Green Ham Gaming’s $150 “Console Killer”

I recently did a pastiche of ReviewTechUSA where I responded to the complaints about Nintendo’s hardware woes by putting things back in context and noting that consoles as a whole have really been backed into a corner these days.  Probably the biggest reason why consoles persist is because people aren’t as familiar with “console killer” PCs like what folks like Tek Syndicate talk about from time to time.

Today’s console killer comes from Green Ham Gaming, who took an Optiplex 755 one can easily find on the refurb market and popped a graphics card into it and made a system that could play GTA5 at 720p30, essentially making the XBox 360 version pointless.  😛

Here’s the interesting part.  If I poke around on Google Shopping for XBox 360s, the only ones in this machine’s price range are ALL 4GB budget models, plus we have the obsolescence thing going on with the console generation being recent-gen now, as opposed to someone with a console killer PC in that price range who could start a Steam collection or something and then migrate the gaming account to a better or upgraded system later on.

Really gets the ol’ gears turning when it comes to how much consoles have been backed into a corner.  I used to say they only sold because of their price and simplicity.  Now even that has become questionable…  :-\

UPDATE:  I wound up discussing this video in the RadioStyle series.  🙂

By the way, based on current exchange rates, since this guy mentions Sydney if he’s from Australia then $150 AUD is around $115 USD, making this even more cost-effective than those $180 XBox 360 4GBs that I was seeing earlier.  🙂


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