Regarding Gaming Video Hate And The Price I’ve Paid For My Tech Videos

We were supposed to get freezing rain this week.  It’s now nearly 80 degrees out in early March.  New England + El Nino = LOL WTF Winter.  😛  Therefore I’m taking it easy this evening and probably not bothering with anything other than some videogames, especially with how my day job has been running me into the ground lately.

Gaming Video Hate is a social phenomenon that I’ve unfortunately been far too privy to in recent years.  At this point this isn’t even a discussion anymore, though some would seek to make it into an argument – still.  I’ve done experiments that have bordered on trolling my audience and proven that all it takes is for something to merely look like a gaming video and *poof* crap views.

I’m not going to keep reinventing the wheel regarding this discussion when I can just post a link to my previous discussion on the matter.  I’ve also seen other YouTube channels call it quits on content because gaming videos were a guaranteed way to get crap views, and what a sad result these days that YouTube has had to sink to this level, even after the launch of YouTube Gaming and YouTube’s desperate attempts to get it to catch on and challenge Twitch.

On the flip side, it’s time to talk about the negative side effects of my tech videos that has caused me to consider massively backing off on them or shutting them down completely despite my 10 year celebration this year.  Perhaps some of this is attributable to nerds with poor social skills not realizing how they come across to others, but I’m not convinced that all the problems I’ve had are due to these factors.

For example, would you believe me if I told you that people are still telling me to try all kinds of things to get Windows 8 working on the Dellasaurus?  The correct answer is “that was years ago – idiots!!!”  I don’t even use Windows 8 anymore, and the smarter people in the YouTube Comments sections have already rightly pointed out that the processor lacks ample instruction sets to run newer versions of Windows.

Still though, everybody who thinks their polished turd of an opinion is solid gold and I absolutely must see and heed all of them and respond to them all has wasted no time in pestering the Hell out of me regarding what I should do with this, what I should do with that – blah blah blah blah.  It’s not hard to see though that these clanging brass loudmouths don’t give a flying flip about me or the computers though, as many times their comments betray that they don’t actually watch my videos – just the one they mouth off on and then skitter along on their merry way.

…and of course, back to the poor social skills thing, if I get enough of these people who waste no time wagging their finger at me to do this or that with such and such device, I try to have my channel live up to its name as a variety channel and BOOM crap views.  As if the growing gap between views and subscribers wasn’t depressing enough.  All of this, by the way, without saying anything about the mess I went through when I tried joking about Linux earlier.

Between these horrid YouTube social issues as of late and the dog days of Winter weather if such a thing even exists in the first place, I think I’ll take it easy with videos for a bit and people will either watch them or not watch them.  There has been far too much compulsion to what I record nowadays, all while I’ve barely had time to enjoy the gaming setup in my new place, not because I’m short on time, but because I spend too much time making YouTube videos only to feel like a prisoner on my own channel.

I’ll be back when I feel like making something again.  Right now, I want to take my WoW crew raiding and plan some more pseudo-machinima…  😀


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