FUDazar Thinks Scorpio May Crush Your Gaming PC. History Laughs.

For those of you who are wondering what it takes to get me to unsubscribe from a channel these days, try asinine FUD commentary like this.  😛

Released on the same day as my spoof video making fun of “heard it all before” tech speculation videos that are at least 80% panning over shots of unreleased hardware , this… drumroll… speculative panshotfest is the latest in the long-running world of doom and gloom for PCs, PC Gaming, or both.  😛

…at least, when you filter out the more egregious flubs like 6 Teraflops being “GTX 1070 territory.”  Really?  A GTX 1070 is at 6.5 Teraflops.  A Radeon RX480 is at 5.8 Teraflops.  Guess which one this “Gaming PC Crusher” is closer to?  😉

The funny part is, Sally here (should I call him that, maybe Sal-y is more accurate  😀 ) is already getting skewered in the comments for some of these little details, so I’ll let the folks bringing up these little things have at it.  What’s more fundamentally wrong here is that he (1) overpromotes speculation as these FUDsters tend to do, and (2) misunderstands Console Vs. PC and why Scorpio isn’t a concern for PC folks like myself even if it does release at the sub-$500 price point.

First, as 0:55-1:00 puts it in such a slippery way, his $400 price point for the device is only what he thinks it’ll be (SPECULATION!), but the entire rest of the video is predicated upon this massive price chasm allegedly coming up with 4K gaming, such that it’s easy for one to miss for the entire rest of the video, and if this one event doesn’t take place most of the rest of his argument goes completely out the window and those watch minutes you just gave to his channel for getting you mad to get you watching (not unlike a radio shock jock or someone like ReviewTechUSA) are truly time in your life that you will never get back.

This is where we get to the next unfortunate gotcha in Salazar’s commentary.  In classic bait-for-views-and-watch-minutes fashion, he floats the idea that maybe this is a Zenbox.  Oh wait.  This alleged “Gaming PC Crusher” has to interpolate 30 fps to give the appearance of 60 fps.  Other speculators making videos like this pulled the exact same thing, so yay for more unoriginal baiting.

Really?  30 fps?  Once upon a time I knew of gamers who didn’t mind lower framerates in exchange for nice graphics, but I thought that trend died with the 90s.  If I am going to swear off PC gaming for good in favor of a console I’d be looking for a little box that does whatever my monitor supports – all the time, with free online play.  So far, this box does neither – much in line with the other consoles out there.

I maintain, even though I used to debate this sort of thing roughly 5 years ago (but who ever listens?), that consoles sell for only 2 reasons – Price and Simplicity.  They’ll nearly always win on simplicity because you can just buy a box and plug it in in most cases, but price is where PC Gaming has been getting its revenge with the recent trend of “building console killers” or other ITXesque systems blatantly built to replace a Playstation.  🙂

What console gamers forget though is that it is still possible to “just buy the box” to get into PCs and just make a part swap or two to get into PC gaming if you know what box to buy.  Every year at least one OEM releases at least one SKU that is standardized enough that one could use it as a starting point with its Windows license and all.  Last year it was the Asus M32.  This year – surprisingly – it’s Acer!  😮

Really?!!  From the company that added “Acer crap” to my vocabulary with their egregious cheap chunks of plastic over the years?!!  Cool!!!  🙂  I’m curious what form factor riser sets that motherboard uses (Micro ATX?  Mini ITX?).   I could probably make a Jaystation out of this.  😀

No seriously.  Core i5 Skylake 6400.  One could make a gamebox out of this with one of those “no additional power GPUs” or swap at least the power supply and add in a 1070 to get something like this.

Or, take the hackjob backpath with older hardware and a newer graphics card, like this setup from JERM Gaming that approached 4k30 via adding a GTX 1060 to an original generation i5 system with an overclock.

Now consider the long run when it comes to PC hardware upgrades even though PC Gaming is notoriously expensive if you buy the latest greatest stuff, but if you go 2nd or 3rd best it’s a completely different story.  The Pascal series cards are still rather pricejacked while they’re still in the #1 parking spot on Nvidia’s catalog no thanks to lukewarm competition at best from AMD.  You can still buy Maxwell era cards new though.  Next go-round even if Nvidia keeps fleecing people with money to burn that want the best they can get then the price drops on “last gen Pascal” will mean the cheapo “last-gen” stuff would then become the bridge into 4K gaming.  🙂

The Scorpio sounds like a compelling razzle dazzle easy way into 4K if you can stomach 4K30 instead of 4K60.  😛  Time is not on the console’s side though, even though it’s not even out yet, especially for those people who thought they’d get a few years out of their PS4 or XBox One like they did last go-round before having to consider swapping out gear again.  Considering the longevity of PC hardware in the long run (hardcore Sandy Bridge gamers anyone?  😀 ), exactly how many times would one care to pay $400+ a pop to keep replacing their game box instead of just swapping graphics cards if they started with a decent CPU as a good baseline?  Plus, let’s not forget the whole paying extra to play online thing and all those things that console gaming brings with it…  😀

In the long run, no matter what FUD is going around YouTube about how PCs are going to be killed by this or by that, lest we forget, the whole idea of a “Post PC Era” is nearly 10 years old.  If PCs have been allegedly “dying” for the better part of a decade, maybe we should take a hint that perhaps there’s something else going on?  😉  Until then, the usual Console vs. PC Rules apply.  😀

In terms of a Console/PC 4K Price Chasm, again the hinge on which Salazar’s argument stands or falls, even if it does end up existing, one has to wonder for how long…  😛

…but please by all means, follow this smarmy techno-pied piper because he parades around his silver YouTube button in his channel icon…  😛

…then a little while later, I responded on my podcast.  🙂


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