Sorry Maroon 5, The Kids Owned This From The Beginning :-P

The year was 2012 – one of the most worst of my life.  I had been laid off from a good job and floated through the table scraps of the end of the Great Recession, yet on the radio the pop stations were going nuts with Maroon 5’s Payphone song, which got folks in my family laughing about how anyone could write a song about a payphone in the 2010s.  😛

Little did I know at the time that Megan Nicole and Dave Days took a swing at it that same year…  😀  Ye Olde YouTube Algorithms as usual I see.  😀

…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand mucho apologies for anyone who finally got this then-mucho-overplayed song out of their heads…  Yeah.  Sirius XM The Pulse turned into Sirius XM The Payphone back in those days, among other pop fluff stations.  I used to be able to measure how long my night shift warehouse job was based on how many times I heard the darn song.  Eh well at least these whippersnappers did a cover of the clean version with no rap that was everywhere on the radio.  😛

It also helps that these two aren’t a figurative Emasculated Captain Autotune like the original.  No seriously, that Having To Drop The Key On Letterman fiasco was almost as hilarious as all the rumors about how Dragonforce can’t play their own songs live.  😀  Still though, this whiny yet catchy song could have easily been played by a pop punk group like Mest or something back in the day.  Heck, maybe Mr. Days took some inspiration from them?  I always liked their Rooftops song at least.  😀  Okay I suppose if I want to really date myself I should mention I actually first heard of Mest on the late great back in the day.  😛  Okay that’s enough feeling old for one night.  😀


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