YouTuber Spotlight – Cereal Time TV

The new YouTube landscape as of the end of 2016 features YouTube taking lessons from Netflix and emphasizing watch-minutes, hoping perhaps that folks will start binge-watching YouTube the way they’d binge-watch… well….  :o)

Some channels on YouTube, however, are conducive to binge-watching.  🙂  Combine not-so-time-sensitive content with some concentrated coolness, even if the topic’s completely random, and you can easily end up with a channel where you’re asking, “Have I really just been binge-watching videos about THAT?!!”

Enter Cereal Time TV.  A channel of that sort about…. CEREAL!!!  😛

What First Got Me Watchin’:

I recently did a pseudo-spoof of the old Chris Bores Breakfast Rants on YouTube and somehow in the process I went looking for videos about Nintendo Cereal.  After a few food dare videos where people bought one of the remaining boxes of the 25+ year old cereal on eBay and tried to actually still eat it, I eventually wound up at…  😛

I particularly like the 80s-sounding theme for all these videos, which actually does remind me of an old 80s cereal commercial, even if it is… a tad minimalistic.  “Cereal Time.  Cereal Time.  Cereal Time Whoaaaaa.”  😛

The Channel Today:

Now for the twist.  Usually in this part of these entries I show more videos of stuff they upload nowadays, except I just subscribed to this channel last night!  😀

Even if I hadn’t though, this channel is so consistent that other than minor graphics changes you’ll find yourself just going from video to video all around their back catalog, and you know what?  You won’t care.  😀  They also have an old-school recommended next video instead of a Call To Action at the end which I’m sure is rigged to take you through their back catalog one video at a time until you’re staring blankly at some wall asking yourself, “Have I really just spent this much time watching these many videos about cereal?!!”

Don’t believe me?  Here’s the video for Cheerios.

..and here’s Lucky Charms.  😛

…and here’s Cap’n Crunch.  😛

…and to get a little more obscure and date myself further, here’s Crispy Critters.  😛

Notice a pattern yet?  😀  Basically the way this works is go to their channel page, click the magnifying glass thingie, and then type in the name of a cereal and see if there’s a video yet.  If not, go back later and try again lol.  😀

Despite its humble subscriber and view counts, this channel is probably the best example of a channel that can really suck you into its back catalog.  😀  Perhaps as YouTube tries to take some hints from Netflix we’ll see more of this sort of thing.  😀

Oh joy.  😛  My Recommended videos are now almost all Cereal Time episodes.  😛  I can’t possibly imagine why.  😛


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