Statement Regarding My Response To The Tek Syndicate Situation

I was hoping to bring the blog back in some way, shape, or form, but unfortunately circumstances have dictated that it come back in this fashion.  =(

As you may or may not know, Tek Syndicate at the start of the month had some scandals involving transparency and accountability, sadly paralleling the stuff that has had a hand in driving me up the wall at my own 925.  “A culture of accountability” is the buzzphrase of the year among the managers I work with, one that I’m concerned will be abused, devolving the place into a dystopian turnover mill and forcing my resignation on grounds of ethics, since I want no part in a toxic workplace that chews people up and spits people out.

Aside from that, I should state up front that I’m not involved in Tek Syndicate in any way other than being one of the fans – and a very disappointed one at that.  Worst case scenario is that Tek Syndicate will go down the same road as Top Gear.  I’ve already hopped on the microphone once about this with a talk radio style commentary on the matter, plus the business and leadership principles in play, but don’t intend on making a habit of it.

I’ve read Logan and Wendell’s initial statements, Wendell’s followup statement, and have already given up on linking to everything.  I’m sure Reddit will take care of this automatically for me.  This IS the Internet, after all.  😛

Sadly, Tek Syndicate once had a take on technology that had some serious concentrated coolness to it, and broke the mold of what tech videos have become on YouTube, keeping a darker edgier side as opposed to the latest nasal four-eyed nerd panning over a computer in a glitzy studio.  I love when technology shatters its own stereotypes, and Tek Syndicate did quite the job at it at one point.  Here’s Kill Your Console, a classic video of this type as far as I’m concerned.

Somewhere along the line apparently things got a little too dark.  Now we have this mess.  Previously though there were some changes going on.  I thought at one point there was a content drought because all I was seeing anymore was The Tek.  I soon found out that they had tried to build a YouTube network and the hardware videos I liked were now on the Tek Syndicate Hardware channel, which weirdly enough had Tek Syndicate in the URL while the “real Tek Syndicate channel” was RazeTheW0rld or something.  😛

Confusion aside, besides Logan’s “Streisand Effect Response” to the current nonsense and flippant relation of the current mess to someone’s parents divorcing (“Mommy and Daddy are splitting up and they’re not getting back together.”) the most grandiose insult is what I saw on their forums this morning.  One of their snazzy new staff members wanted to know what the community wanted to see.

Really?  This actually had to be asked?  These guys really want to throw someone this green to the wolves like this?  This is one of those “if you have to ask…” things.  Wow.  Talk about out of control ego stomping on the potential of an organization.  Here’s the answer to that pointless question.  Circa 2013.  One of Tek Syndicate’s many defenses of AMD during the down-in-the-dumps-doldrum years with Zen being nowhere on the horizon and underperforming “construction equipment chips” keeping them on the radar through cheap chips and that’s about it.

I really don’t know what to say anymore.  This isn’t the first time a sizable tech icon has disappointed people en masse though.  Some of the issues Leo Laporte and TWiT have been through since the end of the original Screen Savers have shown that it’s possible for organizations to get through this.  Next question – how will Tek Syndicate do so?  Actually.  Better question – WILL Tek Syndicate do so?

Regarding Wendell’s statements and ideas for maintaining ownership of the hardware roots of Tek Syndicate, that is an idea I can get behind.  If Logan has new ideas or wants to keep doing news coverage or something completely different then there’s nothing wrong with that, but aside from any personalities involved, Tek Syndicate and what made me watch in the first place has value to me, and others will undoubtedly agree.  What made that organization mean something to the fans is what’s currently on the table as the current business and legal shakeout takes place and I hope it works out for the fans in addition to the parties involved, lest we get lost in the shuffle.

As it is though, this mess will have a profound impact on how I do things with The Wacky World Of MultimediaJay.  After the end of the 10 year celebration I was already looking to change things up a bit and bring things like the show intro back closer to its roots, but I’m now seriously thinking of adopting some of Tek Syndicate’s former darker edgier style.  If they don’t want to do what made them famous, then I think it’s open season for other offbeat tech folks like myself to pick up the torch in our own way.

I leave you folks with Rooftops by Silent Partner, a YTAL tune that I still really like and think could be a good show opener theme for post-10-year-celebration.  Perhaps with a darker edgier flair considering what the Tek Syndicate folks have done, or not done in the case of the videos I’ve linked.  😉

Once again, thanks for stopping by.  🙂


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