A Solution To This Blog Mess – FINALLY!!! :-D


It’s time to sort out this blog mess once and for all and actually talk about a solution, since last time I mentioned a bunch of catch-up posts that I not only haven’t posted, but have no desire to post anytime soon.  This one little catch-up bluh bluh issue is the big reason why this blog has been nearly on ice for a few months.

What’s been missing in all of this is a little something I’ve heard from Blizzard administrators before – Concentrated Coolness.  Basically, if you get involved in multiple websites like this you want to make your presence on the sites iconic in a way so that your audience has a compelling reason to visit your other sites without you having to nag people or anything like that.

For my video sites, YouTube and DailyMotion are iconic in the sense that my plans are to upload different types of videos to the sites.  Namely anything that gives me trouble on YouTube will get converted to DailyMotion, and YouTube will largely be about the Tech, Vlog, Audio Commentary, and some of my Gaming video series while DailyMotion will be about Gaming, Classics, and more Odds And Ends type stuff that I don’t want to put on YouTube.

The rest of my Web 2.0 presence however, is nowhere near as clearly defined, and that has been the source of the problems with this blog, especially since I started messing with Twitter awhile ago.

This blog, which I’ve previously wanted to serve as an alternative way of subscribing to my videos since YouTube has its own set of issues in that area.  While I do retain the MultimediaJay category for video uploads with writeups or additional commentary, too much of that category lately has been devoted to large groups of video embeds and catch-up posts as opposed to something more current.

This was further compounded by my initial experimentation with Twitter, and trying to find a niche with Twitter that wouldn’t step on the toes of this blog.  Ultimately, after considering the strengths and weaknesses of the sites, I’ve decided to use Twitter as the alternate subscription setup of choice.  This blog will feature my videos in larger chunks when I feel like putting together a compilation of sorts, so whereas individual posts of a set of videos will go to Twitter as they’re posted, when I finish the set if I want to make a blog post with all the videos in it I’ll eventually get around to posting it here in the MultimediaJay category.

In return, I’ll also post blog entries on Twitter too, and have Twitter become the new united feed of sorts.  I’ve also been tossing around the idea of experimenting with SoundCloud as an alternative to YouTube for audio recordings, though if there ever were a YouTube for Audio, I’d be there in an instant instead of messing with the YouTube series for it, but myself and other YouTubers essentially audio-podcast on YouTube largely because of a lack of options on the audio side of things that offers similar features to YouTube.

Hopefully this new focus for Twitter vs. this blog can set a standard that in terms of concentrated coolness, this blog will be for longer opinion articles, commentary on other YouTubers’ videos, and “season set” posts as it were, ending the blurred boundaries between this blog and my Twitter feed.

Now to see if I can put up or shut up with this one.  🙂


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