was rude to eat in front of other people.  😀

That’s YouTube though.  If folks want to watch stuff like this, there’s folks who upload stuff like this.  🙂

…and for those who wonder how the heck I originally found this video, I subbed to LuWiiGiMaster way back in the day when he successfully trolled the Retsupurae guys…  😀



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