Out Of Continues Episode 196 – Pin-holing The Legion Baby!!!

Out Of Continues Episode 196 has posted in various formats over on the Out Of Continues website.  Tune in to listen to perhaps what could be my token show of 2015…  😀


The main discussion includes some mention of World Of Warcraft: Legion, the most recently-announced WoW Expansion, but only insomuch as a means to an end in order to discuss Metagaming – the disturbing trend in video games these days where gamers are disproportionately affected by stuff outside the games they play and it taints their experience in-game.

Clarity-wise, without a doubt the properly-polished MP3 Version is probably the best-sounding Out Of Continues I’ve ever heard, and my contributed audio has the same filters as MultimediaJay RadioStyle this go-round, but it has zero sound stage whatsoever.  =-O  The dialogue is about as pinhole mono as it gets, probably to keep the file size down.  If your audio system has a chorus function or a way of spreading out the sound so it doesn’t all come from your center channel it would probably significantly improve the listening experience to cut your system down into stereo mode or “more spread out” mode to spread out the audio.  😀

The opening is blasting in awesome stereo, but when you have everything coming out the center channel afterwards, that’s the time to make the switch.  🙂


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