LinusTechTips Shows Why I “Don’t Want To Make Tech Videos”

In some of my administrative rants about the state of YouTube these days I’ve gone after people saying I should do nothing but tech videos with responses that tech videos are nothing exciting nowadays, and there are far too many tech videos on YouTube that are what I like to call “digital YouTube Ikea.”  Mass-produced, overpolished, seen-one-seen-’em-all videos, and in some cases, videos that do nothing more than rattle off what you can already read for yourself in an article or maybe even on

After seeing LinusTechTips get blasted in his comments section once before about “all your video did was rattle off the tech thingie’s specs on Amazon” or something like that, you’d think his team would take a hint.  Apparently not, and keep in mind in all of this, canned videos like this are why smaller channels like mine can’t get views because folks like me “aren’t good enough” when stuff like this becomes the standard.

Published on January 4th.  Meanwhile, the previous day on January 3rd…

Ars Technica – Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Review: Is The Desktop CPU Dead?

There you go.  You could read the article, and skim if need be and be informed that way, or send it to your mobile device and read it on your own time, or you can receive the exact same information in an 8-minute blurbfest from Linus’ talking head or whoever his host happens to be… at least… 8 minutes counting the in-video advertising that Linus’ folks sneak up on you with.  Hopefully you deprive this channel of watch minutes once I spoil for you that after the second said in-video ad it’s just the usual bugging people to subscribe YouTubeSOP crap.  By the way, they even tested on the chip on the EXACT SAME MOTHERBOARD that they snuck in a plug for!!!

Spoiler Alert – I Prefer You Glean This Knowledge Of Intel’s New Pillow Processor From Ars Technica!  🙂

Mass-produced stuff like this is why YouTube changed up their algorithms.  Unfortunately for channels like mine which chart their own course and don’t get wrapped up in that SOPbabble, in the public’s eye these videos are still the standard.  When does that change?  Ridiculous!


One thought on “LinusTechTips Shows Why I “Don’t Want To Make Tech Videos”

  1. I prefer your videos a ton more than any of the mass produced shit. You have personality and soul. I can’t say anything negative about you, other than the 10 years+ of entertainment is unmatched. I feel like there’s a story behind your videos.

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