Retro High School Videos LOL

So is this what folks out there in Internetland have decided to send along to YouTube these days… 😛

This was the one that went viral lol but the related videos shows apparently this is some kind of thing on YouTube these days that seems to have slid under the radar.  😀  It’s kind of funny though to see the usual social butterfly school environments but without any cell phone stuff again.  Maybe to some whippersnappers this’ll be a shocker lol.

One thing that could never be emulated though besides the lousy picture quality from them ol’ VHS days would have to be how so many people had no clue how to respond to a camera.  Nowadays with folks doing stuff with their smartphones everyone at least gets a little bit of time in front of something filming them and the responses of today would be nothing like the responses in 1990.  I guess you could say that YouTube has spoiled us lol.

Sadly, if the copyright nonsense on YouTube has its way I suspect this link will end up broken a little sooner than the others that have broken on this blog.  The rest of the channel consists of retro VHS stuff from the early 90s like old Today Shows and the like.  Fortunately there are far more videos of retro high school camcorder stuff.  Maybe that could be a nice break from the overproduced SOP-following generic YouTube content that floats around on that site these days…  😛


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