LinusTechTips Is Gonna End Up With A YouTube Thumbnail Art Gallery… :-P

I’ve had my yay yays and neigh neighs with LinusTechTips over the years, but today has shown that there’s always something new around the bend.  😛

While I find some of this channel’s videos interesting from time to time, I also see a lot of what hurts tech videos on YouTube get standardized here, and apparently the latest controversy involves whether or not the channel’s thumbnails these days have crossed the line into “clickbait.”

Clickbait?  Really?  I’m thinking more along the lines of the thumbnails getting so outrageous that people start going to this channel’s page to gawk at thumbnails and not actually end up watching videos.  Let’s peruse the LinusTechTips art gallery, shall we?  :o)

In this corner, we see the veritable CPU Barfer Of Dooooooom!!!  😀  I don’t want to know what this guy barfing CPUs had for breakfast this morning. 😛

The Future Of Offline Gaming?  Oh deary me.  This looks more like PewDiePie playing Yahtzee.  Dice dice everywhere and a guy freaking out just for views.  Bro Fist!!!  😀

Alas Ye Knave!!!  I Shall Strike Thee Down!!!  😀  Computers meeting Renaissance Faire gobbledygook.  Woohoo.  Is the damsel in distress up the tower some kind of big pink HTPC?  😀

Don’t worry, Linus.  Your secret is safe with me.  :o)  Nobody has to know that you were merely framing a funky picture in front of Furmark instead of causing Fire And Ice Nuclear Armageddon… 😀

Awwww such a lovely bonding bromance between a big dude and a little laptop.  At least you two got a room, but be careful not to short anything out when you give it a ring.  😀

Whoa!!!  Dude!!!  It’s BLUE!!!  =-O  Totally saw it in Tron 30 years ago!!!  =-O  Tubular!!!  =-O  LOL.  😀

That computer’s way too young to be needing a computer version of a colonoscopy…  😛

“That was one heck of a scuba dive.  Oh wait…”  😀

By the way, I’ve only watched a grand total of ONE of these videos.  Perhaps at some point later on I’ll carve out the time, but for now I think chuckling at the thumbnails will be entertaining enough.  😀

I think I might know why YouTube traditionally hasn’t been too keen on folks going nuts with thumbnails…  😀


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